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We need your feedback

I am considering doing either a series or perhaps a new website featuring a more severe style of spanking.  I would produce and often be the top. I like playing hard very much.
























You get the idea.


About last nights update Ellen wrote



Pandora is perfect in that role and I love the scenario, but the actual spanking is too light and is a real let down.
A few cracks of a wooden ruler and watching Pandora’s reaction would have made this an instant purchase.
It’s what buyer’s want.


As I directed the video,  and being very familiar with that paddle, I know that Pandora’s spanking was substantial. That being said, is greater intensity desirable?

Let me know how you feel.



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Grievances – part 1: Arbitration



Grievances – part1



Pandora Blake and Veronica Bound


Veronica and Pandora are having a disagreement over everything from reasonable expectations to the dowdy maid’s uniform. Finally Veronica has had enough and declares Pandora may remove the offensive uniform as she’ll have little need for it for a while as her bare bottom is paddled.

grievance1-1 grievance1-2 grievance1-3 grievance1-4 grievance1-5 grievance1-6
In this episode of Upstairs-Downstairs…( well downstairs in my office)
To see the video preview of this production just click on the image below
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Support PBS: In true fundraising style

We want to thank all of you who have supported us a PBS this week. ( Punished Brats Spanking) Unfortunately, our fundraiser has fallen behind our goal for today…way behind. 

Remember that PBS is supported  by spanking pervs like you.


Hell, I may get tote bags for you guys Tampa Bay Rays Jersey

Future of Brats: Fan Suggestions




 How do we procced?  What should we look like?  How much Severity?

Since our begining, we have gone through many phazes. In the very begining we probably were a bit over the top.  In the first several months of our existance , most of what we did was spanking the living hell out of Pixie.





In the story above ( A 1950’s scene), Pixie was spanked by hairbrush, wooden paddle, razor strap and hand…all in one scene.


 A bit much I’d say. Pixie and I, for aethetic reasons, decided that the spankng should reflect the offence committed. To be spanked with multiplie times for a minor offense seemed abusive. So Pixie and I made that one of our rules. Yes, we would spank hard, but not exceed that which would be appropriate.


 Now, my brother did not like the severe stuff at all. Hence we enterted our fantasy phaze.


                                     Sen1-1 sen1-2 sen1-3 sen1-4



We had our own superheorine named ‘ Sensational Girl’. Her superpowers would leave her when she felt guilty, thus her mother could spank her.



                        muffet1-1 muffet1-2 muffet1-3 muffet1-4 muffet1-5 muffet1-6 muffet1-7

snowandmuffet1-2 snowandmuffet1-3 snowandmuffet1-4 snowandmuffet1-5 snowandmuffet1-6 snowandmuffet1-7



We took several trips to fairy tale land. In the one Miss Muffet was spanked on her Tuffet along with Snow White.


 We  started getting some complaints that we were too soft ( as in not just right)


It was in 2008 when Pixie and I agreed that we needed to increase the intensity in some scenes. Truth be told, I am a discplinary spanker a I prefer admistering spankings of that nature rather than doing comedy. I didn’t  object to the comedy, but I never liked doing it.


dare1-6 dare2-1 dare2-2 dare2-3 dare2-4 dare2-5 dare2-6


                                             brush1-4 brush1-5 brush1-6 brush1-7



                                     anxiety1 anxiety2 anxiety3 anxiety4


This is my preference. We achived a balance.


Fan Paticipation:



The first time we wrote to fan specications was a piece entitled ‘Ambers’s Letters’.  The scene was based on fan letters er, email.










I hope to do two productions this month. We have a very nice series planned that will be shot here at stately Pierson Mannor.


I’d like to do another shoot at the studio but that depends on finances.

I’d need to be the top for the second shoot.

Some fans have writter and say they want to see more severlity. Other’s say our severlity is excessive.

Tell us what you’d like to see. I’d like to shoot something of a larger nature in July should our finaces allow. A school scene perhaps.


         Honestly, the more support we get, the more we can do.


We like it when you share your ideas and fantasies.


You can reach us thus


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                 You can go to our site by clicking on he image of that sorry girl below.





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Rules Change : We hope to hear from the committee soon



Rules Change



Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound




Nearing the end of the Life Swap experience, Charlie informs Veronica how much her rules suck and that things will be a lot different from now on. But Charlie’s demands fall on deaf ears as Veronica spanks her for the rude outburst.


