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She Can’t Drive 65

Hi fans!

I’m stepping in for David, today.


Tonight’s update is titled “She Can’t Drive 65”



Another great scene with the lovely Audrey. (  )


Audrey arrived home as the sun was rising after a night on the town; she was shocked to see her father waiting for her. Audrey, a well-known socialite, had taken her father’s sports car to impress her friends and she found it difficult to control. Unfortunately word got back to her father, who will give his fashionable daughter a tasteful, yet painful spanking.


Now, a few pics:





Some video grabs:






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Self Spanking: a girl needs more than her vibrator ( what Bianca said when she engaged in self spanking)





Self Spanking





Bianca Rose and Audrey








Bianca’s mother was very upset with her slacking on her chores and the state of her room. She noted that if she were a little girl she’d get a spanking, but that ship had sailed. After her mother left, a curious Bianca wondered what it would feel like to be spanked at her age. Before she knew it, the tall redhead was spanking herself with the bath brush. She stated over her jeans, then, growing more daring, her panties. Finally she lowered her panties and lost herself in the experience. Unfortunately, she did not hear her mother coming and the poor woman was stunned at seeing her daughter engaged in this activity. Grabbing her daughter, she pulled her from the room to instruct her on what a real spanking feels like.



self1-2 self1-3 self1-4 self1-5 self1-6



Now a few video grabs





selfvg1-1 selfvg1-2 selfvg1-3 selfvg1-4 selfvg1-5 selfvg1-6 selfvg1-7 selfvg1-8 selfvg1-9 selfvg1-10 selfvg1-11 selfvg1-12 selfvg1-13 selfvg1-14 selfvg1-15 selfvg1-16 selfvg1-17 selfvg1-18 selfvg1-19 selfvg1-20 selfvg1-21 selfvg1-22 selfvg1-23 selfvg1-24 selfvg1-25  You can see video preview by




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Bianca Rose






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I may have lost my head

Well my brain anyway and no zombies were involved.  Tomorrow, I will learn if the malformation of blood vessels in my brain  is treatable or not, then I’m off to Palm Beach with the family.


I received lots of love since I learned of this situation last Friday.  If it’s treatable , super! My wife thinks the gama knife will be the treatment of choice if it is treatable.


If it’s not, I’ll keeping doing Punishedbrats until I can’t.  I have folks ready to step in if I’m incapacitated . I really hope to be around because I have so much more I want to do with PB productions.  New products, new ways of distributing our material and, perhaps a new website or two .


Did you know that the blog was to have been a website for Miss Wells.  At first she liked the idea but before we launched she changed her mind.




I'm a brat

I’m a brat


I really loved all that we’ve done over the past two years.


I think that Adriana gave us a kick in the ass. ( we spanked hers)


cheerleader2 1-9 cheerleader2 1-10 cheerleader2 1-11 cheerleader2 1-12

This girl doesn’t do anything halfway.  I’ve wanted everything done with that level of commitment since her arrival into our family.



She sent the lovely Mandie our way.




concerned2-1 concerned2-2 concerned2-3 concerned2-4 concerned2-5 concerned2-6 concerned2-7 concerned2-8 concerned2-9 concerned2-10

She looks like such the innocent child everyone wants to adopt her.  She looks like a kid, but she’s not. She is a highly intelligent young woman with assertiveness to match.



I think the infusion of creative energy gave me the confidence to shoot ” Dark Dance” . Joelle had the basic idea and I wrote it.  We did part 2 a few weeks ago and I know it’s amazing.


Joelle wanted to shoot a version of ” Last Tango in Paris”. She often calls me ” The Bertolucci of spanking”.  When Bernardo shot last Tango he had months, we had but a few hours. I love the serious and sexy tone of the series. I think part 2 is even more intense.


I am so thankful to Bianca, Joelle and Audrey for putting their trust in me and each other to make this project work,




dd1 dd2 dd3 dd4 dd5 dd6 dd7 dd8 dd9 dd10

I want to shoot more like this. I have two, intense sci-fi stories in the pipeline. Nasty things.


Thanks for the love.




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The Detention part 1: don’t talk back



The Detention part 1



Kendal Krave and Audrey









Bratty little Kendal was not at all happy sitting in detention. When she disrespected Miss Audrey, the little brat found herself over the teacher’s lap for a bare bottom spanking in front the other girls serving detention that day.


detention1-2 detention1-3 detention1-4 detention1-5 detention1-6



Now a few video grabs


detentionvg1-1 detentionvg1-2 detentionvg1-3 detentionvg1-4







detentionvg1-5 detentionvg1-6 detentionvg1-7 detentionvg1-8 detentionvg1-9 detentionvg1-10 detentionvg1-12




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David Pierson










Kendall Krave










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New series opens tonight

punishedbrats31456784234Tonight you will finally get to see the series ” Spanking Kendal”.


detention1-4 detention1-5 detention1-6 detention1-7 detention1-8



Tonight’s Episode: Detention


Written by Audrey


It was improv theater that day. Mario Kempe Authentic Jersey

Failure is unacceptable ( used Failure will not be tolerated elsewhere ..My bad)




Failure is not Permitted?


