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Our new Direction

 I have to tell you that I am gratified that you seem to like the direction I have taken PB in over the past few months.

This started with Bronte’s Detention.

We debuted the first in this series last week with a movie called ‘ France’.




All of the implement scenes are yet to come.

Two weeks later we shot with a terrific girl named Pi. I directed five scenes of discipline a much nudity. Beverly Bacci worked with me in shooting that series. In fact, she stepped in for me and spanked Pi. Due to a need to shoot in a tight space, I needed to stay oncamera. Trust me, next time Pi is in, I spank her.


Last week we shot my version of ‘ The Black Swan’ with Angelina and Azule.



                            The Dark Angel Movies are being edited at this very moment.

 Much to look foward to at

 With all of that said, I must tell you that I miss my partners beyond words.  PB has always been a collaboration between me, my brother and Amber Pixie Wells. Both Pixie and my brother are not able to participate in productions due to illness. Pixie is still working as our webmaster and photo editor. My brother edited all of our videos through the Pi series. More seems unlikely.  Keep both of them in your thoughts.

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Pi in Shower Power

Sassy little Pi is pulled straight from the shower and right over Veronica’s lap for a nude spanking.










                                      This movie is now playing at


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First Pi movie coming Monday

Amber Pixie Wells ( who schedules our presentations) has announced that Pi’s first movie, Shower Power will debut on Monday. Also, a preview of the upcoming Pi videos is now available on the Pixie’s Previews section of our website.

To see the video just hot the url below



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Parody: The Devil Wears Prada

 Awhile back we shot a video based on the film ‘ The Devil Wears Prada’. It featured Beverly Bacci and Veronica Bound. Both women were very into this.  In the end, Beverly cried when she was going to be allowed to attend ‘Fashion Week’ in Paris, But she was flying coach.




Beverly Bacci is one of the most glamourous and witty women I know. The Dorothy Parker of fetish media.

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Double Update For The Holiday

We start with Ten and Mike Smith in Pulled Over part 2 and Full Movie





Officer Mike Smith gives Ten such a hard, punishing spanking that she is kicking and squealing uncontrollably!

And our gift to you

 Forged Letter with Lily Anna and Pixie



After each receiving the heavy school paddle over their tight jeans, Pixie and Lily Anna inspect their sore, marked bottoms.

These videos can be seen on our site: Tomas Plekanec Jersey

Because I Said So

 Tonight we have a very cool update written and starring Amber Pixie Wells.

Pixie was grounded by her step-mother Veronica, but she fully intends to go out anyway. Veronica won’t be pushed around though and grabs the girl on her way out the door and spanks her while her friends look on with horror.
I remember shooting this one with great fondness.
Do check this out at



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Yesterday, I shot and directed my full length film entitled ‘ The Dark Angel’. I guess I could have called it’ Angelina-The Dark Angel’.  New to PB was Lady Azule, who played the strict dance mistress. Both Angelina and Azule have dance backgrounds.

Here are some preview pics.


                            I did a small photo shoot with Azule.



                                              Some Spanking





Coming soon to a theater near your. ( Well, your computer screen via www.punishedbrats.comJose Pirela Authentic Jersey

Special Bonus Update- Ten In Pulled Over

As part of our Birthday celebrbration we bring you a bonus update with Ten & Mike Smith.

Ten was pulled over b

Ten was pulled over by police officer Mike Smith. She thinks she has the cop wrapped around her finger after she pulls the crying routine and gets off without a ticket, but Officer Smith is going to escort the girl home for a crying routine over his knee instead.


Find this video at


? We just adore Ten. She is spectacular

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New Direction at PB

As many of you know, Pixie and my brother are both on the disabled list for the forseeable future. Pixie is still our webmaster and photo editor but her illness precludes her from taking part in out productions. So basically you are left to deal with the perverse mind that is me.

At this point I have directed six shoots. Our march production was

written, directed and produced by my brother. I shoot it to his specifications,

I love hard discipline scenes .  My recent shoot with Bronte fit that bill. It is a series of videos in which Bronte is given a spanking each day at detention for sneaking off to Paris while on a school trip. The First video in this series debuted this week.

And, recently I directed a series of videos with the lovely Pi. I added as much gratutitous nudity as possible as she was spanked hard by Veronica and Beverly Bacci

Not to mention our Joelle Series

So, this weekend I will shoot a video with Angelina and a new top named Shannon. Stay tuned.

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Pixie & Lily Anna in Forged Letters

 Pixie and Lily Anna are paddled hard over their jeans by me, for forging their parents signatures.

 This is very different for us. Many, many fans requested this one,






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