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Saturday’s shoot: How did we pull this one off?

 On Saturday the PB team produced a terrific video entitled ‘True Confession’, but how we did so is something of a miracle. Pixie and I looked like we were out of the cast of ‘ The walking Dead’. Well not that bad, Pixie’s always cute as hell, but she I and both felt awful. Pixie’s metabolic issue reared it’s nasty head, and I have been dealing with the aftermath of a blood clot to the lung.  Originally, the shoot was to have taken place the week before. I knew that I’d never make that. I figured, give me a week. I’ll be fine. That day prior to the shoot I said to my son ” I may have miscalculated”.  My son, who I will call Jay, but his real name is Brandon, made his video debut as Audrey’s boyfriend. In six years I have never missed a shoot. Once the time gets close, your owe it to the talent to go on with the show. They could have booked other projects. It was amazingly fortunate that everyone was able to shift one week. I produced this sucker from my hospital bed.

 While Pixie was physically infirm, her creative juices were flowing. She came up with the concept for this series. While I wrote the scripts, this was Pixie’s show. She knew excactly what she wanted.  So, she directed the series as well. Not to mention that she took all of the still photos too.  Audrey and Veronica were amazing.

Here are some sneak pics and commentary from Pixie:

Last Saturday we shot with Audrey and Veronica in a series called True Confessions in which Audrey shares some of her terrible misdeeds and punishments from her diary. Audrey said it felt like she was really reliving her naughty school days as she’d been known to get into quite a bit of trouble over the years.

How could such a cute girl be so much trouble??




There are five scenes of awesome spanking in this series. Poor Audrey felt the burn all of the way home. I know, as I drove her.

 Her series with Alexis Steele  ‘ The College Girl’ and the Nanny’ can be found on our website. Our fans have let us know how much they like that series.

To go to our site just click on the image below.

                                      To check out the DVD , which we put out early due to popular demand, click on this image.

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Nervous Schoolgirl: Now the whole sordid tale can now be told

Lorraine begs and pleads for her spanking to be over and promises to never miss school again.









To see the terminally cute Lorraine get the spanking of her life just click on the image below.

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New Series Starts Tonight: The Penace Of A Schoolgirl. Tonight’s episode ‘ Facing The Music’

Tonights episode features the spanking of Amber Pixie Wells. Her first time over the knee since March, 2011.

Joelle is sentenced to a painful five day detention with Dean Bacci, but Pixie must first receive her punishment for assisting her friend in pulling off the terrible Photoshop prank.





To see this video just click on this pic.

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Amaya Production



 The Offical name of the Amaya series is ‘ Disciplined at Home’ but  I think of it as ‘ It’s Fun To Spank The Asses Of Girls who Wear Glasses.

The Amaya story was our third series, just behind ‘ Aunt Veronica’s Rules’ and ‘ The Dark Angel’.

The first chaper was ‘ Bathtime Spanking’

1. Bathtime Spanking

Veronica interrupts her daughter’s bath to confront her regarding the notice she received about Amaya’s truancy. When Amaya replies in a snotty tone and demands her mother leave immediately, Veronica drags her out of the tub and gives her a spanking on her bare wet bottom.




This was folowed by ‘ Insolence and Consequences’



Amaya ignored Veronica’s rules and went out despite being grounded. She returns home with a smug, defiant attitude until her mom informs her that she is now to report to her room to receive an old fashioned hairbrush spanking.





The next chapter was ‘ Offended Neighbor’


Veronica has received word at a condo association meeting that Amaya hurled insults at a neigbor. She returns home, pulls the girl out of bed, and paddles her bare bottom.



The Next Episode was ‘ Poor Grades

Amaya’s truancy and lack of effort in class show in her report card. Veronica reviews the pathetic grades and then gives Amaya a hand spanking for failing to apply herself.


and, lastly

Lesson Learned

Veronica has to pick her daughter up at the police station after she was picked up for under age drinking. Amaya’s excuses that it was just a little champagne fall on deaf ears and the girl is bent over and spanked until her round bottom is as red as her party dress.





This series can be found, in its entirety of our site. Just click on the image below.



The series is also available on DVD


 And you can find it on our clips4sale too.