Ami Mercury and Veronica Bound





Veronica found a forlorn Ami sitting on the couch. She had not done well on her mid-semester report. Ami noted that she had never gotten anything lower than a B in her life. Veronica noted that the girl’s grades were precisely why she was there. Now there was a price to be paid for her slacking, a hard spanking from her rent-a-mom.

Ami was spanked hard until she promised Veronica that she would return to her studious ways. After her spanking, all Ami could do was rub her sore bottom and wonder how her plan went so wrong.


failure2-2 failure2-3 failure2-4 failure2-5 failure2-6 failure2-7

Now a few video grabs



failurevg2-1 failurevg2-2 failurevg2-3 failurevg2-4 failurevg2-5 failurevg2-6 failurevg2-7 failurevg2-8 failurevg2-9 failurevg2-10 failurevg2-11



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My Thanks To So Many

I’ve have heard from so many of you since I talked about my health issue. Some seemed to think this problem was caused by the concussion from my auto accident.


This is from the Mayo Clinic


 – Brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation) – Mayo Clinic

A brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain.

The arteries are responsible for taking oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. Veins carry the oxygen-depleted blood back to the lungs and heart. A brain AVM disrupts this vital process.

An arteriovenous malformation can develop anywhere in your body but occurs most often in the brain or spine. Even so, brain AVMs are rare and affect less than 1 percent of the population.

The cause of AVMs is not clear. Most people are born with them, but they can occasionally form later in life. They are rarely passed down among families genetically.

Some people with brain AVMs experience signs and symptoms, such as headache or seizures. AVMs are commonly found after a brain scan for another health issue or after the blood vessels rupture and cause bleeding in the brain (hemorrhage).

Once diagnosed, a brain AVM can often be treated successfully to prevent complications, such as brain damage or stroke.


Hey, lucky me I’m in that rare 1%.


I only brought this up in the event that i needed to take a break from PB. That being said, I intend not to do so. At least I know why my right hand is so numb and shakes.  Treatment is or isn’t possible..depending on grading. ( I hope I don’t fail)



Honest to God, my wife saw this first.  After my car accident I was sent for an MRI. I’ve had a lot of concussions in my time. Falls from cliffs, sports, and a fall off my roof. How fucking stupid was that. While sliding towards the end of my roof at high speed i said to myself, ” I’ve fallen of the sides of mountains by I’ll probably die this way”.  I didn’t but was knocked goofy and broke my hip.



Back to the story, so I had an MRI and was given the CD to take back to the neurologist. As a lark, I thought it would be fun to look at my brain layer by layer. I saw something asymmetrical . I called my wife in and didn’t say anything to her. She looked at it, then different views and said I think you have an AVM. I took it back to the doctors where the CD sat for two weeks.


So with the diagnosis offical I’ve contacted a neurosurgeon for a consultation.  I figured my wife would be extra nice to me considering this. Last night we were at Pag Wine Bar in Doylestown.  I was drinking Pinot Noir and Michelle was enjoying a glass of some dark Italian Liquor. I had two glasses ( my usual limit) and thought I’d order a third, you know WTF right.

Michelle  said, ” You had enough”, and that was that.




To be serious for just a moment let me say that I will do PB until I can’t do it anymore. If I’m laid up ( or worse) PB will go on.  If anything were to happen to me, I’ve had such a great life. I’ve seen things that few others have and I survived things that I had no business doing.


PB has always been amazing. A project started with my brother Rick, Pixie and myself.  I love this thing. I have met so many extraordinary people.  The brats I’ve known have all been brilliant and talented women.


That’s all I’m going to say for now. I hope to hear from the neurosurgeon tomorrow.


Now on with our regularly scheduled broadcast.

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PB News: some good others not so good

Hi There,  a few weeks ago I was hit from behind by some goofball while sitting at at light in which Pixie and I turned left hundreds of times to go to my brother’s loft down by the river. This moron hit me hard enough to cause a concussion. Over my life I’ve had quite a few..the coolest was fall off of a 40ft cliff.  I used to climb a lot.


As i was working at the time I went to the neurologist office my company   sent me too. He correctly diagnosed  the concussion but ordered an MRI. That I did the following day. I was given the CD and my wife, a health physicists for the NRC and a former cancer researcher said this looks abnormal. If you dont want to hear the truth from my wife do not me.

That CD sat in that doctor’s office for two week. Got a call on Friday morning from his office staff saying : ” the doctor says that your arteries are connecting with your veins so you need to see this other doctor. ” By office staff I mean non clinical people .  I laughed as that is how blood flow works..Arteries perfuse tissue then pools into the veins…but I knew what they meant . I  have an AVM.  This is a problem with the blood vessels in my brain.  Damn well explains the headaches and tremors I’ve had over the past two years. My prognosis is unclear. Need more tests , then treatment if treatment is feasible.


