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DVD Sale: Clambering For More ( plus i made a mistake) Because you asked for it, All DVDS are $20.00 until June 30





This came in on this blog



  • Ricky:

    Yes PLEASE do the sale again. I didn’t realize you had all your dvds at $20 and missed out on it. :(



    Truthfully, I didn’t give you guys a lot of notice. I thought of it at 0100 on Friday..really Saturday morning.  Here is something that I didn’t consider either. Many of our DVD buyers do so via mail-order. I apologize for that.


    Here is what we will do. When I get done here I will lower the prices on the DVDS to $20.00 each. As I said before, we have 73 DVDS now and not all are up on the Videos4sale store if you want a DVD that isn’t there just let me know what it is you want and I will post it. I’ve been trying to get the store in some sort of order. This sale will run until June 30th.


    For our mail-order friends send your orders to:


    PB Productions

    PO Box 413

    Doylestown, PA 18901





    For Credit Card Purchases just click on Adriana







    You can see previews here


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DVD’s are Back: Thank You




For most of this year I haven’t been concentrating on the sale of DVDS.  Pixie needed to leave our service  as webmaster in the Autumn and all hell broke lose. It became clear that we expected too much from the webmaster who took over . I started editing the photos but the gig was still too much for her.  The archive section was a disaster . Pixie knew that PB was in trouble and jumped in to help. Thank God!

She needed to replaced and we have a terrific young man who performs this service and has cleaned up most of the mess.

We have five new DVDS that we haven’t posted to our site. Why? A few weeks ago I was notified that the bank who processes our DVD sales wanted money of an inordinate amount to continue to perform this service. That is the second time I’ve lost a bank. Where did I put that thing?  The other one was more stunning as we had a long term relationship with them.

As a temporary fix, on the clips4sale site, I opened a Punishedbrats Videos4sale DVD store .  That was just to hold us over while I got a new bank.


The successful sale of the weekend has given me a new perspective on the Videos4sale store.


My plan  for the time being is to put that thing in order, build that pages on our DVD page and you do to Videos4sale to buy with a credit card.


If you want to make and order of  four of more, write me at and I will give you a special price.


While I’m waiting for my webmaster to build our DVD pages, I’ve put the latest ones up on Videos4sale.



Seven Scenes of Spanking with Mandie, Amber Pixie Wells, Audrey; Michael Valentine and me.

pp1 pp2 pp3 pp4 pp5 pp6 pp7 pp8 pp9 pp10 pp11 pp12 pp13 pp14



You van buy this and many others by




Clicking Here

Clicking Here



Now I must continue packing DVDS as I edit the pics for tomorrow’s update.

Thank you all . I may have something special for this weekend too. Greg Joseph Authentic Jersey

Dress Code Dialectic Part 1: What’s under your trench coat?




Dress Code Dialectic Part 1


Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine







The headmaster knew that he was in for it when his young, probationary teacher arrived wearing a trench coat. Joelle removed the coat to display that she was wearing her old schoolgirl uniform. She thought this funny, the headmaster did not. In the guise of a joke this was her passive-aggressive way of rebelling against Dr. Valentine who had recently punished her for wearing clothes more appropriate for a night at the club, rather than teaching class at an exclusive prep school. After explaining that the wearing of her school uniform had unwanted sexual connotations as well, Headmaster Valentine took Joelle over his lap and spanked her with the hairbrush on her bare bottom.



dialectic1-2 dialectic1-3 dialectic1-4 dialectic1-5 dialectic1-6 dialectic1-7 dialectic1-8 dialectic1-9




You can see the DVD by



clicking here

clicking here

Join Us:





$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring




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DVD Sale: Huge Success

Thank you to all who bought a DVD this weekend. We sold lots.


Thank you again.


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This Week At Punishedbrats







Cheerleader Forgets Her Routine



Mandie Rae and Amber Pixie Wells








Miss Wells was very upset with Mandie when she completely forgot her routine during the homecoming game. Miss Wells demands the best of her team and is a strict disciplinarian. When Mandie could not provide a good answer as to why she performed so poorly, Miss Wells took the brat over her lap and gave her a good spanking. The punishment started over her panties, but a shriek of “no” reverberated through the halls as the irate coach lowered her panties and spanked her hard.

Mandie pleads with Miss Wells to stop the spanking as the irate cheerleader coach rains down spank after hard spank to the brats bare bottom. Long gone is Mandie’s concern about her dignity; what she wants now is the fire that has been lit upon her bottom to be extinguished. Once her punishment was concluded Mandie was made to stand in the corner and repeat over and over ” Two four six eight , who do we appreciate?”. This was more of a whimper than a cheer.




cheerleader1-2 cheerleader1-3 cheerleader1-4 cheerleader1-5 cheerleader1-6 cheerleader1-7 cheerleader1-8 cheerleader1-9 cheerleader1-10 cheerleader1-11 cheerleader1-12 cheerleader2-1 cheerleader2-2 cheerleader2-3 cheerleader2-4 cheerleader2-5 cheerleader2-6 cheerleader2-7 cheerleader2-8 cheerleader2-9 cheerleader2-10 cheerleader2-11



Also available on our Clips4sale store






And is part of this weekends DVD sale



click here to get the dvd for $20.00

click here to get the dvd for $20.00









Value Your Education Part 1


Laci Star and Veronica Bound







Laci decided that it was too nice a day to waste attending school. She was fresh from her shower, while making plans with her friends to go on a shopping excursion when her Aunt Veronica returned home to get papers from her office. She had heard Laci on the phone and was appalled at how little her niece appreciated the education that was being provided to her. Using the hairbrush that Laci was holding, Aunt Veronica knew how to get to the seat of the matter. She quickly tore the towel off of the brat and took the naked girl over her lap for a very special lesson.




education1-3 education1-4 education1-5 education1-6 education1-7 education1-8 education1-9 education1-10





Buy the DVD for $20.00 this weekend by clicking here

Buy the DVD for $20.00 this weekend by clicking here




A Visit From Dad


Cadence Lux and Michael Valentine








When Cadence came home from school she was shocked to see her father there. She knew that Joelle was called away on a business matter and was looking forward to being alone. Joelle, fearful of her little sister slipping back into her old ways, asked their father to come and provide some supervision. Cadence assured him that her poor behavior was all in the past and that he wasn’t needed. She was shocked when her father noted that she was getting a spanking from him. “Why, I’ve been good,” she protested, “Because of the hell that you put your sister through,’ he replied. He took Cadence over his lap and started to spank her on her tight jeans. Then, having lowered them, on her lacy panties and her bare bottom. She cried from the pain, humiliation and remorse.



At first Cadence felt that her spanking was undeserved, as her behavior had improved immensely. Gradually, despite that pain the she had to endure she had to admit that she deserved this humiliating punishment for the trials that she put her loving sister through. She cried from the pain, humiliation and guilt.





visit1-2 visit1-3 visit1-4 visit1-5 visit1-6 visit1-7 visit1-8 visit1-9 visit1-10 visit1-11 visit1-12 visit1-13 visit2-1 visit2-2 visit2-3 visit2-5 visit2-6 visit2-7 visit2-8 visit2-9 visit2-10 visit2-11 visit2-12



This video is also available on our clips4sale store







You can buy the DVD too




Just $20.00 this weekend

Just $20.00 this weekend


Join Us Now: Help us make this week but a disaster and not a full Catastrophe



$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
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