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Brat Spat 2: Lily Anna’s Turn ( It’s Complicated)

 A few days ago I discussed the video Brat Spat with Bronte, Lily Anna and me.

 In the first part of the video, I gave Bronte a hard hand spanking. Then it was Lily Anna’s turn. As I spanked Lily Anna, she started to cry. I’m fine with tears , but , with that being said, we encourage the girls to use their safe words if they need to.  Lily sobbed so hard it upset my brother, who is our videographer and director. For days, Eric ( my brother) and I argued about this. He thought that spanking was too hard. I disagreed. However, I wanted to be certain that lily was okay. I called Pixie, who drove with Lily Anna to and from the shoot. She told me that all was well. We couldn’t convince my brother of this. We later learned that Pixie and lily Anna had long ago become  the best of friends. This knowledge would have helped settle that matter. Pixie claims that she recruited Lily Anna from One Model Place. I am dubious of this assertion, but that’s their story and they are sticking to it.






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pb update March 30, 2011 Tina Tink Project Revenge – part 1

Tina Tink and Veronica Bound mother daughter spankingTired of her classmate, Tina Tink, making her do all the work on their team project, Amanda plots a little revenge. She suggests to Tina’s mom that her daughter could use a good spanking. And much to Tina’s dismay, her mom agrees. Tina’s bottom is spanked to a glowing red as her classmate listens to her howls from the doorway.

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Another Of My favorite vids

 I was talking with Bronte tonight and we discussed an idea for a special shoot for the two of us. More on that later.

 I remember a video that we shot a few months ago called ‘ Brat Spat’. The video featured Bronte. Lily Anna and me. My two daughters were causing trouble as I was on an important phone call. Both were given a severe hand spanking.







 I’ll cover the Lily anna portion of this video another time. That’s a story in and of itself.

The video can be found on our site:

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Gretel and The Queen of Hearts have been called down to fairytale headquarters for a little discussion about their behavior. As Ms. Susan disciplines The Queen for her acts of violence, Veronica addresses Gretel’s late night escapades with the big bad wolf and others.

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PB Update March 28, 2011 Becca Wedding Planner – part 2

becca brat spanked

How did this happen? Click to find out!

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Bevery Bacci: One more from the top

 Beverly never struck me as a submissive person, but when we first made her acquaintance claimed to be. At that time she was doing ” catfight site” work and one day had he nose dislodged. A situation she remedied on her own. I have a background in wrestling and Ju-Jitsu and attempted to show this physically gifted woman how to best protect herself. She told me to back off, ” I like to be dominated”! ( She didn’t actually say back off..but a C and a K were involved) Over time I noticed a changed in her demeanor. One day she did a scene with Pixie that shocked us all. Pixie has a pain tolerance second to none, but Beverly through her off with her dominating  persona. Beverly played a teacher and Pixie a student who cheated on a test. Beverly paddled the living hell out of Pixie. Never have I seen Amber Pixie Wells so thoroughly dominated. When Pixie attempted to kick, Beverly pushed her legs down. By the end of the scene, Pixie was sobbing. How quickly these kids grow up.


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Lily Anna in U-Turn part 1

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David has threatened for years to turn the car around and spank Lily Anna if she kept acting up. Lily was sure he’d never follow through, but this time she pushed him too far.

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Pixie: Take it from the top

Most of you are familiar with sweet little Pixie getting her bottom spanked from a variety of tops. Over the past few months Pixie has done several scenes from the top position.  In fact, from the top,  Amber Wells’ disposition is anything but sweet.  The first to feel her wrath was Mischa in a video entitled ‘ Discipline Room’. Pixie was the school disciplinarian who spanked bratty Mischa’s bottom a crimson red.

 Mischa was genuinely surprised by the severity of the hand spanking she suffered at Miss Well’ hands. Pixie noted ‘ I spank as I like to be spanked….hard!”




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Spanking Confomfort 2 and Full Movie

Now Playing at

Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Bound


Spanking Comfort

With her back fully supported and armed with a wooden spoon to spare her hand, Veronica is now completely comfortable while making Pixie’s bottom very, very uncomfortable!! Ian Thomas Authentic Jersey

Preview pics from Recent Shoot

Narration by Pixie

Lily and I got a chance to spank sweet Lorraine …



? ?

But not to worry. We didn’t get away unspanked ourselves
?Stay Tuned to for more.

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My Favorite Scenes

 Recently, I was asked about my personal favorite video in which I was the top. That is a had question to answer.  Amoung my favories are’The Anxiety of the Girl Waiting’ with Pixie, ‘Manipulation’ with Sarah Gregory;  ‘Young Wife’ with Sarah Jane Ceylon, ‘ Family Matters’ with Lorraine and Juliet Valentina but tonight I will focus on ‘ Pajama Drama’ with Andi Rae. The scenes that I enjoy most focus in the firm application of hard discipline to a naughty girl’s bottom. In those scenes, I say little and spank lots.

 This scene was special to me. Andi had shown herself very capable of taking good spankings all day, however, this scene was shot after most people had left. She really felt like a girl who had done wrong and awaited punishment after her father came home. She cried and kicked through this hand spanking. I must get her back soon.


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The Pout with Sweet Little Lorraine and Michael Diamond

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