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One Year Later

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. Yes he and Paul Mc Cartney shared the day. June 18.  I’d rather remember the day of his birth rather than the day he died. Rick had changed the way I thought about cancer treatment.

I will let him speak for himself.

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Paddle Punishment : Now the full story can be told

The sting and burn from the wooden paddle is intense and Joelle holds on with all her might hoping her punishment will soon be over.


















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Al La Carte Videos

A Mr. James asked me if our videos are available AL a carte

The answer is yes,

You can find our clips for sale store here

Also you can find us on the SpankingLibrary

Or you can buy our DVD’s here

I will tell you that that best buy is a membership to our site

Audrey’s True Confessions Episode 1: Dared To Do It – part 1

Audrey’s True Confessions
Audrey had a few tough years where she seemed to be finding herself in major trouble with her mom Veronica over and over again. Listen as she shares some of her naughty moments with you from her diary and then watch as the punishment unfolds.


Dared To Do It – part 1


With Audrey and Veronica Bound


Audrey is dared by her friends to not wear panties or a body suit under her cheerleading uniform. She accepts the dare to prove how cool she is, but when her mom sees her half-dressed performance, she takes her straight home to really warm her bottom.














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Issues At Spankingtube

Hi Folks, When spankingtube opened I was the first person asked to join, that is punished brats. Lately the atmosphere there has become hostile. I suspect the reactions are from other producers, that is some guy with a video camera. Do me a favor and go to

and gives us stars.  I am not sure I will continue to post there. I spend lots in advertising PB there. If I wanted to be abuse I’d frequent the British Spanking Forum. If that still up?

Punishedbrats News

 I was speaking with Pixie today. I should have the video edits of the video called ‘ The Schoarship’ with Dixon Mason and Beverly Bacci should be in my possession by tomorrow.






As we ready the videos to present to our fans, we are now in preparation for a shoot next Saturday with the lovely Marissa.




                We thank Mr. Mike of

for some of these pics. ( His pics have the balloons in them)

                   I’d tell you more about next week’s shoot, but I have no idea what the hell we are doing yet…aside from the spanking. Goes without saying really.

 To go to our site just click on the adoreable face below. Yes, that’s her. The one with the nose thing. She is adoreable. Such a terrific kid. You got to love Dixon.


Strapped At Home : Beats going out to get strapped

Taylor is beyond sorry for her actions now. Although she takes her punishment quietly, she struggles to stay in position from the intense pain.













To see this video just click on the image below. Poor child.




Pixie’s Preview Video with Dixon Mason & Beverly Bacci

This is a terrific Pixie’s preview video. Lots of behind the scenes stuff and previews of the scenes to come.


The nose adornment worked to well  with regard to the material we wrote. Dixon is a lovely young woman. Such a lovely face


                Beverly was so regal as young Dixon’s benefactor.


I think that using the desk worked out well.

 You can decide for yourself by clicking on the image below and veiwing the videos.


Paddle Punishment – part 1 with Joelle Barros and Beverly Bacci

Joelle is finally beginning to understand the seriousness of her prank as day four of detention wears on and her bottom must endure a hard wooden paddle.













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Our Anniversay: A blast from the past with more Brats from the past.





Erica Corvina







Again, thank you for six great years.

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