Charlie is relieved to think that her Life Swap experience is nearing the end and her bottom can have a rest but Veronica’s got something else in mind.






rules2-1 rules2-2 rules2-3 rules2-4 rules2-5 rules2-6


To see the preview video just click on the image below.






Keeping on supporting PBS ( Punished Brats Spanking) and watch what we can do.

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Thank you: Getting by with a little help from our friends




I am more than a little greatful to all of you for your reponponse to my posts this weekend.  I’ve gotten several messages from our fans and others in the indusrty. Many of you supported PBS ( Punished Brats Spanking). I wish that we could send you all  a tote bage. Yes, you could do your shopping with the world knowing that your support


 A very happy Memorial/ Rememberance Day to all.

 In some ways PB had its begining on the Memorial Day holiday in 2005. At the time we were going under the name of American Brats. The reason for the name was that we planned and had an arrangement with a large company in the UK to shoot matreial. Our first shoot was near Chicago and featured Paris Kennedy and Chistina Carter. I now laugh when I think back on that one. I had a crew that could not shoot that is. A friend of mine wanted to use his crew. Paris and Christina were terrific. I remember that Paris had a very bad cold. She was a trooper.  I knew that getting this group to shoot in the correct style was aking to pulling teeth from a Crockodiale.

I remember seeing the raw footage and having a strond desire to go to Chicago and choke my friend.  The shoot was salvaged when I learned that my friend had allowed one of his investors to shoot his own, private video. Somehow that fell into my hands and it was the best video shoot that day. Punished/American Brats was like a vaudville act in 2005. It seemed that we worked the holidays. It was on July 2, 2005 when Pixie first graced our set. My brother shot it. I sold it to the UK company and they were thrilled. That was the birth of the Punishedbrats team.



Fan Ideas: As a result of my posting the other day, I recived several terrific ideas.

Badminton Proposed:


You asked for member suggestions, here are a few; 1.) I really like embarrassing audience scenes where the brat gets spanked in front of an audience of giggling girls all during the spanking. PB has done some great audience scenes such as “Tutor Trouble” with Erica Corvina, “Brat Spat” with Bronte and Lilly Anna and “Sorority Showdown” with Pixie. I’d love to see Audrey facing an audience of 3 or 4 giggling, teasing PB girls while getting an extra good paddling or strapping. Audience scenes could become a PB specialty!; 2.) More fully nude spankings; 3.) Dunce caps – the freshly spanked brat has to put on a dunce cap while enjoying corner time. A good spanking is an embarrassing spanking I always say.


Thank you Badmintion.


We plan on doing more fully nude scenes. As a matter of fact we shot one during our recent shoot with Pandora.




She was caned on a wet bottom after being pulled from the tub.


I love shooting witnessed spankings. As a matter of fact one of the scripts that I wrote that came out almost exactly as I envisioned it.

The story was called ‘ Family Matters’  with Juliet Valentina, Lorraine Little and Beverly Bacci.


 It was based on this Roger Benson drawing.






This is how the video came out



fm1 fm2 fm3 fm4 fm5 fm6 fm7


Another one I loved doing was called ‘ Brat Spat’ with Lilly Anna and Bronte


spat1 spat2 spat3 spat4 spat5 spat6 spat7 spat8 spat9




Pixie appeared in several witnessed spanking scenes


Here she is in ‘ Because I said So’


said1-1 said1-2 said1-3 said1-4 said1-5 said1-6

 And Sorority Showdown



 wit5 wit6 wit7

 There is a problem in accomplishing a witnessed spanking scene as we now shoot. Through our begining through  July, 2010 , we shot with a cast of three bottoms ( one of which was Pixie) and at least two tops ( Often three because I always got my scenes) .  We shot 12 scenes each shoot..all different little movies. After my brother’s final sugery in July, 2010 we started shooting a different style. Usually one girl and one top with a single story told in five spanking.


 The way we used to shoot cost us a few thousand to do. Way out of our current  price rage, We could do a two girl shoot, but that would require that I be the top. I work cheap.


 To go to our website and see our witnessed spanking scenes,





For comments and ideas write me at


Follow my at Twitter


You can friend me at Fetlife too.



Again, thank you all for your support.













