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Good Impression : Spanking does it

Going to put the entire caption here:

Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat.

Pi swears that she will take her job more seriously from now on, but is she just telling Joelle what she wants to hear to end her painful spanking?





















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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: 2012

The year that is rapid waning was one of change. 2012 was our first full year without my brother Rick.   Rick had a great sense of comedy. His view of our girls was that they were sugar and spice and everything nice. 

 In early January I, for some unknown reason became seriously ill. I had what is called a PE, ( Pulmonary Embolism) . This god damn thing injured my right lung. How many shoots did we miss. None! Just moved our January production back a week. Although, to be honest, thank God Pixie was there. I was a tad goofy.

That day we shoot a script written primarily by Pixie. She literally got the idea from a teen magazine.

It was called

Audrey’s True Confessions
















Unfortunately, that was the last time Pixie was onset. However, during the course of the year she and I wrote together.



    The next shoot was such a collaboration.

Prep School Brat

Featured a new brat named Tara.


This year, I was scheduled to be the top but once. Tara was to have worked with Veronica but V was dealing with an injury for much of the year. Can I tell you, it is hard to direct and spank. However, it is well worth the effort.






So that was how our year started. We introduced several new brats this year.

Dixon Mason






                                Gianna Love





One of our more interesting shoots featured Britney and Audrey. in a video called Office Decorum.


 We hadn’t seen Britney, by our choice, in over five years.  When she shot with us several years ago it took us four hours to shoot two scenes. She was so anxious that day it was like spanking a female Woody Allen.  Over the years she would approach us from time to time. We’d politely turn her down. One day she said, ‘I;m telling Pixie!”. Did not endear herself to me there. So, how did we come to shoot with her. Sarah Gregory called me and vouched for her.

When I booked her I promised her a good spanking for the Pixie remark.


As she went over my knee she started to cry and said , ” Im so scared’.





        This year the lovely Joelle Barros became a star.


                          This is from ‘Nanny Drama’





Audrey also emerged as a favorite amoung PB fans. So many loved her lovely, round bottom

I guess a major change is our more aggresive attitude. Since I am direting you are getting my take on the subject matter.

Julie Simone was a revelation from late this year



So that’s all I will bore you with. Let us know what you like and what you don’t.

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Dangerous Driving – part 1

Marisa was speeding and crashed her fancy sports car. Although she’s upset by the accident, she doesn’t seem to understand how serious a matter it is. She has truly earned this OTK spanking from Uncle David.


















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A Look at brat Joelle Barros

It was February of 2011 when we first shot with the lovely Miss Barros.   It was also the last shoot my brother was able to do a shoot  fully functional. We had scheduled a major production with Pixie, Kelly Lynn Sage , Miss Chris and Joelle.  It was 6am when Pixie called a let Rick and me know that she was too ill to come.

Rick and I picked up Joelle and off to the studio we went. Then Kelly Lynn didn’t show. ( Long story).

So it was up to Joelle to carry the day, being spanked by the formidable Miss Chris. Fan reaction was to Joelle was terrific.




The next time we shot was last January. We shot a series entitled ‘Five Day in Detention’. She was thrilled to have worked with Pixie and Beverly Bacci.







For those of you who don’t know Miss Barros, she is a young woman of style and grace. I wanted to use that in a series entitled ‘Nanny Drama’.

I based Joelle’s nanny on a character played by Jemima Kirke in Lenna Dunham’s show ‘Girls’.


Here are a few pics from that series.








Just loved shooting that one.


Only a few short week ago we shot a series entitled ‘ Family Busines’. This was suggested by several fans. I regard this as our homage to classic Chelsea Pfeiffer. In this one Joelle spanks Pi, and gets spanked too.

We debuted the series with a story called ‘ Good Impression’.




I’m sure we will be seeing much more of Joelle in 2013.

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Girls Wanna Have Fun : When the working day is done




Tyler has made his message loud and clear using his leather paddle to sting Ginna’s backside.
















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Merry Christmas: Family Business with Joelle &Pi

Pixie and I send you a very special Christmas Card. I do think this is amazing. Pixie is such a damn good editor!



Last night we debuted to the first installment of our new series ‘ Family Business’ with Joelle Barros, Pi and I. ( Sorry)

Check out the special Pixie’s Previews Christmas Special.

Pixie says:

Here is a little musical holiday greeting Punished Brats style followed by a preview of our latest shoot featuring Pi, Joelle, and David Pierson in Family Business.

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Good Impression – part 1 : The Family Business Saga Begins

Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat.

With Pi and Joelle
















To see the preview video of this new series just click on the image on the pic of that very clean girl.



Bouncing Off The Walls : Well something’s bouncing

Joelle is made to shuffle to her bedroom with her pajama bottoms down around her ankles after her painful punishment.
















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Saturday’s Shoot: In praise of Pixie, Julie Simone and Gianna

The shoot of last Saturday was written by Pixie. Usually, when she and I write together , she develops the concept and I the script.  I have to admit that before we proceeded with this project I asked Miss Wells for help on this one. Creatively, I felt a bit tapped. Pixie sent over her story outline and it was so damn good I didn’t touch it.

She opened her story treatment with the following:

Boarding School

Gianna has been sent to a boarding school but she is a free spirit who doesn’t readily conform.  Julie is a mean Ms. Hannigan type who insists on her rules being followed to a T.  She is quick to punish and runs the school unchallenged.  She has decided to pay special attention to Gianna, a mid-year transfer student. 

 Now, I shot with Julie Simone just a few weeks ago.  That was the ‘Strict Stepmother ‘ shoot in which she co-starred with Tara.

That was an amazing experience. Julie offers ideas and contributes  much to the process.   Saturday’s shoot has a different flavor from anything we’ve ever done. Julie’s headmistress was a bit sadistic. In one scene, she spanked Gianna for having contraband in her room. Christmas cookies sent by her mother.


After spanking her charge, Headmistress Simone ate the poor child’s cookies in front of her, as she served corner time with her red bottom exposed.

Gianna was totally enthralled with Julie. Julie dominated her in a manner she had not experienced before. Julie showed us a different side of Gianna Love.


( sorry)

The spanking’s were hard a true. Gianna cried in a couple of scenes.  As with Tara, Julie and Gianna has amazing chemistry.


” Dear, I think you are in trouble”.


“Aw, did it hurt?”


” This hairbrush will teach you to behave”


” I told you to stay still”

             So kids, stay tuned for more as Pixie gets to edit them.

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Girls Wanna Have Fun – part 1

Tyler spots Gianna heading out for a night of partying with the girls and reminds her that she has early classes the following day. He is irritated to find out that she plans on skipping her classes in favor of the late night and takes a leather paddle to her backside.













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