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Cookie Drive Part 5 with Sweet Little Lorraine and Lily Anna

Lorraine admits to Lily Anna and Pixie that she borrowed from the cookie drive money. She hands over the money she took, but the girls decide Lorraine will need to endure the same punishment they received.
The Cookie Drive Saga was written by my brother. I directed it.
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Every Picture Tells a Story…don’t it?

 To quote the well known philosopher, Rod ( The Mod) Stewart, ” Every Picture Tells a Story..Don’t it?” Good question Rod. With Punishedbrats, every picture tells a story but it may not be exactly what we had in mind.

Take these pics of  Preppy Pixie.

 I think these photographs capture exactly the story we wanted to tell. Pixie’s parents onbtained the services of a Governess to help Pixie focus on her studies.

Quite often such is not the case.  The way a girl is dressed, comports herself and the way she speaks all add subtext. The following is a good example.



Believe it or not, this was a story about a college student who feel short of her graduation requirements. I look at the pics and it says something else.  A father punishing his Bridezilla daughter? ( I just came up with  that!) Beverly Bacci always says style, glamour and beauty to me.

The following pics may be the best example of subtext . The pics say to me old style sophistication. The storyline something else.

A petulant daughter about to be spanked following misbehavior at a social event? No, she is being spanked for being a bully at the mall. To be fair, it is a very formal mall.  That is Anna Evans. She had an uncommon resemblance to Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s ‘ Chelsea Girl’.

Here are a few more pics from that set.



So, does every picture tell a story. Yes it does, but the story may be at odds with the script.

Pixie and Miss Susan in ‘Insurance Payment ‘ part 2 and full movie

Pixie suddenly sees the importance of getting the bills in the mail on time and is begging Susan to be allowed to run to the post office.








I love Pixie when  she dresses preppy. Preppy Pixie, new from Mattel. I do think that clothes can add a subtext to any story. So, order you Preppy Pixie in time to avoid the Christmas rush. It will be the rage this year.

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Response to Dancing Naked

 I am more than a little gratified ( and relived) at your response to my take on ‘ The Black Swan’. I am, on the occasion, going try different ideas while keeping Punishedbrats core theme.

Here is a pic we didn’t post here last night. I loved this one too.

          Angelina has come a long way since we first me her a few years ago.  I went back through our files and found these pics from her first shoot. In this one, she is being spanked for having taken my without permission and then having an accident.






We had a great shoot with Amaya Solace on Saturday. I hope to have a few sneak pics in the next few days. I took nearly 500 photos.

         So ‘Dancing Naked’ is now playing and you can find ‘ Car Consequences’ on our site

This just in: A pic of Amaya Solace being punished during last Saturday’s shoot

Dancing Naked with Angelina and Lady Azul

This is the first of the ‘Dark Angel’ saga.

Dancing Naked – part 1
in higher res video formats


Angelina and Lady Azul


Prima ballerina, Angelina, is caught by her dance mistress, Azul, practicing naked. Displeased with this Angelina’s recent overall behavior, Azul dishes out some discipline to the wayward dancer.





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Facts VS Rumor: The Real Story of Punishedbrats last Eighteen Months

 I want to you all a story. I have learned more about rumors that we are closing. The rumors are malicious and I will be personally dealing with the individuals spreading theses untruths. It is always a risk to be open about illness and such as our business is fantasy and entertainment.

To quell all rumors, I will tell you the story of our past several months and how we carried on. When we first shot as a team ( Rick, Pixie and me) in 2005, Rick had already suffered two bouts with cancer. He had three disease free years when his cancer returned in 2008. He never fully recovered from that last bout.

2010 was a challenging year.  In January, my brother started to deal with, what we now know to have been, cancer pain and  had to stop working. He had always wanted to go back, but that goal went unachieved. That being said, he loved doing brats and did not miss a production until his last surgery in July of  last year.

In March, Pixie became ill and required hospialization and an extended recuperation.  At that time there were the same rumors. ” How will they function without Pixie?”.  Pixie has always been a key player in our team. She is our webmaster, photo editor, customer service manager, and yes, a star in the realm of spanking media. ( I had a little something to do with that. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

  Despite missing her, Rick and I carried on and put togther an amazing shoot in May 2110 that featured Lorraine, Juliet Valentina, Charlie Skye, Beverly Bacci and me.

The following pics are from that shoot. A movie called ‘ Family Matters’.



 Despite the fact that we were ” Pixieless”, we carried on and shot lots of amazing material that day.

I must mention that Rick got in a vanity video that he had wanted to do, but Pixie and I kept squashing. It was a video entiled ‘Angles’ with Charlie Skye. I won’t go into the entire story, but by the time we were shooting the final segment there were six cameras rolling at once. It turns our that Pixie and I were wrong.


