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Poor Taste – part 1

Beverly has Dixon attend a ladies luncheon with her in the hopes of making a positive impression on some of the admissions counsel members. But Dixon only embarrasses Beverly by ruffling the feathers of several of her high society friends. She speaks out of turn, tells an inappropriate joke at the table, and is overhead making insulting remarks about one of the ladies’ outfits. Beverly drags the girl off to a quiet corner and spanks her for creating such a scene.





















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School Trip Or ‘Did I say to stay with the class?”

Will a painful strapping be what it takes to get Gianna in line?



















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Telling on Pixie

If there was a TV show about Amber Pixie Wells it would be called ‘ Everyone Loves Pixie’. That is very true. It’s hard to look into those blue eyes and not.

She is amazingly sweet, that’s what makes the times when she’s displeased so remarkable.

The following are a couple of  pics from our 2005 shoots.


I remember spanking her on camera for the first time. The child was so nervous that I could feel her heart beating through her tummy, which was firmly pressng into my lap. I went easy on her. After the scene she seemed upset. I asked if she was okay? She relied in a voice much deeper than the one I was used to hearing, ” You need to spank me harder!”. She was right. That first scene sucked. However, I spanker her eight more times that day. She needed to drive home sitting on an ice pack. It was during that first shoot that she told me ‘ If you really want to get to me, spank my thinghs’. So I did in every scene we shot togther. That inclused scenes in which a large hairbrush was used. That was until the day we shot ‘ The Axiety of The Girl Waiting’.   I started spanking and we were about one minute in when a gave her two sharp smacks to her upper thighs. To this she give a cry of ‘No!”. I got the message and continued to spank. Once we were done I said, ” What the hell was that?!”.  ” I hate that’, she replied. I guess I didn’t get the memo.




That video is my favorite.

 As a producer, Mis Wells is highly organized and all business. Prior to a shoot Pixie instructs the cast on wardrobe. I will always remember the day we first shot with Lorraine.


We all loved Sweet Little Lorraine. She was just adorable. That was until she did her scene with me. Lorraine played a truant schoolgirl who was spanked by her nasty When I lifted her skirt i felt the death stare of the Pixie. Contrary to instructions, Sweet Lorraine wore a thong.  She is lucky that Pixie wasn’t doing the me.



I did her a favor when I took down her thong.




More on Pixie soon.

 Let me wish our old friend, Andy San Dimas a happy belated birthday. Her birthday was October 3rd



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Make Out Session with Audrey






( My son plays a non-speaking role in this one)

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Update on our HD Shoot with Ten and other news

This process has been a bit slower than we hoped. We had a Mac VS PC issue. That is now resolved.

Pixie Reports:

I eagerly await the footage from the shoot with Ten and Veronica so I can start editing what is sure to be some great content. With two dynamic players such as these ladies, there’s no doubt they’ll have delivered a fantastic performance.

We go back to the studio on the 20th. It will feature Tara and a special spanker. More on that later.



What we have in mind is just a tad perverse. It is within our format.

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Saddle Sore: Riding tomorrow is going to hurt

Marisa is not going to be riding her horse comfortably for quite a while after having her bottom stung by the whippy riding crop.
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School Trip: Stay togther class

Absent minded Gianna lost track of her classmates on a school trip after being warned repeatedly to keep up and pay attention. Thoroughly lost in the woods, Tyler comes to her rescue and brings her home. But her relief is short lived as she has earned a strapping for the trouble she caused.

















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Charlie Skye: An old friend

 Yesterday, I had a very nice chat with Charlie Skye.  It was a very nice to chat with an old friend.  It feels strange to call one so young an old friend. She was but nineteen when she first shot for us.

 I first became aware of Charlie when she was an eighteen year old model named ‘Blondie’.  Here are some pics from her  Blondie days.





Charlie first appeared for us in a video called ” You’ve Got To Have Faith’.



Then with me in a story called ‘ Mature Girl’




She was a friend of Andy San Dimas when both danced at a club in Baltimore. Andy referred Charlie.

Strangely, Charlie danced under the name of Andy and Andy was Charley.

Most recently Charlie starred in a  production called ‘ The Contract’.


She and I have started to talk about a special project for us to shoot.

You can find lots of Charlie on our site and in several DVDS.

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Swamped: Check your employee Handbook

Brittney is going to worry about buying shoes on her own time after getting her bottom smacked by Audrey for shopping on company time.














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Preview Pix and a look back

Last Friday was my birthday. At such times I tend to look back at the year that went by all too quickly.

One thing that I am missing is my former collaborators onset.

 I haven’t laid eyes upon Pixie since January.  I have assembled a solid production team but Pixie and Rick are sorely missed…by me.

Despite her absence from being onset Pixie has contributed some amazing ideas for video series. Most recently, she held a contest in which fans would present their ideas for a video series and she would choose the winner. Three were chose. Pixie took the ideas and wrote it in story form. Out last Ten shoot was her creation and it was shot in dedication to her.

Pixie wrote:

What could be in this pretty box?

Nothing but a world of hurt for Ten!


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