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Joelle Webcam Girl – part 2

Joelle spanked otk with a brush

Joelle spanked with a brush

Bet her webcam fans would love to see Joelle’s glowing red bottom after Miss Chris is done giving her a hairbrush spanking. Jordan Whitehead Authentic Jersey

Preview Pics from Satuday’s shoot with Pi






On Saturday we had a terrific shoot featuring new brat , Pi. She was punished by the evil Veronica. Helping me on cameras was Beverly Bacci, who also spanked  Pi J. D. Martinez Womens Jersey

Juliet Moving Out – part 1

Juliet spanked

Veronica spanking Juliet

Juliet is moving out to live on her own and is looking forward to the freedom. But she gets a little carried away in mentioning all of the sneaking around she’s done while still living under Veronica’s roof, so Veronica is going to make sure her daughter is sent off with a thoroughly punished bottom.

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A Favorite Video: Locker Room Pranks

I remember feel a bit trepidatious when I first approached Mischa about working for us. She had emailed me, so I checked out her work. Her photos are very highart. When I chatted with her on the phone I could believe that the young woman in the intense photos had the bubbly personality and high pitched voice. I had an idea for a video in which she would be spanked naked. I asked her if she found that acceptable. She relied ” I live to get nude” and then laughed. In the video Misha plays a little prankster who glued her classmates lockers shut. Fresh from the shower, Misha was taken over Miss Veronica’s lap and spanked. As she went over her teachers lap, her towel fell off. Imagine that.





This is the preview vid from that day. Misha is a ham.

Lots of Mischa to be found at Todd Gurley Authentic Jersey

Punished Brats is Now Taking Orders

After getting many requests from Punished Brat fans, David Pierson is happy to announce.  That we are now going to be shooting custom “made to order videos”.

Pricing details and more information will be published on the blog soon.

Some Examples

Custom videos for you that will never been seen on any Punished Brats site.

Fantasy shoots that will be discounted if you allow Punished Brats to use them.


If you would like more information E-mail me Philadelphia Eagles Authentic Jersey

PB Update April 25, 2011 Lavender Saboteur – part 2

Lavender is going to have to do her overtime standing up!

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Bronte: The Preview vid

Just a quick preview of what we shot with Bronte two weeks ago Reggie Nelson Jersey

A Producers Job is never easy

Well, we started this week thinking we’d be shooting Taylor Rayne and Pi.












Well, Taylor was injured in a car accident. She offered to come, but we thought the neck collar would be distracting. ( kidding)

Back for More | 314 | Sister DeeBack for More | 314 | Sister DeeBack for More | 314 | Sister DeeBack for More | 314 | Sister Dee

We will bring her back very soon.

The above pics are of the lovely Pi at work for Infernal Restraits. Good news, she is at the hotel.

To be spanking her is Veronica Bound.


Also, helping me shoot this will be Beverly Bacci. Yes, that Beverly Bacci. She may spank pi as well. But Beverly is back and I could not be happier.


Wish us luck kids.

look for updates on our site at


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Joelle Webcam Girl – part 1

joellespankedMiss Chris catches her niece Joelle getting ready to strip on webcam for Sexy College Coeds. She immediately drags the scantily clad girl into position for a hairbrush spanking.

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Sweet Little Lorraine

It was about a year ago when Lorraine contacted us.  We were all impressed right from the beginning.  She looks so young I checked her ID very carefully. In truth, Lorraine is a college grad. ( Early) She is highly intelligent, funny and creative. She has a bottom the cries out to be spanked. My friend Penny Birch once wrote, “There is something about a girls bottom that simply cries out for chastisement; partly the beautiful shape, but mainly, I think, the fact that a woman’s bottom exhibits her sexuality in a way that brooks no denial.” I think that says it all.

Lorraine is a young lady of many looks. During her first shoot with us she looked like this.

And she does the Tom Boy thing well too.


She was referred to us by Angelina. ( Pic taken by Michael Diamond)

We have big plans for Sweet Little Lorraine.

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