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Seeking Attention : Public Relations In Private


Audrey and Perth


Audrey definitely managed to get Perth’s attention and he’s focused it all on warming her bottom.
















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    Our most recent shoots: A quick Preview

    We’ve done a lot of shooting lately. It was but two week ago that we shot with Joelle Barros in a fan inspires tale called ‘ Health Kick’.

    Pixie says:

    What happens when Joelle goes on a health kick and tries to make her dad David follow suit?


    Well, when it involves throwing out David’s cigars, alcohol, and dry aged steaks without warning, that kick comes with a painful price.



    I love shooting with the Brazilian bad girl.

    This Satuday, we shot with Mei Mara.  So much fun to shoot with. A very high pain tolerance too.

    After the shoot the imp ( 5ft even) sent me this text:

    I had so much fun. Already on the train. Yum..sore butt.


    She was such the brat. I just want to show you a few preview pics tonight.

    On Satuday, Dr. Veronica was on the job.





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  • Birthday Party part 1


    Tara and Julie Simone

    Tara is displeased with every detail of her birthday party and is whining about it loudly in front of her guests. Julie takes the spoiled girl in another room, pulls up her party dress, and spanks her well within earshot of her friends.







                        To see the preview video just click on the image below.


    Yesterday’s shoot

    We had a great time shooting with Mei Mara yesterday.  Veronica Bound was particularly stern.

     Just a quick pic take by Mei’s IPHONE

    Home Schooling : Taught to the tune of the nanny paddle?


    Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound


    Charlie is willing to turn her attentions to her studies after getting her bottom smacked with the nanny paddle, but the last thing she wants to do is sit on the hard wooden table to do so!



















    To see the preview video just click on the image below.




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    Charlie Skye: A member of the family

     I think some folks got the idea that I don’t like Charlie from my post of last night. While it is true that she was a bit difficult last time out , I’ve known her since 2007 when she had just turned 19. She has shot with us many times and is usually a doll to work with. The only other time I remember her being difficult was during a shoot done in may of 2010. It was our first shoot ever without Pixie. Charlie had gotten in late that night with her boyfriend. (She has had several boyfriends over the years, each and everyone looking as if they were voted most likely to do time. )

    When I picked her up at the hotel she was beat. She got a Monster energy drink on the way to the shoot. The kid was  hyper-verbal and unable to think priorto speaking.  Her co-stars that day were Lorraine and Juliet. At that time , both of those innocent looking young ladies worked as naked servers at a local swingers club.

    Lorraine getting spanked with Juliet waiting her turn


    I remember Charlie saying ” work around people having sex!”.

    Believe me, both Lorraine and Juliet were none too happy. The monster drink gave Miss Skye a case of foot in mouth disease.

     I found a way of calming  Charlie down.  Just before we shot a scene called ‘ Camera Angles’, I lifted her  and turned her upside down. Hey, it works with infants.

    Then, even better, I spanked the hell out of her in the aforementioned story.  The story was about a bitchy actress who was attempting to apologize to her director for being difficult. The director ( me) decided to spank her and have it filmed from many different angles. At one point we had six cameras rolling. Every girl on the set and my brother had a camera rolling as Charlie hollered and squirmed on my lap.




    The above are scenes from that story. This calmed Charlie considerably.

    My point here if that Charlie is part of our family. Her occasional bad behavior makes her even more lovable.

    Punishedbrats: News & Notes

    We enter the studio this Saturday to shoot the lovely Mei Maya and Veronica Bound in a story written by Amber Pixie Wells.

    Mei Maya


    Mei Maya


    While Amber Pixie Wells has been off camera and off set for a year, her presence remains an essential part of Pubishedbrats.  For much of the past year Pixie and I have split the writingduties. Mostly, Pixie would write out the story idea and I’d expand that into a script.. In the past few shoots Pixie has sent over stories that were so good that I decided not to touch them. I’d just make director’s notes for the cast.

    In the final shoot of 2012, we had Gianna Love and Julie Simone scheduled. Pixie wrote a tale of a sadistic Mistress of an exclusive boarding school and a student who had the misfortune to fall into her clutches. It was very different from what we usually do. This was darkly funny and seemed like something from a Dickens’ novel.





    Another of my favorite stories written by Amber , was the ‘Lifeswap’ series with Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound. This story is based on Pixie’s love of ‘ Bad Televion’. Miss Wells has, what John Waters refers to as, good bad taste.

    The story is based on the reality program, ‘Wife Swap’.

    Directing this story was a bit of a challenge. I love Charlie, but she is a tough chick from Baltimore.  Smart, beautiful and, occasionally difficult.

     We shot the movie at my house to make use of the rural location, chickens and trees.

     By the third scene I was about ready to choke the lovely Charlie.

    ” It too cold!  Oh my God that fucking hurt! You’ve never used those things on me before”.

    Just a few of the complaints offered during the shoot. I should say that everyone of the implements used during the production had touched Charlie’s bottom in the past.



    The above is Charlie on the receiving end of the Nanny Paddle.


    Above you see Charlie getting the strap.


    Here she is getting spanked with a slipper.

    All three implements were used in the shoot.  I was so aggravated that I had little perspective on what what we shot.  When I received the edits from Pixie, I was very happy.

                                  You can see the preview video by clicking on this link.



    I love this pic from the episode entitled ‘ New Home’.

     Here are a few pics from the recently released episode ‘Home Schooling’



    The shoot turned out very well. Charlie is family and we will have her back soon . Next time I will spank her.

    I am looking forward to shooting this weekend.

    I’ve gotten a few questions about where to see Punishedbrats material.

    Well, I think out website is the best way to experience our material. You get to see the videos and photo stories at very reasonable prices.

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    Now, with some reluctance, we opened two ala carte stores.

    On Clips4sale

  • And at Spanking Libray

    Seeking Attention – part 1: The Bad PR Series Begins

    Well, I for one was surprised. Last night we brought you the Pixie’s Preview, tonight we open the series.


    Celebrity personal trainer is at his wits end with his new PR rep Audrey. When she’s caught texting instead of completing the assignments he’s given her, he tosses her over his knee and gives her bottom a thorough spanking.


















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    Pixie’s Preview Video of Audrey and Perth

    I have to say that Pixie’s artistic skills never fail to amaze me.  The choices she makes as our editor are both fantastic and yet subtle. So much like the woman herself.

    Pixie says:

    Here’s the Pixie’s Previews clip from the shoot with Audrey and Perth. Perth is a well known fitness guru complete complete with his own line of As Seen On TV home exercise equipment. Audrey is his newly hired PR rep who seems to be doing everything in her power to sabotage him. Is she out to destroy his business or does she have something else in mind entirely?

    To see the video via spanking tube just click on the image below.


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    Julie Simone: An artist needs support

    Many of you know Miss Julie Simone as a feasome top.

    And that she is. But, she is also an amazing artist as well. She needs a bit of support, but assisting Miss Simone in getting her project off of the ground will bring you the gift of art, her art.

    I think it best for julie to explain the situation herself.