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More Lost Treasures Found: Pixie & Chloe

I am working my way through my brother’s computer files and I keep finding lovely pictures that triggers many a fond memory.

 Cheerleader Pix and some other things.










         Now here is what they were here for.







To see this video or to see the Chloe series of videos just click on the image below.


Too Casual : A Painful story

Tara will be quick to change back into her uniform if only to cover her poor bottom.















To see this poor Preppy get the spanking she needs just click on the image below.



Saturday’s Shoot: With Dixon and Beverly

I had the best time last Saturday.  We shot with new brat Dixon Mason. She is a great addition to our family of brats.


She is a super star in the world of fetish video.

Spanking our punky princess was the lovely Beverly Bacci


Here are a few pics from Saturday.




To stay tuned for more on this shoot just click on the image below.


Careless Brat part 1

Lorraine not only borrowed Beverly’s camera without permission, but she then lost it! Beverly is furious, bends the girl over a chair, and straps her naughty bottom.



















To see this very careless brat get the strapping she deserves just click on the image below.


Beware of the Pixie

Today Pixie posted the following on her blog.

My Spank List

May 12th, 2012

Although I’m not able to be involved in the spanking action right now as much as I used to be, it doesn’t stop me from thinking about it.  And as I edit material for the Punished Brats updates, I’m making a mental list of the girls that I would love to have the opportunity to spank. 

Top on my list are Tara and Piper.  They are both fiesty spirits that look innocent yet can be so naughty!  Professor Pixie would mind having them as wayward students in her class. 



Truth be told, I’d also be thrilled to have a chance to spank Audrey, but she is a formidable switch and it looks like payback would hurt.  Plus she seems like a ton of fun to get in trouble with so I fantasize about creating some sort of major hijinks together and when inevitably caught, I’d blame it all on her.  I’m a good friend like that.


If you could develop the series theme or scenario for me with one of these lovely girls, what would it be about?  Remember, it has to be just one lucky (or perhaps not so lucky) lady!

I must say that  Miss wells as a top is an entirely different creature than   Pixie as a bottom. The transformation is amazing to behold.  Miss wells, the top, is a hard spanker of amazing proficiency. Today, I think we found another girl to add to Amber’s list.

Dixon Mason.

This kid took 5 hard spankings from Beverly Bacci and recovered well. She is a top fetish model. I think Pixie, whiled editing will be salivating.

Home By Midnight with Audrey and Alexis Steele

Audrey swears she’s learned her lesson once and for all. She even swears she’ll not be so horrible towards Ms. Steele in the future, but can she live up to that promise?















To see Audrey get spanked by her nanny just click on the image below. Almosts makes you feel bad for her, almost.



Amanda Rose: A terrific one hit wonder

 At  Punishedbrats we rarely contact girls about shooting for us. Mostly, they contact us. Such was the case with the lovely Amanda Rose.

I thought of her when I was going through my brother’s computer files and  found some lovely photograhs of her there. Amanda was but twenty years of age , six feeet tall, and had done lots of modeling for Wedding Magazines.



She seemed to have had a great time. So much so, Pixie scheduled her for one of her special romp in the woods shoots. Unforunately she cancelled and noted that her mother didn’t approve of her working with us. Yes, she told her mother.

My favorite video that featured her was a video entitled ‘ Kicked Out Of The Dorm’.

 Here are a few pics from that production.






You can see the Amanda Rose collection by clicking on the image below.


Too Casual – part 1 With Tara and David Pierson

It’s casual dress day at the prep school, but Tara takes it too far when she shows up in a tight, low cut, leopard print dress! Tara gives Mr. Pierson attitude when told her outfit is offensive and she is made to bend over the desk to receive a spanking with the leather paddle.














To see this Prep School Brats get the hard spanking she deserves, just click on the image below.



Shoots: One of the recent past, the other soon to come.

I can not wait to see the edits of our recent shoot with Audrey and Brittany. I have seen a raw footage and it looks very hot.

Pixie is working on the edits now. Speaking of edits, Pixie sent these three pics with the following commentary,

Brittney just “loved” the hairbrush spanking she received from Audrey


Almost as much as the strapping she got!



 But don’t think that Audrey got off scott free. David made sure to tan her bottom.


On Saturday we have a terrific shoot planned. We will be shooting new brat and fetish star Dixon Mason.



I’d let her speak for herself but she is a bit tied up for the moment.


Spanking the lovely Dixon will be the glamorous and ferocious Beverly Bacci.

Seen here spanking Joelle.




To see what mayhem we have planned just stay tuned to our site by clicking on the image below.



Confessions with Joelle Barros and Beverly Bacci

Nothing brings forth the truth in a hurry like a painful hairbrush spanking.












To see this wonderful video just click on the image of that sorry girl below.