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Confessions with Joelle and Beverly Bacci

While receiving a terribly stingy wooden hairbrush spanking, Joelle is coerced to admit to modifying Ms. Bacci’s photo too. When Beverly discovers what compromising position she’s been photoshopped into, she is livid and makes sure this day’s punishment is extra thorough.
















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More Pics From My Brother’s Vault: Pixie & Juliet

 Cheerleaders and other things








              A few other pics too:





         To see these brats in spanking action click on the image below.

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The New Coach: The Bella Karoli Story. My bad, that’s not right.

Veronica has certainly made it clear to Piper that punctuality is of great importance when training with her.














To see the entire first episode of ‘ The Strict Coach’  series just click on the image below.


You too Bella.


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So, what happened on Saturday?!

Last week I mentioned we were going to be shooting with Brittany. It was five years ago when first we shot with her.  She was a wreck that day. It took us four hours to shoot two scenes. The videos came out well, but that day was such a challenge. ( That’s one way of saying it) It was like spanking a female Woody Allen.

    The pics below are from that infamous shoot.



 You may wonder why we would choose to work with her again after that day?  It was two things. She was persistent. She pursued us for two years.  More importantly, Sarah Gregory was effusive in her praise of her.

With Miss Gregory’s endorcement , I thought it a worthwhile risk. ( Also,  Brittany aka Jordanna Leigh AKA Scarlet is hot!)

 I was a tad concerned when she arrived an hour late.    I had hired Audrey to spank this brat. They are friends. They had great chemistry. Audrey spanked the snot out of her!




I had the great pleasure of spanking both girls in the final scene of the day.  I still hear Audey’s  lovely shrieks. ( My ears are still ringing)



We have lots of surprises coming you way. just click on the image below to stay tuned.

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Leaving Campus Part 1


Partying on campus is not allowed so Lily Anna heads off campus to get wasted. Unfortunately that’s against the rules too and so she must report to Headmaster Pierson for corporal punishment.

















          To see Lily Anna lovely, large bottom spanked just click on the image below.

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Lost Pics now found.

 It  took me some time to start looking through my brother’s computer files. On Sundays, passed I finally started this process. I learned that Rick was working on editing photographs of our brats. This was clearly a labor of love.

I will send these all to Pixie, but I’d like to share some of these terrific pics with you.

Let me start with a set featuring Pixie and Beverly Bacci as schoolgirls.









I just wanted to share this lost treasure with you. I’ve never seen these photographs before. There are over 700 extraordinary pics in the folder.

A quick sample







I find these photographs so moving.

Too see these young ladies in action just click on the image below.

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Contrition: An act in two parts

This painful reminder was just what Charlie needed to renew her efforts to behave while on Veronica’s watch.















To see this fantastic video just click on the image below.

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The New Coach : The Piper Hill Saga Begins

Piper does not make a good impression on her new coach when she shows up extremely late to practice and presents with a haughty attitude. Veronica makes an impression of her own when she takes the girl over her lap for a bare bottomed spanking.














To see this video just click on the image below.


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News and fond memories

Last week the amazing Clare Fonda announced her retirement from the spanking media business. A few years ago we had the great pleasure of shooting with her. Here she is spanking Juliet Valentina in a story called ‘ Naughty Ninja’.







Pixie had a surgical procedure yesterday.  She noted in her blog

‘I’ve been devoting a lot of my time and energy to trying to get things worked out so that I can become even more bionic!  (And of course more bionic means more awesome!)  Yep, I have to undergo another surgery, but this one will be minor in comparison to the last. 

She did well , but is sore.  While recuperating, she has finished the edits of the Piper shoot.


She also has prepare the master DVDS of the Mary Jane and Tara shoots.





Lastly, I heard from Amelia Jane Rutherford today. We are talking about a PB shoot featuring the tall, British beauty.

You many not be aware of this but I corrupted her into this world of spanking media.

This is from an Spreview interview I did with her a few years ago.

David: Hi Amelia, how are you? Thank you for taking some time to chat with me. I know that you’ve been terribly busy.
Amelia: It’s absolutely lovely to talk to you; especially as it’s because of you that I’m doing spanking films at all. Do you remember?

We were to have worked together last year but illness on her part stopped that.

Well to check out all of the goodie we have just click on the image of Tara below.

That's All Folks

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Difference In Opinion or That’s Going To Leave A Mark

Pi won’t even feel like going out after David is done delivering this bruising paddling.
















To see this controversial video ( I like it!) just click on the image of this poor girl below.

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