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Close Friends: Adriana’s Spanking ( and desire)




Close Friends



Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae and Dominic King










After Mandie’s punishment was over, Dominic now commanded that his young spouse go over the reverend’s daughter’s lap for her spanking. As with Adriana, Mandie was at first reluctant to hurt her friend. After the threat of another spanking by him, Mandie took the task with alacrity and found she liked spanking her friend. Once the spankings were over, Dominic placed both girls in the corner with their bare bottoms on display. What he hadn’t counted on was that the sexual desire between the girls had only been heighted from the experience. ( back where we started eh?)





close2-2 close2-3 close2-4 close2-5 close2-6 close2-7




Now a lot of video grabs





closevg2-1 closevg2-2 closevg2-3 closevg2-4 closevg2-5 closevg2-6 closevg2-7 closevg2-8 closevg2-9 closevg2-10 closevg2-11 closevg2-12 closevg2-13 closevg2-14 closevg2-15 closevg2-16 closevg2-17


To check out the video preview


Adriana & Mandie say to click here

Adriana & Mandie say to click here

Wow, this video is 18 minutes long. You can watch it as Part 1: Mandie’s spanking Part 2: Adriana’s spanking or you can download the entite 18 minutes or watch it on steaming video.


If you like stories about the spanking of bi-curious girls ( who doesn’t?) then support us at PBS- PunishedBratsSpanking



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1.Close Friends: Mandie’s Spanking 2. Close Friends: Adriana’s Spanking and the entire movie ” Close Friends”






Also Avialable on DVD as ” Adriana’s Naughty Tales”



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David Pierson








The Family





Adriana Evans




Mandie Rae



Dominic King




My thanks to ” The Family” for their work on the entire production. Espically to Adriana who wrote the concepts while I wrote the screenplays.






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Adriana’s Punishment-The Paddle part 1 ( this is going to hurt a bit)









Adriana’s Punishment – The Paddle part 1






Adriana Evans and David Pierson











Adriana had been caught in the janitor’s closet doing “unspeakable acts” with a young man and in possession of marijuana. She was given the choice of accepting two days of severe corporal punishment from headmaster Pierson or suffer expulsion. She agreed to accept the punishment. She was shocked to hear that her first punishment would consist of twenty-five hard whacks with the school paddle. It was permitted that she wear her jeans for the first five but after that, as per the school’s CP program, she had to remove all clothing blow the waist for the next twenty. After feeling the pain of the paddle she wondered if expulsion would have been so bad.









paddle1-2 paddle1-3 paddle1-4 paddle1-5




Now a few video grabs



paddlevg1-1 paddlevg1-2 paddlevg1-3 paddlevg1-4 paddlevg1-5 paddlevg1-6 paddlevg1-7 paddlevg1-8 paddlevg1-9 paddlevg1-10 paddlevg1-11 paddlevg1-12 paddlevg1-13 paddlevg1-14 paddlevg1-15


You can see the video preview by



Clicking here

Clicking here



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This video can be found on DVD too ” The Dreadful Den & Adriana’s Punishment ”



Speaking on DVDs


This comes from Bruno in Antwerp. He ordered ” The Contest”


Dear David,
The dvd arrived yesterday. Thanks for your efforts. And thanks to the girls too: Bianca and Audrey are lovely actresses with beautyful bottoms. I loved to see those bottoms getting reddened. Great spanking action!
Love, Kisses & Spanks
handvg2-4 handvg2-5 handvg2-6 handvg2-7 handvg2-8 handvg2-9 handvg2-10
handspankingvg1-8 handspankingvg1-9 handspankingvg1-10 handspankingvg2-1 handspankingvg2-2 handspankingvg2-3 handspankingvg2-4 handspankingvg2-5 handspankingvg2-6 handspankingvg2-7 handspankingvg2-8
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David Pierson &  Adriana
cheerleader2 2-2
Bianca Rose















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I’m tired and discouraged

This is very hard for me to talk about but right now I feel very disheartened.  The downs and ups of PB is starting to wear me down.  We just aren’t getting the support we need . If it’s not pirates then it’s four hoours of downtime. On Saturday PB was down for 4 hours and that killed Saturday and the week, that had been going resonably well.


