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Bedtime Spanking Part 2 and Full Movie with Joelle Barros and Miss Chris

Joelle is going to spend a very long night sleeping on her tummy after this spanking from her Aunt Chris.
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Also, Pixie has been working on some upgrades. Do check them out. Plus. you’ll get to see Angelina dance naked. Shh! Don’t tell anyone!

A Favorite PB Video Of My Brother

Rick liked special effects. That was back in a day when we had all the time in the world. Rick created the super-heroine ‘Sensational Girl’. She was invincible, but when she felt guilty, as when her mother would scold her her powers would go away. Then she’s be spanked for fighting crime after her curfew. The SE was quite good. I remember entering the studio to be greeted with green everywhere. This may have been Veronica’s first scene with us.








 I got two surprise phone calls and an unexpected email.

The lovely Samantha Woodley called to express her condolences.

       As did our own ” Sweet Little Lorraine’.

I also received a lovely email from Rosaleen Young.

Special thanks to Bronte, Ten and Tony Elka for their support.

The video above can be found on our site:

Disturbed Sleep with Bronte and David Pierson

om paddling from M
Clad in only her pajamas, Bronte receives a painful are bottom paddling from Mr. Pierson.
r. Pierson.


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This was my brother’s final video. He shoot the video, took the pics and edited the work. Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of his favorite videos

Many Thanks To All Of You on behalf of The PB Family

I must thank all of your for your kind emails and postings all over the net.  This was a sad day for me. It was the first day since Rick’s death that I had no business to attend to. I have been informed that dontations to have been way up .

Here is another of Rick’s videos.

Founding Member Of Punishedbrats Dies

Eric Blair Brown ( Rick) , my brother, died early this morning, after a ten year stuggle with cancer. You will note , that I did not say he ” lost his battle” with said disease. He hated that cliche’.  ” It’s not a fair fight ‘ he’d note. Rick was our videographer, photographer , editor and contributed many scripts over the years.  Actually found one in his room at the hospice. ( Whoops). I am told that discussing such matters as death is ” box office poison”. If that’s the case, so be it. Brats will continue. I have shot and directed the last few PB productions. Rick taught me everything I know. He will be missed by us all, but none more than me.

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Over the next few days I will post pics from my favorite videos written by my brother.

This is Rick tell you why he could not abide the idea of ” losing a battle with cancer”.

Part 2 of the ” Cookie Drive” Saga with Pixie and Veronica

Pixie’s bottom is burning for those lost cookie funds as Lily looks on nervously awaiting her turn over Veronica’s lap
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   awaiting her turn over Veronic

Lonely Brat: A look back

When we first started I wrote all of the material. Then my brother started to add his ideas and then Pixie.  Then my brother ( Rick) and Pixie became a writting team. One  thing the two of them have in common is a love of dreadful television. Lonely Brat was one of Rick’s. It was based on a girl who did a webcast proclaiming her loneliness. She built up quite the following until it was learned that she was an actress from Austraila. So, in Lonely Brat, Pixie has her webcast going when her mother arrives to spank her. Pixie is given a bare bottom spanking in from of a world wide audiance.






 This video can be found on our site:

and on DVD as part of our Girl Trouble series

Joelle Barros & Miss Chris in Bedtime Spanking Part 1

Miss Chris reviews all of Joelle’s recent infractions while the naughty girl is over her lap for a thorough pajama spanking and then sent to bed early. Will this be the lesson she needs to finally begin to behave?






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A favorite Video with Sarah Gregory

 Sarah Gregory started with us a few years ago, with no spanking experience and little pain tolerance. Over time, she has become a true professional. She did her first spanking by a gentleman with me. It was a terrific scene. Truth be told, Miss Gregory knew she was in for it. She was due to shoot with us in January, but went and got herself marked up by Chelsea Pfeiffer. We have a rule at PB, your bottom is a no-fly zone for one week before shooting with us. So  Sarah got it good,








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Also, Pixie wants you to tale a poll. Sounds vaguely dirty.

Student Teacher part 2 and Full Movie with Tina Tink