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Amaya Solace in Lesson Learned: The entire tale

Will Amaya finally learn her lesson and not give into peer pressure next time knowing that her mom will make her bottom sting and burn every time she makes an error in judgment?









To see this video just click on the image below

The Amaya series is also available on DVD.

Click on the image to go there.

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Just In Case You Missed It: The Birth of the PB Series

I just had the most amazing time chatting with Joelle Barros. Such a great child. Her next time in will be for a story line with me. Truthfully, over the past few months I’ve spent, out of necessity, most of my time behind the camera. Not my favorite place.

That being said, here is the Pixie’s Preview of our Schoolgirl shoot with Joelle. Just click on the image.




It was a few months ago when I wanted to change things up a bit at PB.  Through most of our history we shot about twelve scenes per shoot. We had two tops and three bottoms. Each story that we shot was separate from the others. In Ocotober of 2010 we shot a series entiltled ‘ Aunt Veronica’s Rules’ with Lorraine and Veronica Bound. It had an intimacy I loved. Pixie and I shot that togther. People loved it.


 To see the trailer just click on the image above.


It is available at our site



and on DVD



Thus was born our series concept. As I said before, I find this a much more intimate and talent friendly way to shoot. Do tell me what you think. Patrik Laine Jersey

Nervous School Girl: Sweet Little Lorraine

Lorraine cut class after second period and now has every reason to be nervous when she reports home to her dad, David.










This was the first time I spanked Sweet  Lorraine. We’ve been friend ever since.

         To see the video just click on the image.

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The December Pixie’s Previews Video

Features, Pixie, Joelle Barros and Beverly Bacci.

Pixie Says:

Here is the Pixie’s Previews clip from our recent shoot with Joelle and Beverly. I plan to put out the first scene in the members’ section this week in which Beverly tends to my tail for having assisted Joelle with her naughty pranks. And the full series will be available for purchase on DVD coming soon.

Enjoy! But be prepared to see Veronica put in a very compromising position by Joelle’s photoshop skills. You have been warned.







To see the video click on the image below

To go to our site just click on this image

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The Confrontation: The Full Story

Pi’s tough girl attitude while OTK is getting her nowhere but deeper in trouble with David.








To see this terrific video click on the image below

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What Does ‘ A Daughter’s Discipline have to to with ‘ The College Girl and Her Nanny? Okay, I’ll tell you!

 Going back a few moths, we were very happy with the material we shot with Pi and wanted to bring her back. I wrote a story about a college girl who was so out of control that her father got her a nanny. It was to have starred Pi and Veronica Bound. The morning of the shoot I get a text form V, saying that she was very sick. If you know our V, that could mean many things. In the entire time I’ve known Veronica she had never missed a scheduled shoot. She had fallen down stairs and showed up for her shoot. She was asked for a divorce hours before a shoot, yet still made it to the set. Sometime being very sick meant HANGOVER! What i didn’t know was that V had been assuaulted the night before and had a concussion. I always carry ” just in case wardrobe”. If I’m supposed to work I have suits with me. If you look at what I’m wearing in ‘A Daughter’s Discipline’ suits. Fortuneately, Pi and I had a great rapport and I spanked her good all day. I went from a Nanny thing, to a Daddy thing. The tone of the video is based on Pi’s sophistication despite being a very young woman.

when I wrote the ‘ Nanny’ video, Pixie was still on the shelf.  She asked if she could edit the Pi video. I was thrilled. She told me that she loved the Nanny video and insisted that we persist in shooting it. We looked for the perfect ‘College Brat’ and found Audrey. Pixie also suggested Alexis Steele as V remained out of action with post concussion syndrome.

 The video came out wonderfully. You’d be surpised how hard it is to put a concept back into play once it’s time has passed. You move on to other ideas. Pixie persisted and, hence, ‘The College Girl and the Nanny’ came your way. You seem to like both videos quite a bit.

We put this video out on DVD long before we planned to, as some many of you wanted to see Pixie spank the hell out of Alexis.

Both of these vid are available on DVD.

To see Pi in ‘ A Daughter’s Discipline’ click on the image below.

or to see the series as it unfolds on our site click on this image.


To see  ‘ the College Girl And Her Nanny’  DVD click on the image below.

   To see the series unfold on our site just click on the image below.

Contest wise: we have a winner!

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