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Waiting For Pandie: Run Pandie run






Waiting For Pandie



Pandie and Miss Lisa






Pandie’s mother received a call from school that she had been cutting class. Her mother informs her that she is to be spanked. Pandie protests that she is too old for such a childish punishment. He mother dresses Pandie in a manner befitting a three year old and declares ” If you are going to behave like a child, I will treat you as one”. Pandie is then given a bare bottom spanking.


After being made to dress as a little girl, and suffering a hard spanking from her mother, Pandie’s humiliation continues as she is made to serve corner time with her bare, spanked bottom on display.





waiting2-2 waiting2-3 waiting2-4 waiting2-5 waiting2-6 waiting2-7 waiting2-8 waiting2-9



To see the preview video click on the image below.








Pandie is adorable and loves to be spanked. Miss Lisa is terrific top. Such a terrific pair. This was shot on a snowy day a week before Christmas. It was a nice gift.




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Adriana Evans






Mandie Rae here





Cadence Lux here




I heard from Joelle today. She goes to Brazil once or twice a year and is fluent in Portuguese.  Her adventures are epic  while  in the addictive and chaotic place that is Brasil. Last year she hooked up with a guy she called a beautiful boy. She knew her was robbing her blind, but to her the romance was more important.  When you are young, everyone should embrace such spirit.







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Humiliation: A part of the discipline?




Many of you have commented on our new attitude her at PB. The higher intensity I guess. One thing that I’ve always wanted to explore more was added humiliation during or after a spanking.



I’ve had so many talented brats with whom we’ve shot recently who enjoy such explorations


During our last shoot of 2013, as the snow fell out side, Miss Lisa required that Pandie dress as a young child in preparation for her spanking.









The having your frilly panties lowered for a spanking.  Pandie loved this scene.



I must say that few girls have inspired me more than Adriana Evans.

Adriana has several aspects to her kink.




In our shoot ‘ Six Scenes Of Spanking’ , Adriana asked to be strapped with legs up,




I was happy to do it.



Later in the same shoot she was spanked by her mother, the very evil Audrey wearing age inappropriate clothing


IMG_8251_edited IMG_8256_edited IMG_8264_edited IMG_8295_edited


All through this scene, Adriana behaved like an embarrassed adolescent .



Being spanked naked is always a nice touch.


It was in late 2013 when Joelle asked if she could spank a hot brat. To that end, we hired the lovely Cardence .



sisters5 sisters6 sisters7 sisters8 sisters9 sisters10



Cadence loves this pic




Scenes that start like this



cheerleader2 1-1


That proceed to this



cheerleader2 1-2and end up like this are among my favorites



cheerleader2 1-9 cheerleader2 1-10 cheerleader2 1-11 cheerleader2 1-12 cheerleader2 1-13


Recently, when we didn’t have her play the evil nurse Audrey, we had Audrey play a College Girl who was summoned home by her father for punishment.




college girl2-1 college girl2-2 college girl2-3 college girl2-4 college girl2-5 college girl2-6 college girl2-7 college girl2-8 college girl2-9 college girl2-10 college girl-12


Poor Audrey had to suffer a bare bottom spanking  from the large hands of her father, Michael Valentine . This video is based on the true experience of a girl taught by my brother. In real life it was the mother who did the spanking.




I know that we were all thrilled by our shoot with Mandie last Saturday. I think that during that shoot, Mandie tapped into that very special place in which humiliation may be the true punishment. Of course we spanked the hell out of her too. It was amazing that she allowed us to see that part of her.






















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Housecleaning Part 1: Don’t mess with Pixie




Housecleaning Part 1


Audrey and Amber Pixie Wells








Audrey and Pixie are having a party. With the guest set to arrive shortly, Pixie can not get Audrey off of the phone and do some work in preparation for that night’s festivities. After several warnings, Pixie knows just what her lazy roommate needs , a very hard spanking!




housecleaning1-2 housecleaning1-3 housecleaning1-4 housecleaning1-5 housecleaning1-6 housecleaning1-7



How does such a small woman spank so damn hard? I remember shooting this. Audrey was there to work a camera, but Tara had issues that day. Audrey had always wanted to work with the legendary Miss Wells. That was until she got the first smack.


To see the video preview just click on the image below.





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Mandie Rae: Future Shocked?




Saturday was a very special day. I think we shot something very new and different . A bit edgy .  This was a true collaborative work as all of those who participated added something to this production .   This is the first in a series of videos that, for now, I will call” Mr. Pierson’s Punishment Theater ” , The basic idea here is on discipline of a more severe nature.


It was a few weeks ago when Mandie and I first spoke. She had replied to a posting about the series on Fetlife.  Upon seeing photographs of Miss Mandie I was torn. She is youthful and cute. I expressed my concerns that we could be squandering her natural cuteness in this more severe series.





It took Mandie about ten seconds to say ” Why don’t we just do both’.   The severe discipline i had in mind with a few domestic scenes too. My working title was ‘Future Shocked’. Mandie came up with the idea of ‘Three Strikes’.


Mandie came up with the concept that night on the phone. I wrote the script and Mr. Valentine added several changes that made they story better.



Three Strikes is a story about a young girl who was arrested for the third time , her offense being the theft and drinking of Tequila underage . The story is set in the not to distant future. A time when corporal punishment is used for low risk offenders.  Instead of  expensive jail time, such offenders report to punishment camp.


Mandie had hoped that her father and his lawyers would save her once again. She was shocked to find that her father supported her going to the Punishment Camp. First he was going to administer some discipline of his own.





mandie1 mandie2 mandie3


Upon arrival to the camp, Mandie is subjected to the ministrations of the evil Nurse Audrey. ( Her actual job title) Mandie was given the strap for mouthing off and then subjected to humiliation at the hands of Nurse Audrey.


mandie4 mandie4a mandie4b mandie4c





Then it was time to face the disciplinarian, Mr. Pierson  . He spanks Mandie with an otk paddle and many tears where shed.











After her spanking, Mandie is required to sit upon the spiked Punishment Chair.














Painful as it was to sit upon the spiked chair, getting off of it seemed to cause more distress.














The above frames are exactly as happened when Mandie was getting off of the chair.



On Fetlife,  Mandie commented


This is my “holy fuck that sucks” face



I think we shot something special. A long time ago I was taught the pain suffered by a bottom at a tops hands if a gift that is not given, nor should it be received lightly. Mandie gave us all a very special gift last Saturday

Mandie is a brilliant young woman who I hope graces our stage often. She is a highly educated child.



Click on the image below for more as it becomes available












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Graduation Day: Life Lessons Can Be Painful




Graduation Day




Joelle Barros and Mr. Valentine






It’s finally graduation day and Joelle is moving on to study at a fine university. But before she leaves, she seeks guidance from Headmaster Valentine one final time.


As Mr. Valentine applies the strap to her bare bottom, Joelle learns that the most important lessons in life often are painful ones.



graduation2-2 graduation2-3 graduation2-4 graduation2-5 graduation2-6


To see the preview video click on the image belowgraduation2-7


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Audrey AKA Evil Nurse Audrey



Miss Pandora


and this poor child who we abused yesterday





Mandie with the evil nurse Audrey





Mandie and the Punishment Chair





The Imprints of sitting on the vile chair after a severe spanking




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