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*Classic Scene* Muffet & Snow: Miss Muffet gets spanked on her tuffet.


This video brings back back many fond memories.  It was written by my brother and performed to perfection by Pixie and Juliet. The opening dialogue was a long piece of comedy. Both Rick and I assumed that it would take both of the girls several takes to get through it. Boy were we wrong. One take done to pefection. The comedy  required precise timing. Juliet is a professional actor but Pixie more than held her own. I hope that you enjoyed this special presentation.


Pixie has earned a tougher sentence and a dose of the hairbrush for her crime of attempted fairytale homocide – she smashed the spider that sat down beside her.















Too see the preview video just click on the image below.


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Unprepared: is this anyway to run a business?

The hairbrush sends a painful message to Pi that it is of the utmost importance to be prepared.







To see the preview video just click on the image of Pi below

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Lifeswap: The Pixie’s Preview video

Last night we debuted the first segment in the lifeswap series.  This production was written by Amber Pixie Wells, who also edited the video and photos. I directed the production. Pixie did a terrific job. We shot the production at my house and in Doylestown. Pixie made such great choices.

 Charlie was a brat all day!







To see the Pixie’s Preview video just click on the image below.




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Fan Request: Classic Scene* Muffet & Snow – part 1


Juliet Vanentina, Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Daniels

Here’s a blast from the past classic scene featuring Pixie, Juliet, and Veronica Daniels!

Snow White (Juliet) and Miss Muffet (Pixie) have been called before the disciplinary council. They’ve heard rumors of other girls getting a slap on the wrist, but despite their best efforts, these two bratty characters are in for a far more intense dose of corporal punishment than that from Ms. Daniels.







                 Too see the preview of this video just click on the image below.

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New Home – part 1

A Special New Production with Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound. Written and Edited my Amber Pixie Wells and directed by David Pierson ( that’s me) Shot at stately Pierson Manor.

The Storyline : Charlie is participating in an episode of the television show, Life Swap. She’ll get to spend a week with a host mom in a new environment and have to follow all of the rules of the house. Charlie’s world is about to get turned upside down!

              New Home – part 1

Charlie is participating in a reality show called Life Swap where she trades places with another girl for a week and has to live by all of the rules of her new home. She is quickly discovering how different her life will be as she is given a long list of chores and introduced to corporal punishment.





















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