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Lorraine Aunt Steps In – part 2

Fresh mouthed Lorraine is still trying to take control of the situation by telling Amber when the spanking should end. But Amber won’t stop until she decides it’s enough.

Lily Page: Your Mother Is Calling

I’ve had a lot of interest in this story. A couple of years ago Lily Page was referred to us by Andy San Dimas. I rarely hire girls under 20, but as Andy made the referral an exception was made. At the last minute Andy had to drop out, so I thought it wise to replace Lily as well. Lily very much wanted to do the shoot, so came came down from Baltimore with Charlie Skye. It was during lunch break when my phone rang. I answered and heard  ‘ Hi, this is Lily’s mom. Wow sounds like you have your hands full with all of those girls there.  Is Lily behaving?”  Like an Angel I replied. Then Lily took my phone, mortified, and went outside. Lily told her mother she was attending a party with a friend in Philadelphia and she needed to give her mother my phone number.

Until that point we had gone a bit easy on Miss Page. During her conversation with Lily was less than kind to her mother. So we wrote a video on the spot called ” Rebel, Rebel’ in which Lily played an uncontrollable brats. She took a good, hard spanking. I loved how she kicked and fussed.

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Lavender Saboteur – part 1

Lavender rayne spanked

David spankes Lavender

When David denies Lavender the rest of the day off, she disables the company server in an attempt to bring the work day to a halt.

Last weeks shoot with Bronte and Next week with Pi And Taylor

The video edits of last weeks shoot with Bronte’ are done. Loved doing this vid. Hard discipline being my thing. I couldn’t be happier.

And next week we will be bringing you

Pi, Yes Pi

And Taylor Rayne

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A Favorite Video: Curfew Violation

Lily Page is a sweetheart, but she is very young and, therefore scattered. Awhile ago we shot a video entitled ‘ Curfew Violation’. On the surface it was a simple premise. Girl come home late, gets spanked. In reality it was much more than that. The month before, Lily was to have shot with us but we had trouble reaching her and she needed to be replaced. When she finally called, she apologised and wanted to shoot with us the next time. I agreed with a caveat. I noted that she was going to take a hard, discipline spanking from me. We waited until everyone left. She was very nervous.  We did the scene.  A hard spanking shot straight through. She cried and apologised. Made for a terrific video.

Remind me to tell you about the time her mother called me.

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Now the Pixie’s Preview from March.

Pixie Perfume Girl – part 2

Pixie’s sales technique fell flat with Veronica and she is definitely going to be in the red this quarter.

Family Matters: Juliet’s Turn

The other day I reminsed about the video ‘ Family Matters’. I spanked Lorraine first while Juliet looked on. Juliet noted that the fear of what was to come nearly overwhelmed her. This was Juliet’s first oncamera spanking in two years.

And now both girls:

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I was recently asked if our Veronica was available for sesssions.

The answer is yes.

She doesn’t only do spanking. She is a mistress of all things perverse.

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Update Lorraine Aunt Steps In – part 1

Pixie spanking lorraine

Lorraine has always gotten away with her bad behavior because her Aunt Amber was too close in age to convincingly discipline her. But Amber has decided she needs to be the responsible one and takes the little brat over her knee.

A Favorite Video: Family Matters

It is a rare event when one of your scrpits come out exactly as you envisioned.  Such was the case with a video I wrote entiled ‘ Family Matters’ featuring Sweet Little Lorraine, Juliet Valentina, Beverly Bacci and me. This was Juliet’s first spanking video in over two years.

The inspiration for the video was the Rogen Benson drawing featured above. I so wanted to capture the feeling of that powerful artwork that I attached it to all of the scripts.

In the video, Beverly Bacci played the role of my young wife and, hence, the stepmother of my two bratty daughters. Beverly and I were called back from Vacation as Lorraine and Juliet through a party that got out of control. Beverly prepared the girls for spanking by removing their panties and placing then over my lap. Tonight I will focus on Lorraine’s punishment.

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The other day I was talking about the first time I worked with Juliet Valentina. It was in a video called ‘ The Stepdad’. It was very OC. Juliet is a professional actress and belives fully in her roles. ” During the video Juliet said to me, in a very Bratty way, ” I don’t need to listen to you!”. That went right through me and I spanked her good.

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Update Dia Zerva Out Of Line – part 2

Dia Zerva
While David returns to the party to make amends, Dia is left to reflect on the matter with her nose in the corner and her red bottom on display.