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Caught in the Act part 1: what felt so good hurts so bad









Caught In The Act part 1



Mandie Rae and Amber Pixie Wells






Mandie’s mother couldn’t have arrived home at a worse time. Mandie had secretly watched one of her father’s (Scott) spanking DVDs. Just as she was in the midst of pleasuring herself, in walked her mom. Mom was not at all pleased and thought that if her daughter enjoys watching spanking, perhaps she needed to experience it in reality. Mandie’s mom took a hairbrush to the seat of her daughter’s jeans. After several swats, much to mandie’s humiliation, she was required to stand and take down her pants. With less protection the hairbrush hurt much more. Suddenly, Mandie’s mom grabbed her daughter’s panties and started to lower them. Mandie tried to stop her but her hand was slapped away and now her punishment continued on her red, exposed bottom.






caught1-2 caught1-3 caught1-4 caught1-5 caught1-6 caught1-7 caught1-8 caught1-9 caught1-10 caught1-11
















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Mandie Rae















Amber Pixie Wells











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Saturday: was worried I wouldn’t get through our shoot







I am usually quite excited the night before a shoot. Each production has it’s own feel. The night before I was feeling low for reasons I’ve talked about. It was my worry that I’d be ill prepared for this shoot with the marvelous Bianca Rose.


It was an early day too as we shot in Delaware County at the home of Miss Lisa and Mr, Rob.


I started to feel better when I picked up the lovely Audrey.


Bianca is such a pro, that she was there a half-hour early, we weren’t.  As soon as Audrey and I started to set up and then met our victim…er I mean star my moroseness lifted.





Greeted with that face it was hard to stay dysphoric .



We had a terrific day. Not only is Bianca a terrific fetish model, she is a model model..runway experience too.



Early Sunday morning I edited these pics. You’ve seen them already but I don’t think you’ll mind seeing them again
































Well because you’ve all been so nice I edited a few more.























These were taken just before the bath tub scene
























Bianca was nice enough to send us aftermath pics. The first set were taken at 1am Sunday morning




bb1 bb2 bb3 bb4 bb5



The next set were 24 hours later




bb10 bb11 bb12




Thank you Bianca

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Lot’s of thanks to our friend’s and being conveniently delusional isn’t an excuse

Since I wrote of my feelings last week it if hard to express my gratitude to so many of you who responded with emails of support.  A lots of bloggers picked up my rants too.


Do let me show you all something.  These were comments posted on my friend Mitch’s blog


  1. The problem is that there is so much free, good quality spanking material on the web people just won’t pay for what they can get for free. The best way in my opinion for you to get business is to allow people to download or watch an individual video that they have a particular interest in. For me for example it would be a Sorority initiation padding. I would pay for that video as long as the price is reasonable and the quality is decent.

  2. I guess I should add that I won’t pay $17 for a month but I will pay $5 to download a video that interest me such as the Sorority Initiation padding theme.




    1. I agree ,i dont normally pay for memberships to the spanking sites ,granted i think your video’s are great ( f/f) and would hate for you to stop .I’ve always enjoyed buying long spanking films ,i’m not keen on the clips for sale 3-5 min clips .I’m sure there are many who will buy a membership and wish you the best


      I , of course, responded in my own charming way say something like ” Fuck the pirates and to those who frequent their sites, fuck you harder and deeper.

      In response


      1. I understand you being upset ,i’m sure not all is pirated ,i find most of my stuff on tumbler ( pics,clips) but thanks to the wild wild web anything goes and there’s
        not much one can do and the producers suffer for it . Most of us cant afford to buy memberships so our only other option is visiting free sites and i have no idea what is legal or not ,all we see is a pic or clip posted on the site from a collector ,whether its legal or not we have no way of knowing ,to us its just material to look at and the only way it will end is if the web went offline ,it makes it harder on the producers




        Let me just say that unless you have expressed written permission from the producer ( Major League Baseball won’t do) it is theft.  I know that all of the videos ” free sites” deal in stolen material.


        Eston says ” How are we to know”? You knew all along that you were cheating



        1. Digital Millennium Copyright Act  exists for a reason.

          Once again, my thanks to you all. I just wanted to show you what we are up against.





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Sneaking Computer Time: a painful mistake?






Sneaking Computer Time



Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound









As part of her punishment, Adriana was denied the use of her cell phone and computers. When Adriana’s father’s iPad went missing her mother knew just where too look. A quick trip to her daughter’s room turned up the missing device. Adriana’s pajama bottoms were pulled down and the naughty brat was given a hard strapping upon her bare bottom.


As the strap, wielded by her mother, descends upon her bare bottom time and again, all the bratty princess could do was squirm, cry and beg for this punishment to be over.







sneaking2-1a sneaking2-2 sneaking2-3 sneaking2-4 sneaking2-5 sneaking2-6 sneaking2-7




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Adriana Evans











Veronica Bound














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Our Bathtub Scene from Today





As mapunishedbrats5000




Introducing Bianca Rose


We had an amazing day making the amazingly lovely, redheaded brat Bianca Rose cry. Our spanker, Miss Lisa punished this poor child all day. Here are a few scenes from the bathtub scene



























Such a lovely girl, almost a shame to make her cry, almost


Special thanks to Miss Lisa ( our spanker), Audrey ( our camera girl) and Mr. Rob





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Bianca Rose









I’m sure Miss Lisa has a twitter account, I just cant find it.


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