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Plea Bargain part 1


Mary Jane Marley and David Pierson

Mary Jane begs to be allowed a night’s break from her grounding but hasn’t even completed her homework. When David denies her a night off, her foul mouthed response gets her nothing but more trouble. She is bent over on the spot and given the strap.








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Questions & Answers

I thought tonight would be a good time to answer a few of your questions.

Jim Asked, ” Where did you find Brittany?”.

Well, that’s a long story. Here’s the short version. We hired Brittany about six years ago and that shoot didn’t go well. It took four hours to shoot two scenes.




My friend, and brat emeritus, Sarah Gregory recommended that we shoot with her. That would never have happened without Sarah’s involvement. We are more than thrilled with the results.





Anonymous asked ‘I hear that you don’t let the girl’s use safe words. That is a disgrace.

Well, Anonymous, if that is your real name, we do use safe words. Since the very beginning of PB I have given the safe word speech. Pixie was the first, but not the last. Punishedbrats advocates the use of safe and sane practices.

Truthfully, I have often used the safe word because I was concerned for a girl being spanked. We recently shoot with a spanking newbie named Marissa. I had planned to match her with Veronica. Unfortunately, V became ill. I offered to move the production back one week but Marissa wanted to proceed.  So I became the top for the shoot. By the second scene, Marissa was sobbing. I used my safe word to check on her. By the time we were to shoot the fifth and final scene she was very sore. I attempted to end the shoot, but Marissa would not hear of it. The video that we shot that day is quite compelling.





Pixie put a sort video together . It’s called ‘ Marissa’s Tears’. Just click on the image below to see it.


Anonymous asked :( Him again!) Why are you in so many God Damn videos?

Well anonymous, it’s my fucking company. Truth be told, not once in all of 2011 or 2012 was I supposed to be the main spanker. I was pressed into action when we had illness and injuries to deal with.  Since the death of my brother and Pixie’s illness keeping her on the shelf I need to shoot the videos. I am not complaining about spanking though.





Well, if you have questions you can write me at

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Overtime or Taking Care Of Business

It’s amazing how apologetic and agreeable Brittney is after Audrey ignites her bottom with a wooden hairbrush.






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True Remorse – part 1

With Joelle Barros and Beverly Bacci

Ms. Bacci recognizes Joelle’s true remorse on the final day of detention, but she follows through on delivering the day’s strapping discipline to ensure nothing like this ever takes place again.
























To see this video and conclusion to the Five Day’s in Detention series just click on the image below.




Mischa: A complex woman with a child’s attiude

 When I first saw Mischa’s photo work I was concerned that she’s be a bit too serious for the work we were going to ask of her. 




This is Mischa with her, then, girlfriend Anna Evans.  A former brat herself.



I then spoke to her the phone.  She spoke with a high pitched, child like voice. My brother called her Betty Boop. One day I called her as she was driving and she answered in her ” adult voice’.  Caught ya, I said.

Here are pics from Micha’s first scene with us.





To see the Micha collection just click on the image of the little brat below.


A WTF day

I got message from a friend that our site was down.   When I left early in the morning it was up a running. By mid-morning it was down. I called our hosting company. They were aware, but noted it was a network issue.  The issue was resolved by 3pm.  Sorry for the problem.

Phone Etiquette or How To Dress For Success and what happens when you don’t

Ten is left bare bottomed and bent over following her paddling to reflect on her behavior.

















To check out this video just click on the pic below.


What I’ve Learned in Seven Years

Over the past seven years there is much I’ve learned about running a spanking media company. 

You may not know this, but I am something of a pain. ( not in that way!)  I insist on phone interviews with the talent prior to each production, even if the girl has worked for us before.

Recently, Veronica was to have spanked Marissa.  On the weekend we scheduled this production, V was running a 103 temp.  Marissa had never shot a spanking video before so I was concerned about her working with me. While Veronica spanks hard and true, there is a different dynamic when a gentleman spanks a young woman in a serious way.  When it became clear that Veronica would not be available, I talked with Marissa. I discussed my concerns and offered to move the production back a week.   She is an accomplished equestrian rider and she had a competition the following week. She felt that she’d be able to tolerate the punishment I would dish out. The  sobbing started with the second scene, in which her bare bottom was spanked by hairbrush. She was crying so much that I offered to cut the last scene. She wouldn’t hear of it. She is one tough girl.  With a little training she would make a terrific spanking performer.

After seeing the raw footage pixie wrote:

Poor Marisa was in tears most of the day as she took painful spanking after spanking

















In the end, so to speak, there were no hard feelings. She felt adequately cared for and warned.

Many of the girls with whom we regularly work thinks my insistence on the phone chat to be excessive.


 There are many reasons for my doing this. I want to be sure that the girls will not find the material we are to shoot disturbing. More importantly, I want to know where they are in the journey of life. That is me.

 In 2005, Pixie and I were in LA shooting material to complete our first two videos, ‘ Spanking In The Modern age’ and ‘Schoolgirl Spanking Special’.

At Clare Fonda’s house, we shot with a terrific girl named Genesis. She took a few hard spankings from me and we all got along very well.















It was in November of 2005 when we flew Genesis in from LA for a shoot. I picked her up at the airport, took her to dinner in downtown Philadelphia and off to the hotel. All seemed fine. The next day was as close to hell as I’ve ever experienced in our seven years. Remember, this shoot predates PB as a membership site, so Genesis’ flight, food, hotel and her fee all came out of my pocket.


 Right from the beginning, I could tell that she didn’t want to be there, over my lap.




The look on her face says it all.

 I asked her several time during the day if anything was wrong. She kept saying that all was well. It clearly wasn’t true. The issue was that she was in that transition period when a bottom/switch is moving towards being a top.


I remember running the words of Elvis Costello through my head ‘ I would rather be anywhere else than here today”.


That is why I need to speak with the talent for each and every shoot.


How would I have handled this today? I’d have called her a cab. I’d have spanked Pixie. Had Genesis been upfront, rather than the both of us suffering through an unpleasant day, I’d have had her spank Pixie. That wouldn’t have been what I hired her for but, I’d have lived with that. My brother always kidded me about this shoot. He said that the video shot that day is so good because of the way she looked.


Here are a couple of more pics from that day.








I ran into Genesis about a year later at a Shadow Lane room party. She couldn’t have been more pleasant.


So, I produce the hell out of each production. In seven years we’ve had only one no-show. That shoot was produced by Miss Pixie.


        To see what we’ve learned in seven years just click on the image of the Pixie below.











Overtime – part 1 With Brittany and Audrey

Audrey leaves a ton of work for Brittney to complete for an early morning meeting the next day. Brittney is not about to work a minute of overtime and doesn’t even touch the pile of paperwork leaving Audrey unprepared at the client meeting. When Brittney reports to the office the next morning, Audrey has the girl bend over the desk for a hairbrush spanking.






To see the video or a short trailer just click on the pic below.


Taking a Dive: She Could Have Been A Contender

Piper has a whole new attitude after being strapped and will never throw another match again.
To see this video just click on the pic of this sorry athlete below.