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Meeting with the Headmaster: The full story

After taking her paddling, Taylor must endure further punishment by standing in the corner with her bare bottom on display while Mr. Payne returns to his office work.







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Spanking Ten

 The update from Monday was lots of fun to shoot. I give 100% credit to Pixie who wrote that one with me. I have such trouble writing office scenes. I over explain why I, as a CEO, can spank a woman in my office. Pixie just gave me the scene and said ” Shut up and spank..Ten”.



I have yet to hear ” Oh no..I have to spank Ten again!”

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Our À la carte Selections

It was suggested that we offer our videos  A la Carte for those who are not members. Why the hell you’re  not a member is beyond me..we may need to talk. That being said, we initally started slowly. Now we have taken the plunge with both feet.

The top thee videos on our clips4sale store are

1. Discipline Room with Misha being spanked by Pixie…hard!



2. Out of Line with Dia Zerva and me






3. Singing The Black & Blues with Juliet Valentina and Veronica Bound




All of these videos are available on both our main site and our clips4sale store.

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Performance Appraisal with Ten and Me

Ten made a huge error at work which cost the company a lot of potential revenue. Her boss David confronts her and while he chooses not to fire the girl, he does see the need for punishment.








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Happy Thanksgiving: just a little late

 My family thought it a good idea to get me out of town as this is the first Thanksgiving since the death of my brother. He has dined with us for over twenty years.  So my wife and son dragged me to a little town in the twin tiers ( Where north central PA meets Central New York). That town is called Wellsboro PA.

 I haven’t taken this trip in awhile. My brother required my presence. This town has always been behind the time. I was pleasantly surprised to find the call phone service has greatly expended and wifi is available a Mc Donald. Speaking of Mc Donalds, there is a Mc Donalds on Miffllinville  that makes the best  fish sandwithch. Not sure why thieir’s is diffrent, but it is.

Here was the video from our cabin. I am contemplating using it for a shoot in the spring.


In my absence, PB was in the able hands of Pixie. This was the update.

Dirty Dishes..The Full Movie


What am I thankful for?

I am eternally grateful to my brother Rick who edited our vids almost to the time of his death.

I am greateful to Pixie for her support and resuming her postion with PB as son as her heath allowed.


Lorraine who attended my brother's memorial and has stayed in touch


Beverly Bacci who sent me the most touching, hand written letter in sympathy


I am greatefull to all of the Brats who shot with us this year. Mostly, I am greateful to all of you for supporting us for the past five years.

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PB Update: Conclusion of “Dirty Dishes”

After being soundly spanked, Charlie is made to tackle her chores immediately and wash the dishes with her red bare bottom on display.


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Meeting With The Headmaster

Headmaster Payne calls Taylor into his office to discuss the matter of her cheating and selling answer keys. He informs her that instead of expulsion, he’ll be administering corporal punishment as per David’s suggestion. Taylor’s already spanked bottom must now endure a stingy spanking with the leather paddle.


With Taylor Rayne and Josh Payne


This  is part two in the ‘ Discipline at Home and School’









You can see this video by clicking on the image of Taylor below

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Charlie Skye: A Look back

 Charlie has been a good friend of ours for several years now.  She was referred our way by Andy San Dimas. She was but nineteen at the time. When we first started talking she was a model working under the name of Blondie.

Blondie AKA Charlie Skye


Blondie 2




Ironically, at this time, Andy was using the name of Charlie and Charlie was Blondie. Are you following this?

  When I asked for a pic of Charlie before hiring her she sent me this

Charlie Skye


 She got the job, after our phone interview. Yes, the phone interview.

Charlie has shot lots of material with us over the years.

19 year old Charlie Skye in ' Got To Have Faith'

That was her first video.

Charlie in ' Clothes On Your Back'


Charlie in ' Last Girl'

It was so very special to shoot with her again. We debuted the first episode of ‘ The Contract’ series this week.

Dirty Dishes

Lots more to come. To see more of our dear friend and a true brat, just click on the image below.

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Bad Grades: The bare truth

To make sure Amaya focuses on her school work, Veronica is taking away her laptop and giving her a hot red bottom.








This was a shoot two years in the making. Amaya is always on the move. We finally made this happen and I couldn’t be happier.

To check out this video click on the image below.

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More dish on the ‘ Dirty Dishes’ movie and previews from last Saturday’s shoot

Many of you asked if there was in fact a contract. Need you have asked?


Last week we had a terrific shoot with new brat, Audrey, and new top. Alexis Steele. Pixie put this essay togther.

Introducing two new Punished Brats cast members



and Alexis Steele


Bratty Audrey was so out of control that her dad David not only had to give her an intense spanking ...


but he had to hire strict nanny Alexis to keep an eye on her while he was out of town.


I also chance to join in on the spanking action and disciplined Alexis for being a bit of a naughty nanny. Unfortunately due to an equipment malfunction, the photos from this scene were not properly recorded, but I will be posting video grabs. As you can see, Alexis had her hands clasped together praying that I would stop paddling her bottom. No such luck as this was just the beginning.


So stay turned to Punished Brats kids lots more to come. Click on the pic of an upcoming episode of ‘The Contract’ to go to our site.

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