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Dinner Date – part 1: sometimes the green eyed monster bites






Dinner Date – part 1



Audrey and Perth



Perth asks Audrey to confirm a business dinner for him with a popular fitness model. Jealous, Audrey instead cancels the date causing Perth to be stood up at the restaurant. Perth is livid and doesn’t pick up on Audrey’s hints that she wishes she’d been his dinner date. Perth uses a leather paddle to heat up her bottom.

dinner1-1 dinner1-2 dinner1-3 dinner1-4
To see the preview of this very hot video just click on the image below

Not to worry, the panties are coming down.


Now, more than ever, you can reach me with your comments or ideas at


or, if you prefer you can reach Pixie at


you can follow me on twitter

and friend me in fetlife


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Thanks to all fans of PB

Let me thank all of the fans who contacted me about my posting of last night and earlier today. I also want to thank many of my colleagues too. Special Thanks to Eve Howard of and Sarah of .


Sarah asked a question that has been on my mind for months. Are websites such as something of a bygone era? I do not know the answer to that one. What do you think?


Earlier a fan named Ellen wrote:

OK, as major buyer. I have to ask – why do you ignore a large segment of the market – those who like the harder stuff?
I have bought everything made starring Nikki Rouge from DSH and Kelly Payne.
I have bought many memberships from Realspankings just for Lori clips.
I have bought many memberships from Firmhand just for the Michaela clips.


 I am one of such inclinations myself. When, by necessity, took over creative control of Punishedbrats, the intensity went way up. Some loved it other told me that they lamented the loss of whimsy that was a large part of Punishedbrats. Over the past few months we tried to do a hybrid of the two. Whimsy, with hard spanking.


Let me ask, would you like to see a David Pierson discipline feature? This would be a no nonsense discipline feature. Let me know.


write me at




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My Letter To Ellen

Ellen wrote:

OK, as major buyer. I have to ask – why do you ignore a large segment of the market – those who like the harder stuff?
I have bought everything made starring Nikki Rouge from DSH and Kelly Payne.
I have bought many memberships from Realspankings just for Lori clips.
I have bought many memberships from Firmhand just for the Michaela clips.

Ellen, Thank you for this question. I need to respond with
                             homework1-1 homework1-2 homework1-3 homework1-4 homework1-5 homework1-6 homework1-7 homework2-1 homework2-2 homework2-3 homework2-4 homework2-5 homework2-6



room2-1 room2-2 room2-3 room2-4 room2-5 room2-6 room2-7 room2-8


                                    hang2-1 hang2-2 hang2-3 hang2-4 hang2-5 hang2-6 hang2-7 hang2-8 hang2-9



                            casual1-1 casual1-2 casual1-3 casual1-4 casual1-5 casual1-7 casual1-8 casual2-1 casual2-2 casual2-3 casual2-4 casual2-5 casual2-6






bouncing2-1 bouncing2-2 bouncing2-3 bouncing2-4 bouncing2-5 bouncing2-6 bouncing2-7


However, this harder material has proven contrversial. Some love it and others hate it. This is my true inclination I need to admit.


Thank you for the question Ellen.

The pics featured above wher the one I could find without looking.


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Support Your Local Spanking Company: a few words of explanation

 That you all for the response to my posting of last night. I just want to say that our situation is not unique.  Many, all, in our industry are not doing as well as they once did. We understand that the economy is not on secure footing as yet.  However, that being said, if you value a site they and we need your support. The unsteady economy leads many to seek their spanking fix in the pirate boards. So much of my times goes to this. Sarah, of often alerts me to the presence of our material on a board. This activity may put us all under.


 I look at the prices of many sites in the spanking world and I see that the prices are usually reasonable. When we have weeks such as the one past, my thoughts are ” Christ, would $17.00 kill ya?!”.


Questions that came in overnight:

1. Am I upset with Pixie? Not at all. Despite her inability to be onset she has been writing terrific material and her editing of our video  is terrific. I trust her judgement so much that she often posts new material before I’ve seen the edits.

2. A very nice person named Ellen said” I’ve always wondered why producers don’t listen to their fans? Those who read this blog know that we actively seek your ideas and feedback. I end my posts by saying that if you have comments or ideas you can reach me at

or you can reach me on Twitter


3. A few have suggested we lower costs: Already done that and looking at other areas to cut. Recently negotiated a lower rate for hosting.


I am just hoping for better days. I love PB. This is a labor of love. I’d just be happy to beak even while performing this labor. Cam Newton Womens Jersey