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Lesson Learned: Part A

Veronica has to pick her daughter up at the police station after she was picked up for under age drinking. Amaya’s excuses that it was just a little champagne fall on deaf ears and the girl is bent over and spanked until her round bottom is as red as her party dress.





Question: What connects the series and DVD ‘ A Daughter’s Discipline’  with Pi to the series ‘ The College Girl and The Nanny ‘ with Audrey and Alexis Steele?

I will tell the story tomrrow night. However if you can tell me the connention before I post you will win a DVD of your choice and one month free subscription to our site. You must be the first one.

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The ‘ Behind The Scenes’ Pixie’s Preview


This is the Pixie’s preview for the ‘ A Disciplined Daughter’ series.

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Tomorrow I will tell you how ‘ the Nanny And The College Girl’ and ‘ A Daughter’s Discipline; are related.

Nanny Meets College Girl: Getting Acquainted

Audrey realizes Alexis means business when she receives an over the knee spanking and is then made to kneel on the chair to reflect on her beheavior













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Live from the Telemetry Unit: The Pixie’s Previews of the Pi shoot






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Now get me outta here!








The beggining of a hot New Series: Pi and David Pierson star in A Daughter’s Discipline

Tonight’s Episode: The Confrontation Part 1



Pi is surprised and not at all happy to see her father David at her door. But David is not about to leave until he has had a serious discussion with his daughter and he instills some tough love with a good hard hand spanking.











I think you will love this series. I am thrilled to see this update. For those of you who don’t know, I am  in the hospital. This boosted my spirits.


Too see this fantastic video just click on the image blow. ( Did this update with IV’s in both arms and nurses all around)





Great Update Ten Laziness – part 2

There is something just so fantastic about Ten getting the strap on her adorable bare bottom.

Ten getting the strap

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Getting Acquainted part 1: College Girl Meets the Nanny


With Audrey and Alexis Steele


Audrey does not take kindly to having a nanny. What college girl would? She screams for Ms. Steele to leave the house immediately. Having quite enough of Audrey’s overgrown temper tantrum, Ms. Steele takes the girl over her lap for an introductory spanking.







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A Daughter’s Discipline: A New DVD

Pi’s behavior has been attrocious. She is antagonistic, irresponsible, and foul-mouthed. David is determined to set his daughter straight by enforcing a strict discipline regimen.


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Smoking in The Woods: Bad for one’s health. Yeah, It’s not good for your lungs either

David's bad hair day

Taylor is left to think about her actions bent over with her bare bottom on display.








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I want to thank the academy

 Well, Punished Brats was named Runner Up in the category of most improved website by the readers of    The winner was Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties.

Brushstrokes wrote:

Punished Brats

This has been a tough year for my friend David Pierson.  After a prolonged illness of a loved one and unmatched photographer,  David’s loved one, sad to say passed away.  But he indeed persevered and in Your Humble Narrator’s opinion is perhaps the only one who is worthy enough to share a page with Clare.  In fact I would argue that if you Dear Reader would probably vote him on top.  Not of course to take anything away for our winner.  Not only has he brought us some incredibly beautiful girls (when is your next shoot with Becca!) but he has also brought his spanking material up another level with higher quality movies which thrill the watcher with high quality spanking goodness.  Once again my friend well Deserved
IMG_0278 IMG_4197 IMG_6977 IMG_9172

Once again Congratulations to both the nominee’s and the winners.  You have all done an impeccable job bringing us the spanking we desire in 2011.  I for one look forward to 2012


That is so nice. With Pixie’s return we are stronger. I love what we’ve done over our last few shoots. She has a way of avoiding the cliche’.

 Last night I was talking with my son about how our material has evolved over time. I remember how my brother created the super-heroine Sensational  Girl.  A crime fighter who was forbidden from fighting crime until her marks improved.  When she feels guilty, her super powers fade and she can be spanked. My brother worked so hard on this, green screen and all.




Another in his special effects movies was a thing called ‘Painful Past’ with Juliet Valentina and me. Juliet plays a brat from the future who gets spanked by her great-great grandfather.

In this movie, when the girl from the future started to misbehave and demanded that  i  make her something to eat, I promised her a spanking.  She then said ‘ I don’t know what that is, but if it has mustard, I’ll take one.





He was a genuinely  funny person. Our focus on the subject matter was quite different. He liked to end a story with a punchline and I like to end with a sad girl rubbing her sore bottom. In tears if possible.

 i showed my son some of these films and he was fascinated.  So in honor of my brother I will be posting several of his fantasy vids on our clips4sale store

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