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Tonight’s Episode: Flawed it’s on the bare

Lorraine’s spoiled ways are tamed by a dose of the hairbrush from David
This video was very enjoyable to shoot. The story of the spoiled rich brat getting spanked by the head of the family came out exactly as I wanted. Lorraine shed a tear or two as the hairbrush landed on her sore bottom. Lorraine got into character and walked around the set looking like this.
Lorraine can play a sophisticated socialite or a bratty softball player.
To see a brief vid of tonight’s update click on glamour puss below.
For more of Lorraine click on the pic below.

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Sarah Gregory: A look back

Most of you know Sarah as one of the top spanking stars in the business. However, I remember her first few shoots in which she was very anxious and had very low pain tolerance. I some ways this worked our well as a little tap on the bottom made her kick and holler. People loved it.


Over time Sarah has become a true star in the business. Her pain tolerance is quite good.

 I shot one of my favorite videos with Sarah. It’s a little thing called Manipulation.

This was the first time that Sarah was spanked by a gentleman on camera.






This was a real discipline scene. You see, Sarah was due to have shot with us a few weeks before but returned from her tour of California with a sevrely bruised bottom. Such is life. If you work with Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda brusing may occur. The problem was that Sarah kept telling me that all was well with her bottom. I required that she send me a pic of her bottom and my goodness was that child marked up. This required a major change in our plans. Sarah was well spanked for her being less than honest. Sarah will always be a member of our family.

To see more of Sarah Click on the pic below

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Tonight’s Episode of Spiked Punch: Spanking Lily Anna

Lily Anna is in every bit as much trouble as Pixie and now it’s her turn over Principal Veronica’s lap as Pixie sneaks peeks from the corner.
In another era, Pixie and Lily Anna would have been a vaudeville team.
So for more Pixie and Lily Anna just click on the pic of Lily anna below.

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Erica Corvinva: A Top Ten Reason Why I hate Vanilla Boyfriends

Before I start, let me say that I do not believe in vanilla people. They are but a myth such as the yeti, Sasquatch and the assertion that intelligent life has been  found in Texas outside of Austin.

 I remember that day Erica stepped foot on our set so well.  She was not tentative at all. She was instantly a member of  ‘The PunishedBrats Players’. She was/is a true person of spanking.  She was also highly intelligent ( 95% of PB players are college grads), funny and a super athlete.  A track athlete of some renown. 

 One day I was asked if it would be acceptable if she brought her boyfriend with her. He was having some trouble with this.  I noted that It would be fine. We treat all of our model’s escorts very well. We even treat them to lunch.  He still wasn’t all that happy. I remember when I was shooting a scene with Erica he was starring daggers at me. Fortunately, the ville things he was thinking stayed in his head. One thing I will never tolerate is disruption or unpleasantness on our set.

A few weeks later I was informed that Erica’s beau was now her ex.  A few months ago, Erica shot her last with us. I remember that she was in some pain, as she tore her ACL while rock climbing.  The week after the shoot, I commissioned one of Pixie’s special photographic forays into the woods. Due to Erica’s knee, she couldn’t venture far. Pixie did take this naughty little pic. ( Many more in the gallery on the site)

 Erica had surgery shortly after( her fourth) and then found love once again. She and I chat every so often.  A few months ago she noted that she would like to come back. That love was on the rocks. Well she now has a new boyfriend and…….

Need I say more.

One of my favorite scenes with Eric was a little thing called ” A Reporter’s Reprimand’ in which Miss Corvina played a reporter investigating family life in America. In the process she got herself a spanking in the process.






     For more of Erica click on the image below.

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Summoned Part 2 and Full Movie with Angelina and Lady Azul

Angelina is always full of promises to be good when she is over the knee and having her bottom smacked. How long will the biting sting of this hairbrush spanking from Azul keep the errant dancer in line?

The entire ‘Dark Angel saga is available on DVD. Just click on the pic below.

