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Designer Dress – part 1 or Leather and tears

Marisa’s husband has asked Uncle David to have a tough discussion with his wife about her spending habits after she blows four thousand dollars on a new dress. David uses a leather strap to teach Marisa a lesson about financial responsibility.





















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Problems onset: A help or hindrance to making good video?

 The answer to the above question, at least in my experience, is both.  In the time I’ve been shooting there have been shoots so contentious that I couldn’t wait for the shoot to be over. This does not happen often, but when it does it is memorable.  When this happens it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I often dread seeing the video. Strangely, I am often pleased with the results.

 There was a shoot that we did two years ago in December.  That shoot featured Dia Zerva, Becca and was to have featured Pixie, but she never was able to make it on camera. She was needed to shoot this disaster film.

My brother had just got out of the hospital.   He had a bad reaction to chemo therapy. Rick had not been onset since our July production. For some reason, Rick decided he needed to attend this production. I didn’t see a problem with this. I figured that if Rick felt tired he could lie down.  I knew that he was a tad confused from his chemo, but Rick was always very nice so I had no worries about his being there. God, was I wrong! He was a beast that day.  We have a call time of 10 am.  Rick went on a tirade looking for things that didn’t exist. It was 11.30am and we had yet to shoot  minute of video. I finally took him aside and told him to knock it off.   Finally, we started shooting. I had no thought of Rick acting as director, but my brother hadn’t gotten the message.   All day long he wandered into shots. I dealt with this by shooting four cameras. I shoot a master shot. That way we always had a camera on the action that didn’t have Rick in it.

I was very concerned about our talent.  I was feeling very embarrassed as the amazing Dia Zerva was onset.  She was a total pro that whole day. By days end, Rick was so exhausted he couldn’t make it to the car. Dia helped me get him there.

 I was surprised when the edits came in. The video was amazing. I loved the Dia material. The gods of the spanking scene were with us. Last year, I had hoped to shoot Dia in December, but she retired from the scene at that time, or so she told me.( She really retired)

Here are pics from that shoot.







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I’m Done: The final straw

The traditional wooden school paddle makes a clear impression on Dixon and she finally accepts that she needs Beverly’s guidance to achieve in school.






















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Super Storm, Holiday’s and post production

You know that catastrophic storms, Holidays and post production of a video shoot are a bad mix.

 As ” Superstorm Sandy” hit Pixie was set to edit our shoot with Tara and Julie Simone.  Pixie was without power for over two weeks and without Internet for another week.

I was thrilled when the DVD with the edits arrived. Unfortunately it was corrupted.  With the help of a friend I was able to put the files on to a computer.  Upon a cursory look, I loved what I’ve seen.

I think you will too.





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Board Meeting – part 1

David may agree that Brittney is a big problem, but he’s displeased with Audrey not being able to effectively manage her nor notifying him of the issue earlier. He takes the very shocked Audrey over his lap for a spanking as Brittney peeks from her position in the corner





















This one is a bit intense. To see the preview video just click on the image below.


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