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A look back at 2012

It was exactly one week ago when a blogger friend of mine asked me to prepare a highlight list ( A Top Ten List) of the year past.  I worked very hard to get him the material that night.  He said he loved what I sent and he was formatting it. I wrote him today to see what happened to my top ten on his blog as it never was posted. He told me that he was taking a brake from blogging. Information I could have used before putting in all of that work. I suspect that my friend has an issue of some sort going on. A real life thing, but an email to me would have helped.

Well, since I put in that work it seems appropriate to post it here.

Last January we moved to a new studio and our first shoot was special. The series that we shot that day was entitled ‘Five Days In Detention’. It featured Joelle Barros, Beverly Bacci and Amber Pixie Wells. This was the first time that Pixie had been spanked on camera in nine months. Unfortunately, it was the only time in 2012.









Here is the preview video.

To check out the series on our site just click on the image below.


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Unattended – part 1

Young children need constant supervision around a pool so David is furious to find out Joelle has left them unattended. Since she has clearly not learned her lesson about responsibility, David must once again give her a spanking. This time he dangles the errant nanny over his raised knee and gives her a spanking with her tiny bikini bottoms pulled down.














To view the preview video just click on the image below.


Boading School Pixie’s Preview Video

Our ‘Boarding School’ production is different from anything we’ve shot before. It’s like something from a Dickens novel with spanking. Pixie wrote the story knowing that Julie Simone would do something unique with it. Gianna was stellar as well

Pixie summarizes the story thus:

Check out the Pixie’s Previews video clip featuring the shoot starring Gianna Love and Julie Simone in Boarding School. Gianna has transferred to Eastmoor Boarding School for girls midyear. Headmistress Julie Simone take special interest in the new student and is personally ensuring Gianna adheres to each and every rule stated in the thick student handbook. Poor Gianna doesn’t stand a chance once she’s in Ms. Simone’s clutches.



To see the video just click on the image below. The preview vid is fantastic!


  You can download the video here, if you wish.


Trashed: The entire, painful story can now be told

Ten has to pay a painful price for her insubordination.



















To see the preview video just click n the image below.



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Dress Debate – part 1

Lorraine refuses to put on a dress for an important occasion and even throws it in a heap in the corner. Her Uncle David is not pleased with this behavior and spanks the girl in her softball uniform for such bratty behavior


















To see the preview video just click on the image below.



An Explanation

Hi There,  Tonights update will be presented as

Classic Scene*
Dress Debate – part 1

 This video was shot in March, 2011.  That production has special meaning to me. By that time, we had already begun to change our format from the shooting of several , unrelated stories, to a series with a single storyline.

At that time it was clear that my brother had not long to live. He produced one of our classic style shoots in which he wrote all of the scenes. He was to have directed the shoot as well but was too ill on that Sunday. The cast of the shoot was hand picked by Rick. It featured Amber Pixie Wells, Lily Anna , Lorraine Little ( Sweet Little Lorraine), Veronica Bound and myself. Rick edited the production.

 Hell, he edited material three days before he died.

 Rick had intended this shoot as his farewell. That’s why I felt it important to present.   ( Plus how can you avoid showing a lorraine scene?) Adding to the importance of the shoot, this was also last time Pixie shot a full day. Also, it was Lily Anna’s final production.

 There was not full agreement between Pixie and me on presenting this scene. She feels it is not up to our current visual standards. That may be true but I think it is a terrific scene.

Here are a few pics from that shoot with commentary from Pixie.

Can you believe Veronica gave me a spanking for “helping” her test some perfume? She has no appreciation for Plum Passion fragrance nor my enthusiastic sales technique.





Tomboy Lorraine needed a little encouragement to wear something other than her softball uniform to an important dinner party.




And Lily Anna spent some reflection time right where she belongs. The corner.


I hope you enjoy tonight’s presentation kids.



Wardrobe Change or Julie Simone Strikes again and again and …

Tara sobs her way through her hairbrush spanking and then must kneel in the corner before finally cleaning her room.















To see this fantastic video just click on the image below.




A Preview of our upcoming series ‘Boarding School’



Pixie Says:



What’s worse than getting a bottom bruising hairbrush spanking from Ms. Simone?





Getting a bottom bruising hairbrush spanking and then having to watch Ms. Simone eat your Christmas cookies while you kneel in the corner! Poor Gianna.


In this scene, Gianna was spanked for having contraband in her room…Christmas Cookies sent by her mother. The look on Gianna’s face as Julie ate was heartbreaking.


Very Different


Julie Simone says click on the image of her spanking Tara or else!





Trashed Part 1

Ten has left the room she’s staying in looking like an absolute disaster. When Veronica asks her to clean it up, she ignores her and continues chatting with her friend on the phone. Veronica grabs the disrespectful girl by the ear and drags her to the living room for a spanking session with the leather paddle before sending her back to her room to clean


















To see the brat get her spanking just click on the image below.



Inspiration: Arrives from many places

A few days ago I mentioned that many of Pixie’s inspirations come from Brat TV. In other words, Pixie’s taste in television is truly questionable, but thank God for that.

I noted that  MTV’s ” My Sweet Sixteen” was her inspiration for ” Super Bratty Birthday Party’.



That worked so well  as each rich brat on that show needed such treatment.

I can be something of a pain. For instance, I can’t simply do an office scene. I need a reason as to why a young woman would take a spanking from her boss.


For me, I usually come up with a young woman making way too much money.

 Some of my inspirations come from reality, and others come from reality inspired art such as Roger Benson’s 1950’s collections.

Using art as an inspiration can be tricky.

One may envision this.

And come up with this.

Not exactly the same thing.

There was a production inspired by art that came out almost precisely as I envisioned.

Occasionally, this

Can inspire







I attached the art work to each scrpit. This was Juliet’s first PB shoot in two years. This was also our first shoot absent out Pixie.

Check out the affection of our cast towards our queen brat

Now to check out this and all videos of varying inspiration just click on the image below.