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Previews of Pandie and Happy New Year




It was the week before Christmas and what should appear?  Why it was Pandie and Miss Lisa of course.  ( You were expecting reindeer?) Well , it was snowing pretty damn good.   I was worried about Pandie as she was driving in from the north. Miss Lisa, despite coming up from Philadelphia , didn’t have an easy time of it either.


It was a bit funny, in the end, as everyone was so worried about being on time that Pandie and Miss Lisa arrived early and I hadn’t had the time to arrange the cars and plow the long driveway. Long story short ( I know, too late) , when Miss Lisa was getting her truck situated she slid into a bit of a gully, right next to the driveway at my house. Fortunately, Miss Lisa’s husband had a towing truck and out came the car.


Well, there was spanking to do, as the snow fell outside.






I thought Pandie looked very cute in this French outfit.


So in the story, Pandie gave poor, old Mrs. Miller the finger for asking for quiet as she and her friends carried on outside of her home.











So Pandie was spanked with a wooden spoon, while Mrs. Miller watched through the picture window.





The Texas Prison Strap:


We had a scene planned that would include a hard strapping. I conferred with Pandie about which nasty implement to use. I put the Texas Prison Strap out as a joke. Well , Pandie picked that thing as her implement and Miss Lisa was very good in its use.









IMG_9781_edited IMG_9646_edited







This was to have been a ” Woodshed Scene” but it was colder than our outermost planet out there.



In the scene below, Pandie had been misbehaving at school. Therefore, if she was going to behave as a child she was going to dress and be punished as one.



















Off course, when she got back to school, Headmaster Valentine was waiting.

IMG_0014_edited IMG_0018_edited IMG_0023_edited IMG_0030_edited IMG_0040_edited









It was a great day. Pandie and Miss Lisa brought such enthusiasm that be day’s end, the sun came out.





I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. 2013 was a crazy one for us and some recent changes were personally painful.  Change can be good and I have made many a new friend over the past several months.


We have some very ..ah..interesting , yes, interesting things planned for 2014.




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Homework: Practicing what the doctor teaches







Kayleigh May and Michael Valentine








When Kayleigh breaks curfew, it’s time for Michael to practice his homework and use the newly learned discipline techniques himself.
Kayleigh learns that misbehavior earns her a sore bottom.























homework2-5 homework2-6



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A Quick Pic Story




This is a quick pic story from the series  Family Business with Joelle Barros and Pi. Most pics you have never seen before



























This is a hot pic story and video







Pi has pushed the boundary of what’s considered appropriate office casual attire. Joelle uses a leather strap to send the message that proper appearance is essential to good business. Trey Hendrickson Womens Jersey

This week at Punishedbrats..Wow!







A Cheerleader’s Lies Chapter 1



Adriana Evans and Audrey







Adriana tries to pull one over on her mom, Audrey, when she comes home from cheerleader practice over an hour late. Audrey knows better, and decides Adriana’s not old to be properly disciplined

After her bottom has been set ablaze by her mother’s hairbrush, Adriana, through her tears, promises not to be disrespectful in the future. After concluding the punishment, Audrey takes the naughty cheerleader by the hair, looks her in the eyes and says ‘ Wait until your father gets home”. Adriana is filled with dread as she knows that her ordeal is not over.





cheerleader2-1 cheerleader2-2 cheerleader2-3 cheerleader2-4 cheerleader2-5 cheerleader2-6 cheerleader2-7 cheerleader2-8


Here are a few extra pics for you



IMG_7557_edited IMG_7575_edited IMG_7591_edited IMG_7596_edited IMG_7605_edited IMG_7609_edited IMG_7612_edited IMG_7614_edited IMG_7616_edited IMG_7628_edited IMG_7630_edited


Homework part 1


Kayleigh May and Michael Valentine





When Kayleigh breaks curfew, it’s time for Michael to practice his homework and use the newly learned discipline techniques himself.



homework1-3 homework1-4 homework1-5 homework1-6 homework1-7





Care Trouble part 1




Audrey and Miss Pandora








The good news is Audrey went on a job interview. The bad news is she took Pandora’s car to drive there and managed to damage it. Pandora uses the nanny paddle on Audrey’s round bottom and then declares their living arrangements to be over.





trouble1-2 trouble1-3 trouble1-5 trouble1-6 trouble1-7 trouble1-8



I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and or pagan holiday

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Pics you haven’t seen but should have




Going back about a year, we shot a series entitled ‘ Family Business’. The first scene was terrific as Joelle Spanked Her Cousin Pi.




1. Good Impression


Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat. Pi swears that she will take her job more seriously from now on, but is she just telling Joelle what she wants to hear to end her painful spanking?








IMG_6129_edited IMG_6133_edited IMG_6138_edited IMG_6141_edited




IMG_6174_edited IMG_6175_edited IMG_6179_edited IMG_6180_edited IMG_6182_edited IMG_6199_edited IMG_6201_edited IMG_6212_edited IMG_6226_edited IMG_6228_edited










IMG_6160_edited IMG_6164_edited IMG_6165_edited IMG_6169_edited




I just think that this scene is hot and more of the 900 frame I shot needed to be seen


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