                                            ( pic from “Angles)

 We were in the process of preparng for our June  production and I had booked Misha and Ashley Graham. Roomates at that time. Suddenly Pixie contacted us and wanted to be part of the shoot.  She also noted that she wanted to top in a scene as well. 

 So last June, Pixie made her debut as a top. Miss Wells, as I call her topping peronna, is a very hard spanker with flawless technique. She is just a little evil too. She spanked poor Mischa  severely in a video called ” Discipline Room’.

                                             ( From Discipline Room)

  It was later that month that my brother was diagnosed, once again, to have active cancer.

Despite that fact that he was facing another, of many,  surgeries he insisted on doing the planned July production. This one featured Pixie, Juliet , Lily Anna , Veronica and me.

                                             ( pic from U-Turn)

 A week later, my brother had surgery and took up residence with my family and me.

 At this time, the rumors were flying again. ” What are they going to do without Rick?”   We took some time off and returned in October and shot a full length video, in four segments entiled ‘ Aunt Veronica’s Rules’ with Lorriaine. Pixie and I directed. I wrote it.

                                                ( From Rude Awakening)

To be honest, you don’t replace a master film maker such as my brother easily. However, he spent his life teaching this art, and he taught us well.

It was Febuary  ,2011, when Rick decided that he wanted to attend the planned shoot. We had Pixie, Miss Chris and Joelle scheduled.  I was aware that Pixie was somewhat ill, but the morning of that shoot Pixie was too ill to attend. Rick and I shot a series of videos with Joelle and Miss Chris that proved to be very popular with our fans.

 Rick was aware that his health was failing and he planned, what he named , his Swan Song shoot for March. He wrote it, produced it, but, unfortunately, was too ill to direct it. His hand picked cast was Lorraine, Lilly Anna, Pixie and Veronica.

 I had to direct it. Trust me, I was just a bit nervous, as I wanted it to be all that my brother wanted it to be. With some critiques, he thought it good.


                                   This was the last time that I’ve seen Pixie. We do talk, but her health has prevented her from  attending productions. One of my great regrets, is how much I looked foward to seeing Pixie develop her dual natures as a brat and a top.

  What did I do, with both of my partners ill.  Well, I directed three productions. One featured Bronte and me.

                                            ( From the movie ‘ France’)

Then a production with the amazing Pi.


                                                ( From the movie ‘Shower Power)

 Most recently, I shot a full length video entitled ‘ The Dark Angel’ with Angelina. 


So you can see, I’ve been shooting on my own for some time now. 

 I am devastated by the death of my brother. He was my best friend as well as my brother and I miss his counsel.  I miss Pixie as well.  I do hope that my dear friend can return soon.

 This weekend, I am shooting again. Amaya Solace is coming to town. 

I hope that explains it all.

Cookie Drive Part 4 with Lily Anna

Saying sorry isn’t good enough. Veronica is determined to teach Lily Anna a lesson in financial responsibility.
This is story told in six chapters. Next: Lorraine

Rumor Control: Punishedbrats Moves on this Saturday

 Despite rumors to the contrary,  goes on. This Satuday we are shooting with the lovely Amaya Solace.

Amaya Solace

So, I’ve decided to post some old randomness (mostly stuff that never made it to the portfolios).. 2009.07.11 / Gary M Photo 

I did a search for me + tumblr, and I found this. Whoa, time capsule. sunseaskin:  via   Amaya Solace Credits:Seth Reason (Photographer)  

2011.07.01, David Hilton 

Despite recent sorrows, we are still strong and unbowed. I had this shoot set just prior to the death of my brother. Miss Solace was kind enough to reschedule. Veronica will be topping. Hopefully, I can get one scene in, but I doubt that as I have to shoot this production.

I have been informed that we will debut our homage to ” The Black Swan’ on July 11th.

The Dark Angel features Angelina and Lady Azul. It is very hot too.

Lots of exciting things to come. Let me know what you think.

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Pixie and Miss Susan in Insurance Payment

Pixie was supposed to put Susan’s car insurance payment in the mail for her, but it slipped her mind. When Susan gets a ticket for no insurance, Pixie’s bottom has to pay more than the premium’s price.








                 Pixie: You know her, you love her, you can’t live without her.

Celebrating six years with Punishedbrats,.

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Sweet Little Lorraine and Beverly Bacci in ‘Softball Coach’

Lorraine is a very special talent. She can look like a bratty kid or a very sophisticated young woman. Occasionally, she plays the “tomboy’ thing too.  In this video, she played a star softball player being disciplined by her coach, played by my dear friend, Beverly Bacci. Lorraine was so into this I Even bought her athletic undies.











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