Angelina is such an amazing girl. When she is spanked she squeeks rather than cry out.  She is shy and quiet. A few months ago I was having dinner with Angelina and her boyfriend at Ooka, a terrific Japanese resturant in Doylestown.  After a time, Angelina noted that she needed to go as she was starting a new job the following day. I thought she was going to say that it was a design/fashion job. Angelina is a designer of Altenative Couture.

Such was not the case.  When she told me that it was a ” Sex Talk” job i fell off my chair laughing. One of the quietest people I know doing sex talk. That was precious.

For more of Angelina click on the pic below.

Now, a message from Amber Pixie wells:

Please be sure to check out the latest uploads to our Clips4Sale site. We have recently added 12 new clips that were recently posted in our members’ section and more will go up this coming week. Kyle Palmieri Jersey

Previews of yesterday’s shoot with Ten

The shoot was to have feartured me spanking Ten in five scenes. Instead, I shot but two as we introduced a new top named Perth.




Introducing Perth:




It was a terrific shoot with many surprises. Sorry for the lateness of this post. I had some troubles in downloading the pics. Many thanks to Pixie for her help in resolving the issue. I was also out celebrating my birthday. My actual brithday isn’t until the 28th, but tonight was a good night for a celebration. Damn, I’m old.

For more on today’s shoot and Ten click on the image below;

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Taylor/ Ten and other stuff

Pixie surprised me and the Taylor Rayne ” Pixie’s Preview ‘ video is in.  I all seriousness, I apprictate her creativity.  My brother could edit 12 scenes in a day, but said the Pixie’s previews took him days. Pixie has made this her own.

Here is the video

Ten has made it to the hotel and I am to pick her up at 9am. She told me that the spanking video she likes best is ‘Paper Editor’. Here are a few pics.


For more of Ten click on the image below

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Flawed Fashion- part 1 with Lorraine and David Pierson

Lorraine is a reality TV star that is out of control. Her spoiled ways and obnoxious behavior in public makes perfect tabloid fodder and is embarrassing the family. David is determined to bring the girl under control by revoking her privileges and giving her a solid spanking.






I love this video. It fits what I like to do….spank rich girls. They do need it. Also, it features my dear friend Lorraine who couldn’t have been more supportive during a very rough time.

I remember Lorraine cried a bit when I spanked her with the brush. This video is available on dvd too.  Girl Trouble 14



To see more of Sweet Little Lorraine click on the pic below


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Jessica: Have You Seen This Girl

I think this girl should have her image on a milk carton. Jessica was an early member of The Punishedbrats Players. Our fans loved her.



Suddenly, Jessica  started showing up to shoots late. There was the time she was booked to shoot with Veronica. They lived very close to one another. The plan was they they would drive in together. Well Jessica never contacted Veronica. She showed up very late and held up production.  She and Veronica had the last scene of the day. It was a story called ” Sorry Mom’. We had one thing planned, Veronica another. She took that child over her lap and spanked her soundly. She ignored the call to cut to change camera angles. So…we did the best we could. Terrific video too.


A few months later, Jess did a shoot with us, but was being tossed out of her apartment by her landlord. Foolishly, I lent her $500.00 for the deposit on an apartment she was to move to. She took the money and moved to Florida. So if you see this girl, do contact me. She has need of a long delayed major spanking.

For more of this little fugitive click the pic below.

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Tonights Episode: Spiked Punch with Pixie, Lily Anna and a cast of thousands.

Pixie endures her humiliating punishment for spiking the punch as Lily Anna watches her bottom grow redder and redder.






I remember this shoot so well. Last week I mentioned that I thought we’d land on a witch. Some of you didn’t get it. Land on a witch, as in Dorothy Gale in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ . Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

In Pixie’s case..she’s a Brat Witch. For more Pixie, click on her red bottom Trevor Van Riemsdyk Jersey