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Tonight’s Episode of the Bratzone: Taylor Rayne – Call From School

Wild child Taylor is still a bit shocked that she had her bottom bared and spanked and is made to kneel on a stool to reflect on the situation.



After this severe hand spanking at home, Taylor faces the wrath of Mr. Josh Payne at school. This is from ” Disciple at Home & School’.

To see this video, just click on the pic of that poor child kneeling on that stool below.

Because I said so: Pixie Brattiness in Full Bloom

I was just sitting here, packaging DVDS and sending Pixie the material from the Charlie Skye shoot. Before I shut down for the night, I checked our clips for sale store to find that out #1 seller is a video entitled ‘ Because I said so’ . In this movie Pixie is going out with her friends despite being grounded by stepmother, Veronica. She is quickly taken over Veronica’s knee and given a bare bottom spanking before, Misha and Angelina. Pixie look up plaintively  to her friends and cries, ” Please don’t tell anyone”!




I love this video. So it you want to check it out on our clips4sale store click on the pic below

Or to go to our Website, click on this pic. You’ll find this in both places

Sneak Pics From Our Charlie Skye shoot






                                           The production was based on a premise developed by Pixie. Only a true spanking person would know where to find the source material. A brilliant idea.

For more Charlie click on the pic below

Tonight’s Episode: Art Exhibit Failure – part 1

Pi offended everyone in attendance at the art exhibit and embarrassed Veronica. In order to get her to take the matter seriously, Veronica uses the strap on Pi’s bottom.





I just love this video.  Pi takes a very hard strapping, and yet there is an hint of sophistication exhibited. I wrote this scene knowing  that Pi is an artist. During the video Veronica says ” I’m never taking you anywhere again”, to which Pi responded, ” But you promised to take me to the Guggenheim”. Who better to help me shoot such a scene, than Beverly Bacci, one of Philadelphia’s hot young artists. Beverly took the pics too. This shoot brought my good friend out of retirement.

Check out the video by clicking on the pic below.


This Just IN: Pixie’s Previews with Ten

Pixie worked overtime to get this ready. I think she was hot for Perth, our new male top.


To see the video click on the pic below:

For more of Ten, click on the pic below

I expect that Pixie will have the new Pi series, featuring Pi and me up soon. We were low on Ten.

Tis, I, spanking Pi

Offended Neighbor or Turn The Other cheek

Amaya promises to keep her smart mouth in check and nurses her smarting bottom.





 Well, I’ve had an awful week , health wise. Last week I had a CT scan for pain in my abdomen.   looks like the antibiotics took care of that. Now, I have some lung irritation.  Our Saturday shoot was in jeopardy.  I’ve recovered enough to proceed. So, here are the stars of our special presentation. Co-written by Pixie and me. 

Yes, Charlie Skye returns. Veronica is healthy a ready to spank the blonde bombshell from Baltimore. ( Too much…sorry)

Taylor Rayne Makes Her Debut in ‘ Your Principal Called’

David received a call from Taylor’s school reporting that she is now facing expulsion for selling answer keys to fellow students. David has come home from work early to deal with the matter.






This video is the first in a series entitled ‘Punished at Home & School’.  Pixie made a fantastic suggestion. She proposed making Taylor a real bad ass, so the severe punishments fit the crime. I thing it worked.

To follow the Taylor Rayne saga, click on the pic below. Poor child.

Camera Problem: If Looks Could Kill

 It was a few months ago. Pixie and I were shooting a day with Ten and Mike Smith. That day, Pixie shot two scenes. One was entitled ‘ Cheating Teacher’. I was shooting the scene. Pixie was taking a very hard strapping from Mike.  Suddenly, I became aware that the camera wasn’t working. I suspect the I bumped it as I was changing angles. I called a cut.  We had to re-shoot the scene. If you know Pixie, it was clear that she didn’t mind the strapping, rather it offended her sense of order. She was strapped again.




           It is a terrific video. 

Here is a video you can see one of three ways:

1. At the PB home page:

2. Clips4sale store

3. On DVD:

 The video is Insolence and Consequences with Amaya Solace. I remember that Amaya flailed quite a bit as Veronica spanked her with the hairbrush.



Amaya went sunnyside up quite a bit.

Pixie in ‘Summer School’..full movie

Pixie promises to attend every day of summer school now … unless it’s a sunny day and the surf’s up. In which case it will mean another day of bottoms up!







Every Picture ( Art Work ) tells a story: We need your help.

 I am heavily inspired by spanking art work.  My most successful interpretation was when this:

Became this:




That one came out exactly as I wanted. The drawing above is by Roger Benson

Another time I wanted to turn this drawing into a video.

Instead I got this:


                          Mischa changed the story . She wanted to play a girl who acted up at a pool party. A terrific video, just not what I had in mind.

So, down the road a piece, I plan to do an entire shoot based on art work. If you have ideas on the matter just send them my way.

In other matter, if you would like to be kept informed  of things happening at PB by email, write me at the email above.

Also, we have an expanded offering on our clips4sale store.

Just click on the pic below to go there.

I am very interested in your response to my request for suggestions.