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Bad Language : The Nanny and The Strap

Joelle will have to watch her mouth in the future if she wants to avoid being on the receiving end of David’s belt again.



















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I’m Done Part 1

Accepted into the university and several weeks into the first semester, Dixon bursts into Beverly’s office and declares she is quitting. She plans to drop out and wait tables if she has to but she doesn’t need school, doesn’t need dumb rules, and doesn’t need Beverly telling her what to do. Beverly remarks that it would be a terrible shame as she has been reviewing her grades so far and sees how well the girl has been doing. Dixon softens under the praise and agrees to stay, but Beverly says a punishment spanking is in order for barging in unannounced and pitching a fit.

























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Preview Pix from Satuday

From Pixie:

Fan favorites Joelle Barros and Pi returned to the set of Punished Brats to shoot this weekend. But not only are they each getting their bottoms spanked, they are spanking each other!








Stay tuned to Pixie’s Previews as there are lots of things coming soon



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Red Handed in HD or The Wooden Spoon Paddle tells no lies

Veronica makes it exceptionally clear that she will not tolerate theft, especially from her niece Ten.


















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Bad Language – part 1

The chidren have gotten in trouble at school for using foul language and David confronts Joelle about watching her tongue in front of them. Joelle suggests the kids have learned them from David himself and quickly finds herself bent over receiving his belt for such backtalk.















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