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Call From Collections: Part two of the ‘ Art and Discipline’ series

With Lorraine and Beverly Bacci

Lorraine went into major debt buying designer fashion clothes and other school “essentials” and ignored the bills. When Beverly starts receiving calls from collections agencies at the house, she paddles little sister’s bottom to a glowing red.






A Special Shoot this Saturday

 I am just a bit nervous.   The punishedbrats team is doing our first on location production. Lots to coordinate and organization is essential.

  This special production will feature Joelle Barros.



I love her arty pics too.



Now who will spank this brat?

Beverly Bacci that’s who!

 Pixie and I have planned something very different . Lots of surprises too.

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Lily Anna: The Center Of always

Lily Anna is done throwing her tantrums once she realizes how much trouble being the center of attention can be.








 To see this vid just click on the pic below.


Rush pics from Saturday’s shoot: Special thanks to Pixie

On Saturday we shot with a terminally cute 18 year old  brat named Little Mary Jane Marley. The child cried through all four of her spanking. However, don’t feel sorry for her. She was late and didn’t bring one thing on her wardrobe list. Fortunately, I had the necessary clothes.







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Introducing Audrey in ‘The Nanny’ Series

Tonights Episode: Unexpected Welcome

 With Audrey and David Pierson

Audrey’s obnoxious behavior has earned her a spanking and makes David think twice about leaving her alone while he is away on business.









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Last era

Yesterday we shot lots of terrific video with 18 yo Mary Jane Marley. These two pics she sent me via her phone.

She was late so I spanked her extra hard

Here she is showin the damage of the day.

Stay tuned for more on today’s and next saturday’s shoot


Art Excuse with Pi: Who doesn’t like Pi?

After the spanking she’s received from Beverly, Pi is suddenly highly motivated to achieve and never need a signature on a failing term paper again.






To see this video click on this pic of Pi. That series with Pi is coming soon


Punishedbrats: A Sad Goodbye and a new begining

  Punishedbrats was born on July 2, 2005 when Pixie, my brother Rick and I joined forces for the first time in his loft located in a lovely section of Philadelphia.  All of our shoots since then have occured there.  As most of you know, my brother died a few months ago.  Over the past few years I spent more time at his house than my own, with editing and such. After his death we continued to use the loft as our studio. It was my wish to hold on to the house until 2012.   Unfortunately, my lovely spouse found a buyer with cash in hand.  I must admit that losing the house is painful.  I often go there for no reason at all, other than to feel his presence.

 Our next planned shoot was always to have been an on locaton affair.  Wait until you see what we have planned as our 2011 finale.

  Has I known of the sale at the time I planned this production, I’d have done the shoot at the house and held a party afterwards.

Such is not to be. However, i could not let the home of Pb go out in such a manner. So on Saturday I have a new brat coming in for a small shoot that I am producing. All of this months budget is tied up on next weeks extravagaza.

 So this Saturday I will be spanking a lovely child of 19 named Mary Jane. My son will assist me in this effort. I’ll do the spanking, He’ll help me shoot .  On Sunday I will return to clear the house of all PB equipment, costumes and spanking implements.

Here is Mary Jane.




Now you know why she needs a spanking.

  Punishedbrats then enters a new era.

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Lily Anna got me into trouble

 One day I shot a scene with Bronte an Lily anna entitled ‘ Brat Spat’. They played my two bratty daughters who fought over a shirt while I was on a business call. I spanked Bronte until her bottom was a crimsom redm then I grabbed Lily anna. As I spanked Lily Anna, she began to cry.





 Later in the day, I made Lily Anna cry again in a school discipline scene that invloved a paddle.



After the shoot my brother was very upset. He felt that Lily Anna left unhappy with her treatment. Pixie and I always stressed with him that the girls have safewords and we are going for good, hard spankings. For a week I heard about how i abused the poor child. Now, this got into my head. I tried to call Lily anna, but couldn’t reach her. I had talked to Pixie and let her know of Rick’s feelings. She said that there was nothing to worry about. Both girls drove home togther. Rick was not convinced.

 This was before we learned that Pixie and Lily anna were best friends. This little bit of information would have been a big help.

We got a lot on comments about the pic of Pixie looking at Lily’s bottom after a spanking.

That is from our movie ‘UTURN’ in which I played a father who turned that damn car around!

 At the end Pixie said ” Wow, I never belived he’s turn around either”, as she starred at the damage to her sister’s bottom.



You can find all of these movies on our website

Or our clips4sale store

Tonight I will be posting to our C4S store. ‘Off Campus’. Two schoolgirsl are made to punish each other for sneaking off campus to attend a Justin Bieber concert.




Pixie spanks harder


Center Of Attention: Isn’t she always?

Center of Attention – part 1


Lily Anna and Veronica Bound

Lily Anna is horribly jealous that her sister is getting all the attention from friends and family having been away at college. But when Veronica focuses all of her attention on Lily’s backside with a leather paddle she learns it can be quite painful to be in the spotlight.








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