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Last Dance – Part 2

Mary Jane is one sorrowful girl now. She is sincere when she says she will behave from now on knowing the price her bottom will have to pay. 

Watch the conclusion of Last Dance in the members’ section of PunishedBrats today!



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Gianna Love Pixie’s Previews Clip

The Pixie’s Previews video clip featuring Gianna Love and Tyler is now up at Punished Brats.

Click on the photo to go to Pixie’s Previews

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Party Night – part 1

With Audrey and Veronica Bound

Audrey and a few of her friends threw a huge party at another friend’s house while the family was away on vacation. The party quickly grew out of hand resulting in underage drinking, fighting, a destroyed mailbox, and a whole lot of trouble. After being given a day to recover from her terrible hangover, Audrey is greeted first thing Sunday morning by her mom Veronica holding a wooden hairbrush intended for her bottom.
This amazing video was written and directed by Amber Pixie Wells as part of the ‘ Audrey’s True Confessions’ series.
To see the video just click on the image below.

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Vacation! What is that?

 Hi everyone, For the first time in two years I will be going on vacation starting this weekend. Pixie graciously agreed to keep an eye on things. She will even be updating this blog.

 In looking back at the past few months I have enjoyed shooting with many new brats and an old friend.

Some of my favorite are








                                               Mary Jane



And most recently, Joelle.

Upon my return Pixie and I will be producing a shoot with Ten and Veronica.  A different shoot. Read here.

There will be other new things too coming with our September shoot.

It feels strange to be going away. Think I’d rather be shooting. I can’t wait to see the Joelle.

See you kids when I get back.

   Click on the image below to go to our. I can’t wait for of next shoot.

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Java Drama : An Employee Relations Manual

With Bittney’s and Audey
Brittney’s perfectly round cheeks bounce with each lick of Audrey’s leather strap.
To see this video click on the image below.

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PB Biz

Got a lot to cover tonight.  PB is having a contest. I’ll let Pixie tell you about this. .

When we shoot in September there will be an interesting change. Stay tuned.

  I am happy with the fan response to first video  of the Marisa saga. 





To go to our site just click on the image below.

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Last Dance – part 1

Finally Mary Jane’s behavior has improved enough that she is allowed out of the house. She must have been having so much fun that she lost track of time and lost track of her cell phone as she failed to call to say she would be late. Upon her 3 AM return home, she is lectured and spanked until all she can utter are sobbing apologies.




















Last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to feel  the pain. My apologies to Tom Petty


To see this video just click on the image below.


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Allowance: Let the screaming begin

Marisa has married into a family in which David is the patriarch. A lifelong spoiled brat, she is having some difficulty adjusting to the rules and expectations of the new family and needs to be straightened out by Uncle David.


Marisa apologizes over and over as her painful first spanking concludes.





















To see the video just click on the image below.






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Spanking Is Dangerous or Suffering for one’s art

Well, not really. Just sounds good. Over the year I have played, on occasion, with injury.

 It was just before Christmas of 2005 and we were shooting out last production before the holidays. The night before my wife’s Rat Terrier bit my thumb so hard he broke it. I kept applying new bandaids to the wound so I didn’t bleed on Pixie or Britteny.

My wife treated that beast as ‘ her baby’. Not a good way to go with such a breed.


I have only been injured onset but once. I was spanking Lavender Rayne who was wearing a pair of shoes with very sharp heels. I thought I had her kicks timed. I was wrong and my hand came down on one of these spikes. I wasn’t aware how nasty my injury was until I started to bleed all over Miss Rayne.




If you notice, when I shoot with a girl in stilletos, I remove them as part of the scene. I take her undies off too. I had to have the injury surgically repaired a month later.

Now , in January of this year I was diagnosed as have thrown a pulmonary embolism and, subsequently suffering a pulmonary infarct. It is now believed that a fall from the roof of my house being the cause. Yes, you are right, sheer idiocy on my part.

 Until recently I was on a ” blood thinner’ and spanking was forbidden.

Unfortunately, one morning , Veronica was ill and could not make the shoot. So I was pressed into action and had to spank Tara. It was such hard work but, damn someone had to do it.


My hand bruised, three days later. So remember, it is hard work spanking brats. ( Actually, I love it, but don’t tell anyone)

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Java Drama – part 1

With Audrey and Brittney

Brittney carelessly spilled coffee all over important legal documents and sheepishly reports the incident to her boss. Audrey has had it with Brittney only causing more work for everyone and uses the old punishment strap to teach her a lesson.





To check out this video just click on the image below.


Do check out Pixie’s Previews too. Features the lovely Joelle

Beautiful Brats
Thousands of Photos
Thousands of Videos

Windows and Real Media Format

Updated 3 Times A Week

$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
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