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The Wedding Planner with Becca and Veronica Bound


Veronica is the mother of a very unhappy bride. The wedding planner has managed to make several errors which threaten to ruin the bride’s big day. The bride is beside herself and Veronica has promised to straighten it all out – and also straighten out Becca with a good spanking.
This is part 1: The panties come down soon.

A Brief Profile of Juliet Valentina

 I remember the first day that Juliet came to our set. She was very young, amazingly cute and highly talented. She clearly wanted to explore her spanking kink.  She is a professional actor, singer and dancer.  She is a very accomplished thesbian. ( That’s thesbian!)  I’ll always remember her first scene with us. She played a schoolgirl in a video entitled ‘ Undelivered Letters’. Juliet was behaving poorly at school and letters were sent home for her parents to sign. It was clear that Juliet forged her mothers signature. When confronted by Principal Veronica, Juliet repied ” I had to sign, my mother has carpal tunnel’ in an amazingly true teenage voice. The principal too Juliet over her knee and soon the schoolgirl was promising to bring home the letters.

Later that day I spanked Juliet is a video called ‘The Stepfather’. I remember that scene very well. I was Julet’s stepfather and tried to have a talk with her about her behavior.  She shouted, ” I don’t have to listen to’re not my real dad!” . This was done so powerfully it went right through me and made spanking her very easy.

Over the years Juliet shot many videos for us.

Juliet has also done some photo shoots for us.

It was two years ago when Juliet informed us that she needed to stop shooting. She had graduated college and there was the possibility that she could end up teaching if the acting didn’t work out.

 We were thrilled when Juliet resumed shooting with us this year.  She was a much more accomplished player this time around.

 Here first spanking upon her return was with me in a video entitled ‘Family Matters’. A very hard spanking.

Juliet is a natural blonde, but her hair was darkened for a role she was playing.

Juliet is currently tied up with a theater project, but we hope to bring her back soon.

Here is a look back at this week

And on our clips4sale store.

The Punishment of Snow White and Miss Muffet

Five day Delay with Juliet Valentina and Me

After having her bottom paddled, Juliet is sure to be a well-behaved, pleasant girl to be around. She is also certain to spend a lot of her time standing. Look at those marks!

 Juliet is a professional actress. She cried during this scene. After we finished I jokingly asked ” What was your motivation.?” She replied, ” It fucking hurt!”

A short Profile on Tina Tink

Tina Tink first joined our little family about two years ago. ( Tink is short for Tinkerbell)  One of her most endearing attributes is that her mouth is often far ahead of her thoughts.  According to Tina, she is Puerto Rican, Italian and Jewish. A more pleasent young woman you could never meet, but she can curse like a sailor.

With that in mind, we wrote a scrpit for her entiled ‘Foul Mouth’. As we were setting up to shoot, Tina regailed us with the story of how she can tell what a man had for dinner the night before by the taste of his semen. That made putting that bar of soap in her mouth so much easier. The video ended with her saying ” mother fucker” as she briefly removed the soap.

 Tina has been a working adult model for some time now and is noted for this special talent.

 This comes in handy in the case of fire.

 Tina’s first scene with me was a video called  Hacking. In that video, she broke into my email account to stop me from finding out how poorly she was doing in school. Right from the begining, I was struck by her shapely round bottom. It is a force of nature,

 Since then I have spanked and paddled our Tinkerbell many times. It never grows old.

Lots on Tina at

We also have two updates on our clips4sale store.

Car Wash
Chloe’s dad Paul was upset to see his daughter participating in a car wash fundraiser in nothing but a skimpy bikini. But when he finds out that the only fundraising she was doing was to line her own pockets, he’s truly irate. Chloe receives a strapping on her pert bottom while bent over a chair.
Spiked Punch 1 (Pixie)
Lily & Pixie thought it would be funny to liven up the Spring Formal by adding some alcohol to the punch. But Principal Veronica doesn’t find the humor in the situation when she has to drive down to deal with the matter. She takes each girl over her knee for a thorough spanking that nether girl will find very amusing. Pixie’s Spanking
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PB update March 16, 2011 Pixie Spanking Comfort – part 1

Pixe spanked otk with a spoonPixie is due for a good spanking, but Veronica grows more and more annoyed that she is experiencing discomfort in administering the punishment. The bed offers no posture support so off to find a good chair. And what to do about her poor hand hurting?

Latest News

 We have just completed the edits from last Sunday’s shoot and I am thrilled with the results. Here are a few sneak pics from Pixie. Captions by Pixie as well.

Tomboy Lorraine needed a little encouragement to wear something other than her softball uniform to an important dinner party.



Can you believe Veronica gave me a spanking for “helping” her test some perfume? She has no appreciation for Plum Passion fragrance nor my enthusiastic sales technique.


And Lily Anna spent some reflection time right where she belongs. The corner.

 I unexpectedly had an extended conversation with Joelle Barros this evening. She was very excited about her debut on our site in the video entitled ‘Pot Bust’. She told me ” I looked hot” and then giggled. Need to bring her back soon. Aside from her more obvious charms, she is entusiastic about doing this work.

Also, we have added a new video to our Clips4sale store.                             The video is called ‘ Project Revenge’

         Tired of her classmate, Tina Tink, making her do all the work on their team project, Amanda plots a little revenge. She suggests to Tina’s mom that her daughter could use a good spanking. And much to Tina’s dismay, her mom agrees. Tina’s bottom is spanked to a glowing red as her classmate listens to her howls from the doorway.

 I will do a piece on Tina Tink soon. She is colorful, to say the least.


PB Update March 14, 2011 Joelle Pot Bust – part 2

Joelle spanked by Miss Chris

Joelle spanked by Miss Chris

Joelle is quick to promise to get rid of all of the pot and the growing equipment plus return the investment money if only Miss Chris will stop spanking!

The week in review

 This has been an amazing week for us. Last Sunday we pulled off an incredible shoot with Pixie, Lorriaine, Lilly Anna, Veronica and myself. My brother has done the rough edits and it looks great.

Also, this week, Joelle and Miss Chris made their Punishedbrats debut.

And on our clips4sale store we have Lingere Lesson with Juliet.

Now a quick look back.

PB update March 11, 2011 Juliet Five Day Delay – part 1

Every time Juliet comes home from college, she returns with an attitude problem. She’s only been back for five days and is already in need of a serious punishment to snap her out of it.

Juliet spanked

Juliet spanked otk by David

The Mysterious Angelina

Recently,  there has been much interest in the brat named Angelina. She has worked for us many times over the years. I find her fascinating.  She is an artist, dancer and designer of alternative fashion. She is also amazingly quiet. When spanked, she squeaks and sequels in the most endearing way. In a video called ” Shoplifting’ I made her cry. A remarkable achievement.

One night, I was dining with Angelina and her boyfriend, Michael Diamond.  At the conclusion of the meal, Michael noted that he had to ” get the child home”, as she starts a new job tomorrow. I inquired as to the nature of her new position. ‘Sex Talk’ she said. I fell off my chair.