AS many of you may recall I promised not to spend money that isn’t there. About eight days ago we shot ‘Dark Dance Of The Heart II”.  Due to three weeks of bad sales we were short.  There was no way we weren’t going to do this one. It was in the works for months and it is spectacular.



dd1 dd2 dd3 dd4





dd8 dd9 dd10




Being short meant my digging into PB’s line of credit.  That won’t happen again, although I have no regrets doing our last production.


Punishedbrats was never constructed to be a one person operation. When we began the three partners had our jobs. Pixie , in addtion to being the face of PB, was our webmaster and photo editor. Rick and I shot the video and Rick edited. I did the promotion.   Now, I do this with paid help.  Very good and competent paid help, but they aren’t invested the way Pixie and Rick were.


I will make a decsion regarding PB’s future by years end. When we did our Chistmas shoot last December, I basically gave a goodbye speech.  Just to be clear, I’d need to give all fans 6 months notice of any such action.


I love this and closing PB would be such a loss.  I’ve done everything that I can do to return us to profitabilty.  I know that there’s piracy  and free sites out there.  I  hire people to deal with the pirates. The free site offer little in the way of spanking.

Untimately, the fate of PunishedBrats is in your hands.


We’ve kept our prices at $17.00 since 2006.

Here are a few ways you can support PB.

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DVDS too.


We have many plans for shoots in the future and new website features. But we need your support.


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Rent A Mom 2.0: There’s A Riot Going On ( on Ami’s bottom anyway )






Rent A Mom 2.0: There’s A Riot Going On




Ami Mercury and Veronica Bound









Veronica became aware that Ami took part in a protest against a research lab on campus in which that facility was vandalized. She decided to teach her bratty charge a lesson with a strap to the seat of her jeans, then panties, and her bare bottom.

After her punishment with the strap, Ami’s revolutionary zeal had quickly left her. Once Veronica felt that her charge had endured enough, she sat Ami on a wooden stool; her red hot bottom pushed firmly into the wood. Ami felt like a punished child in the corner.






riot2-2 riot2-3 riot2-4 riot2-5 riot2-6


Now video grab theater





riotvg2-1 riotvg2-2 riotvg2-3 riotvg2-4 riotvg2-5 riotvg2-6 riotvg2-8 riotvg2-9 riotvg2-10 riotvg2-11



You can check out the video preview by





Clicking Here

Clicking Here





If you like the punishment of brats then I do hope that you’ll join us.  For less than one night at at movies you get all terific spanking films of all types in full HD and, because you asked for it, steaming video. Also, there is ten years of material on the site too.



As Pixie wrote:


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and on DVD as ” Rent A Mom 2.0″



Also for just $18.00  we have a new DVD, a double feature actually.


” The Dreaded Den”


Lexi and Adriana Evans




” Adriana’s Punishment”





lexi2 lexi3 lexi4 lexi5 lexi6 lexi7 lexi8 lexi9 lexi10










































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David Pierson and Adriana Evans



cheerleader2 2-1







Ami Mercury and Veronica Bound













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We had downtime

Hi Kids,  I got up this morning and went through my usualy checks. When I saw our number of visits were way too low, I called my webmaster who also  works for my hosting company. It turns out that we were down for a few hours this morning. I know it was after 0600 as I didn’t go to bed until then. To be honest, since we went with this hosting company our downtime has been little.


Since my webmaster was on duty I wish  that he would have given me a call or text. He noted that it was a hardware failure the led to the problem and that  that the hardware people were a bit slow on the response. I do wish  he had called me no matter the time. I have a way of getting things done. We were having a perfectly satifactory week…until today. Desite being down for but three hours these things just kill sales. It is 11.40pm as I write this.


Do help us out.


Honestly, this is so irritating. Can’t blame this on pirates.




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