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Stakeholders meeting

After my discussion about PB finances last month I’ve been asked to keep our fans up to date on the matter.  Things are a bit tight on the financial front as in Anaconda tight. I miss the days when such discussions were never needed.  To reiterate, things gradually started to roll back after the near collapse of the world-wide financial system. When one’s employment is in question it is understandable that many would cut back on entertainment expenses.  Currently, as things stabilize on the economic front our industry continues to lag. I suspect that it can be attributed to three factors. 1. Residual economic insecurity. 2. A possible  structuaral change in the market place.  Are sites such as ours a remnant of begone days?  3. Rampant piracy. On our end, we have  our best to lower  costs. I’ve re-negotiated much of what we pay for a variety of services. Personally, I’ve started to put my own money back into the company. In the seven years of our existence I have never taken money out of PB.

 I am at that point where one goes ” What should I do now?’.  I could sell or close PB, but doing so would be heartbreaking. I love this.  Both of those are last choice options for sure. ( i’ve had offers)


 One thing I am exploring are innovative and new hosting options. That would save us thousands each year.


I was at Strictly Spanking’s Boardwalk Badness Event this weekend.  It is always great fun to meet our fans. One thing a gentleman said to me hit me between the eyes. ” I love your site, it is the best, I used to be a member”.

 That knocked the wind out of me.

Over the years, we have kept our prices  where they started in 2006. I do believe that we are a terrific buy.

17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring


If you have feedback or ideas don’t hold back.

email me at

Let me just say, I hate talking of this. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it is clear to me that internal changes may need to happen.

First Day: Now this won’t..who an I kidding..this will hurt





First Day



Mei Mara and Veronica Bound

Mei managed to get hired as a receptionist at Dr. Veronica’s office by overstating her qualifications. On her first day, her inexperience is showing right off the bat when she shows up in an outfit that is completely inappropriate for the office.


Dr. Veronica should have warned Mei that this might sting a little.














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$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring


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This is a test of the new punishedbrats bloging system, This is only a test





This is only a test. Had this been an actual emergency I’d be ouuta here.

Boardwalkbadness and other things

I went to a spanking event for the first time in three years. I had an amazing time at Boardwalkbadness as put on by the .

My dear friend Joelle Barros attened the event with me.

I had the good fortune of meeting severly people of the spanking media that I hadn’t seen in years.

I had the chance to speak with Keith Jones and Ralph Marvel.

Some brats in attendance that I hadn’t seen in some time included


 Sarah Gregory

and Leia Ann Wood

I alo had the great pleasure of meeting Lucy Mac Clean.

Mostly it was fanstic to meet our fans.

I will talk more of this later


Financial Error – part 1: How to deal with Wallstreet

David has heard about the misappropriation of company funds and is not pleased with how the girls handled the situation. Even though Pi assures David that she took care of everything, he punishes Joelle himself as Pi looks on.

















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 If you are going to Boardwalk Badness come up to Joelle and me to say hi.


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  • Our Day with Pandora Blake

    It was an amazing day shooting the amazing Pandora Blake. ( Video, no guns involved) We shot the series here at my house.  She is lovely, fun, intelligent and adventurous.  She is one of those talented people who offers their creative input. I love that.

     I will show a few pics next week, but tonight I want to talk of a lovely memory.

     In our last scene of the day, Pandora was removed from the Jacuzzi filled with bubble bath and caned.

     After the production was over,  Pandora departed for Boardwalk Badness and I drove Veronica home. It was a long drive today. I was exhausted when I arrived home. As I was headed to my room to nap, my senses were filled with the aroma of the bubble bath and reminded me of the beauty thatis Pandora. ( Cherry Blossom bubble bath)

     Here are a few pics.





    Stay tuned to for pix of today’s shoot. I suspect the Pixie’s Previews video will be quite good as the chemisty on set was amazing. ( Don’t tell anyone, but Pandora gave Veronica quite the swat with a strap)

    Missing Diary or Who Is That Masked Girl ( why is she mumbling)






    Missing Diary



    Gianna Love and Julie Simone






    Gianna has been unable to find her diary ever since the room inspection. She is certain Ms. Simone stole it and breaks into her office to retrieve it. Ms. Simone catches her in the act and is highly offended to be accused of theft. Gianna is bent over the stepstool and given a dose of the leather strap.

    Ms. Simone certainly has a mean streak to her. After strapping Gianna thoroughly, she adds a few twists of extra humiliation before sending the girl on her way. But after all of this punishment, was Gianna ever actually in the wrong?












    Gianna would like to ask you to click on the image below, but she was told never to talk with her mouth full.






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    Bad Feelings: No Time

    I think some folks got the idea that I was upset with Leia when I wrote my piece last night. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was disapointed in her not coming. 

    A few years ago, I spent a very pleasent day with Leia as we walked aroung Olde City Philadelphia. She in her spiked boots along the cobble stones.

     At this point in my life I have no time for anger . Incidents such the attack in Boston puts things into perspective. Over the past two years, my brother and best friend died, Pixie became ill and I survived a blood clot to my lung. I have no time for bad feelings.

    A Major Surprise: The Receptionist with Mei Mara

    Pixie Says:

                      Here is the Pixie’s Preview clip from the Mei Mara shoot. Part one of Mei’s first scene is going up tonight as well so you won’t even have to wait to begin to enjoy her debut performance with Punished Brats.



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    Why I hold off making announcements

     Going back a month  or so, I received an email from Leia -Ann Woods and Pandora Blake asking if we could shoot just prior to the SS- Boardwalk Badness Event of this coming weekend. ( More on the that shortly)

    Leia Ann Woods when she shot with us a few years ago.

      Leia asked if we could shoot at the event?   Truthfully, I hate shooting at hotels and I think most video shot in them looks like..well…they were shot in a hotel. Lugging my cameras and lights to Atlantic City was just not going to happen.  If I shoot it’s going to be in a controlled environment. So I decided to shoot Leia-Ann and Pandora on the Wednesday prior to the Boardwalk Event.

      Pixie and I came up with an anbitious plan to shoot two story lines. One would feature Leia as a top, and the other would have Pandora as the top.

    A few minutes ago I received an email From Miss Woods noting that she was too ill to travel tomorrow. She is in NYC and was to have been picked up at 30th street station in Philadelphia. Then we were off to Philadelphia International to pick up Miss Blake.

      I have a day job and took off to shoot this Wednesday. The only way this was worth it to me was the fact that I was to get ten scenes in the can.

     Since learning that Leia won’t be here I had a rather hectic night. If Leia wasn’t going to be here to spank Pandora then who could do it on short notice. I need to shoot the video. I have directed myself in the past, but it isn’t easy using tripods. Finally, Veronica Bound returned my call and she will spank Pandora.

     So now, I get the privilege of shooting five scenes for the same price of the ten we planned.

     I am looking forward to shooting Pandora.


     As far as Boardwalk Badness goes, PB will be represented by Joelle Barros and myself.    Stop by and say hi. Buy something. This is my first event in three years.