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Bath Time Spanking Part 1, with Amaya Solace and Veronica Bound

Veronica is not content to wait for her daughter, Amaya, to finish up her bath before discussing some matters with her. She pulls the naked girl right out of the bath for an over the knee spanking!
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This Movi

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Going Batty part 2 and full movie: With Bronte and me

Bronte is given some time to reflect on her actions as she kneels in the corner after Mr. Pierson finishes strapping her.


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Amaya Solace: The edits are in

I just saw the edits of the shoot thar we did with Amays Solace two weeks ago. Pixie did the edits and I must say she did a great job.





                        Pixie also did a terrific job on the Pixie’s preview video. My brother was a master editor and I know that he’d be very proud of the job done here.

That link will take you to the Pixie’s Preview vid.

Pixie Said:

I just finished up and posted the latest Pixie’s Previews video featuring new brat on the block, Amaya Solace and Veronica.  Even though I fuss and wrack my brain trying to figure out how to weave the behind the scenes footage into an amusing theme or storyline, it’s always my favorite part in the end.  I get to be crafty and creative in editing and little animations and hope to make something that will make viewers laugh.  Veronica offered quite a lot of smart comments to work with this time around (as she so often does!!) and Amaya is  certainly easy on the eyes from head to toe so I hope you’ll take a look at the video and enjoy.  Plus, I’ve posted it in our new high resolution format to enhance your viewing pleasure. 

Take a look and hear Veronica describe my typical day with my computer. 

I hope to have a few preview pics of Saturday’s shoot with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci soon. Mike Evans Authentic Jersey

Lily Anna in ‘Telling Off The Boss’

Lily Anna quits her job thinking she has a better offer at another company. On her way out, she tells her boss, Mr. Windsor, all the nasty things she’s thought about him over the years. But when her other offer falls through, she must ask for her position back and pay the price for her unkind words.






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Also, the ‘Pixie’s Preview Video’  for the Amaya Solace shoot. The Series is called ‘ Life At Home’ Miami Dolphins Authentic Jersey

An Amazing Week

This was a week of very speciial updates.

In the finale to the ‘Cookie Drive Saga’, Miss Amber Wells spanks the living hell out of Lorraine. Yes, Pixie from the top is evil.

Then we had going Batty: Part of the ‘Bronte in Detention’ series

And the full movie to ‘ Dancing Naked’

Stay tuned folks> Over the last few weeks we’ve shot lots of amazing material with Amaya Solace, and today, Lorraine being spanked by Beverly Bacci. Very good stuff. Phil Esposito Jersey