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Last night’s update and Saturday’s shoot

Quite honestly, last nights update was a spanking five years in the making.


As she went over my knee in the scene above, she cried and said ‘ I’m so scared’.  That was a very true.   She knew what was coming.




Wait until you see what happens to Audrey next time!


The other day I announced that Saturday’s shoot with feature the lovely Pi.


Well today I can verify that she will be working with my good friend Joelle Barros.


I’m working on the script right now.  I am just a tad nervous as this is the first time we’ve attempted a production like this. I will explain later.

To check out the Pi videos just click on the image below.


To stay turned to Pixie’s previews ( i hear the Pixie has finished the first drafts of the Tara and Julie Simone vids), click on the image below.


The Problem : A Spanking Five Years In The Making

Brittney kicks and wails throughout her spanking as Audrey looks on with smug satisfaction.



















To see the preview video just click on the image below.



PB Biz and Nice Pics

After two weeks in the dark, Pixie got her power back. Super Storm Sandy has caused much damage in this area of the country.  As soon as the power was restored she started editing our last shoot with Tara and Julie Simone.

Here is a Pixie Photo Essay

Tara certainly got her bottom well warmed by Julie Simone


The poor little thing! Sad eyes and a glowing red rear!!






Well, I have a shoot coming up Saturday. It was to have occurred last week but due to the issues here in the Northeast and the fact that I fractured a vertebrae in preparing for the storm.

I have a two girl shoot coming up. Both have driven me crazy. It’s been difficult in communicating with them as I develop the story.

One girl is Pi.




The other I will keep to myself I case a change need to be made. One thing I know, I will be spanking both of them in the last scene..hard!



          So wish me luck this weekend.


 To see the Pi videos just click on the image below.



Red Handed – part 1 In Glorious HD

Veronica catches Ten taking money from her purse. She is appalled to see that her niece would steal from her and then try to lie straight to her face. She selects a long handled paddle to teach her a lesson about the price of theft.




















To see the video preview of this video just click on the image below.



Chance as a creative force

Over the past six years there are several productions that stand out for me.

This Anxiety Of The Girl Waiting always comes to mind.

 Since the death of my brother I have rarely been scheduled to be the featured top . However, I think over the past  several months my scene time has gone up, by chance.

Last fall, I had planned a shoot with Pi and Veronica. The night before that shoot V had been assaulted and was in the hospital the morning she was to have spanked Pi. Fortunately, this was one of our final shoots at my brother’s house, so I had some wardrobe there.  That was the first time I had to direct and spank. Despite a few mistakes I think the scenes a quite powerful.




Then there was the shoot with Tara. Despite her best efforts , V was still to injured to shoot





           Most recently, there was the shoot with Marisa. V had reinjured her shoulder.



When the PB team was still Rick, Pixie and me there was a rule That I would shoot at least two scene and Pixie three for each shoot.

 I must admit that I didn’t start this company to work behind the scenes.

I remember our shoot of Febuary, 2009 with Pixie, Lily Anna, Erica Corvina and Richad Windsor. I did but one scene wit an already spanked Lily Anna.  I won’t go into details, but since I started this company in 2005, I’ve never been more upset. I was more upset when I learned that that shoot was the finale for Erica. I always loved shooting with her.

I have a shoot coming up next week( I’m still working on the concept) but I have myself scheduled to shoot two scenes. I enjoy ths work so much.

To follow the work that I do, just click on the image below.



Home Economics: Supply Side?

Gianna whines about how unfair it all is and explains that she only wanted to have a night of fun. But that doesn’t get her far with Tyler who knows his young wife needs to learn a lesson in adult responsibilities.



















To see the video preview click on the image below.



The Britany Story

Last night we presented ‘The Problem’ with Brittany.   There is a bit of a story behind my spanking her that dates back to 2006. The gentleman who runs referred her to me. Brittany works under a few names. She is best known as Jordana Leigh. Sometimes as Scarlet J.

This is Jordana




 Britany was one of the first girls we shot with who wasn’t Pixie.  I remember that she showed up late that December day. I remember that she was so anxious that she was shaking.  I felt bad for her. She is a nice Jewish girl from Philadelphia. However , that day I felt as if I was spanking a female Woody Allen.

She was to have shot four scenes. After it took us two and a half hours to shoot two scenes we cut our losses.

Here are some pics from that day.


                            (Pixie thinking ‘I’d so love to spank you!)



For years afterwards, Pixie, Rick and I joked over that day. Every so often, I got an email or a call from Brittany asking to work with us. I remember Pixie saying ” No fucking way!” and Pixie rarely curses.

 One day I got an email from her asking to  to shoot us. I turned her down. When I did she  said ” I’m going to ask Pixie, it’s her site anyway’.  Such is not the truth and is a bit of a touchy subject. Pixie is my creative partner, but I pay the taxes.

This thought went through my head.



So how did Brittany come to work with us again? Well I got a call from Sarah Gregory who vouched for her.  I thought that if this turned out to be a disaster….


Well Sarah didn’t need a spanking. Brittany was great. However, I promised Miss Brittany a good spanking as payment for past offences. When she went over my knee she started to cry and said ‘ Oh my God,I’m so scared!’. She knew what was coming.


That made my day.

It was a terrific shoot with Audrey spanking her most of the day.




To see more of Britany just click on the image below.


The Problem – part 1

Audrey has had it and complained about Brittney to her dad, and owner of the company, David. To Audrey’s delight, David agrees that Brittney is an issue and gives the brat a hard hand spanking while Audrey looks on.


















To see the preview of this video just click on the image below.




The Story Behind Marisa

We had such a great response to last nights update entitled ‘Meeting The Brush’ featuring Marisa and myself.

I received this from Twitter

@davidpierson Total WIN



 I loved working with Marisa, but I went into the project with some trepedation. Marisa had never shot a spankng video before, nor was power exchange a regular part of her life. She was to have shot with Veronica, but our V was dealing with an injury and unable to shoot. I was worried that Marisa would find shooting with nothing short of torture.

 She insisted that she wanted the show to go on. I offered to put the shoot off for a week, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

Before we started our shoot I told her to go with the pain and let her inner little girl out. Feel the embarrassment and humiliation.  She is a professional athlete and can take pain quite well. I loved her pattern. She would start with an attempt at stoicism but ended up crying. She was amazing. The hairbrush spanking scene and the strapping scene yet to come are my favorites.

By the way, being a good top is not merely being proficient with implements of discipline. It’s about one’s internal and external control and having insight into the person being disciplined.

 Thanks for the response folks.

Some pics of Marisa






Do click on the image below to see more of Marisa

Meeting The Brush or A Painful Intervention

Marisa is definitely not fond of her encounter with the wildly stingy hairbrush but can she behave well enough to never have another chance to meet?





















See the preview by clicking in the image of that poor girl below.




Special Note: We are still dealing with the ravages of Super Storm Sandy.  There was several obsticles in bringing to nights update to you.

The stuation was fixed by way of Pixie, Richard Windsor and me. Pixie has no power and prepared the updates before the storm arrived.

I thank Richard for his help tonight.