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Insolence & Consequences

Insolence and Consequence – part 1
in higher res video formats

With Amaya Solace & Veronica Bound

Amaya went out despite being grounded by Veronica. Clearly that punishment is not getting the message across. Amaya is ordered to the bedroom for a hairbrush spanking.




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Loved working with Amaya


The End Is Near part 2 and full movie


Bronte and Mr. Pierson

Has bratty Bronte finally been taken down a peg after all the punishment she’s endured?
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Babysitter Blues with Pixie and Veronica

Veronica arrives home earlier than expected and finds evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have invited her boyfriend over. She finds a rather large shoe abandoned in the living room that could not belong to Pixie or the children, and paddles the girl for having boys over on the job.

Happy Birthday Bronte

Today is my dear friend, Bronte’s birthday.   She is such an amazing young lady. Very smart, sophisticated and bratty. In honor of this auspicious occasion, here are pics from a film called ‘ Brat Spat’. This was the first scene Bronte shot for us.




She is very witty too.

Sweet Little Lorraine & Beverly Bacci

Beverly Takes Control – part 2
in higher res video formats
Lorraine and Bverly Bacci

Well spanked and left to rub her red bottom, Lorraine will be sitting tenderly in her afternoon classes.










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Sneak Pics from Saturday

 I had a terrific time working with the amazing Taylor Rayne last Saturday.  It was the first time I had spanked oncamera since April. Here are a few pics.

Giving Taylor a good hand spanking

A naked Taylor gets the brush

        Taylor after the strap

The day after the shoot Taylor, proundly, sent me these ” day after” pics.




Lots more to show and tell about this shoot. Stay tuned to

The End is Near: With Bronte and David Pierson

Bronte has arrived for her final day of punishment. She clearly still has a lesson to learn as she arrives two minutes late to Mr. Pierson’s office.
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Poor Performance: Part 2 and Full Movie

Poor Performance – part 2
in higher res video formats
Angelina and Azul

Angelina resolves to work harder and improve her performance. She does not want to feel the sting of Azul’s crop again.



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Taylor Rayne: Star of Saturday’s New Production

Well it has been a long time coming, but we have Taylor Rayne coming in this Saturday for a shoot entitled ‘ Discipline: Home and School’ . Miss Raye was to have shot with us a few months ago but a car accident prevented that. We promised Taylor that she will have lots of fun and leave witha very sore bottom. I will be spanking this time around. I am looking forward to Saturday.





Don’t tell her, but we have some very intense spankings planned. That’s just between us.

Stay tuned to for preview pix

Beverly Takes Charge: New Series with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci

Lorraine moves in with her sister Beverly to be closer to her college. When Lorraine stays out partying and sleeps through her first class, Beverly lays down the law and gives her little sister a big spanking.
This is the first in the series entitled ‘ Art & Discipline’.
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I must give Pixie lots of credit. This was our first collaboration in some time. She wrote two of the scenes and edited the photos. I directed the movie, shot it and the pics