I have a shoot planned for September 19 and I intend to do that before I do anything. It’s with my precious Mandie and it’s been too long since I’ve seen her.



daddy1-4 daddy1-5 daddy1-6 daddy1-7 daddy1-8 daddy1-9 daddy1-10 daddy1-11 daddy1-12


In the event of my inability to continue I’ve made arrangements. I just wanted to tell you this. I’m good, I intend to workout and such as normal. I tell you this incase..Incase what?   Well you know…


I was out at the wine bar with my wife. I started the night with a tremendous headache. I thought my wife wouldnt bother me if I had three glasses . She killed me at 2. I can’t get a break!

The wine helped my headache by the way.


When I get up tomorrow I intend to prepare tomorrow night’s update.






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This Week At Punishedbrats




Lets Start with




Lexi and Adriana Evans







Lexi had told an instructor at school to- well, it wasn’t nice. When the brat arrived home, she found her big sister waiting for her with the hairbrush in hand. She quickly found herself over Adriana’s lap and dancing to the rhythm of the hairbrush. It was Adriana’s intent to spank her sister over her panties, but when Lexi sassed her, unlike the teacher, big sister responded by lowering the panties and spanking even harder.



Adriana spanked her little sister with ferocity until Lexi promised not to disrespect her teachers anymore. After Adriana finished applying the hairbrush to Lexi’s bottom, she placed her in the corner, removed her skirt and panties and left the brat naked from the waist down facing the wall.




disrespect1-2 disrespect1-3 disrespect1-4 disrespect1-5 disrespect1-6 disrespect1-7 disrespect1-8 disrespect2-1 disrespect2-2 disrespect2-3 disrespect2-4 disrespect2-5 disrespect2-6 disrespect2-7

Now video grabs



disrespectvg1-1 disrespectvg1-2 disrespectvg1-3 disrespectvg1-4 disrespectvg1-5 disrespectvg1-6 disrespectvg1-7 disrespectvg1-8 disrespectvg1-9 disrespectvg1-10 disrespectvg1-11 disrespectvg1-12 disrespectvg2-1 disrespectvg2-2 disrespectvg2-3 disrespectvg2-4 disrespectvg2-5 disrespectvg2-6 disrespectvg2-7 disrespectvg2-8 disrespectvg2-9 disrespectvg2-10 disrespectvg2-11 disrespectvg2-12 disrespectvg2-13 disrespectvg2-14 disrespectvg2-15 disrespectvg2-16 disrespectvg2-17 disrespectvg2-18 disrespectvg2-19



In addition to the website, this video is available on our clips4sale store







and on DVD as ” The Dreaded Den’ and” Adriana’s Punishment”




failure1-4 failure1-5 failure1-6

 Now a few video grabs




failurevg1-1 failurevg1-2 failurevg1-3 failurevg1-4 failurevg1-5 failurevg1-6 failurevg1-7 failurevg1-8 failurevg1-9 failurevg1-10 failurevg1-11 failurevg1-12 failurevg1-13 failurevg1-14 failurevg1-15



In addition to our website you can find this video on DVD as ” Rent A Mom 2.0″

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Lazy Afternoon and a story for bed ( plus new DVD )



Remember the other night when I asked if you’d like to see the recently found video ” Lazy Afternoon”? Well a number of you wrote asking to see it on the site so tonight we bring you


Lazy Afternoon


Pixie and David Pierson






With a party looming, Pixie was to clean the house. Instead of doing her work, Pixie took a long nap. After discovering Pixie’s neglect of her duties, an irate David took the naughty brat in hand and spanked her over the back of a sofa and then really drove the message home with a hard hairbrush spanking. After her spanking, Pixie was made to finish the cleaning as she was- no pants or undies.



lazy_edited lazy2_edited lazy3_edited lazy4_edited lazy5_edited lazy6_edited lazy7_edited lazy8_edited lazy9_edited lazy10_edited lazy11_edited lazy12_edited lazy13_edited lazy14_edited lazy15_edited lazy16_edited lazy17_edited lazy18_edited lazy19_edited lazy20_edited lazy20a_edited






I remember this shoot so well. It was our last shoot of 2005, the week before Christmas.  Our first shoot was July 2, 2005.  Because it was Christmas we brought in another brat to punish and give Pixie a little break. ( not really but that’s what we told her)  So I hired a local model named Jordana Leigh  who , for reasons never explained asked to be called Brittany . Also, if you look at my right hand you will notice that I have a bandage on my right thumb. My wife’s killer Rat Terrier had not just bitten me, but cracked the bone  of my thumb. She only has nice Dogs now.


I remember that Britney showed up late and was a nervous wreck .  We told her that all was well and we prepared to shoot scene 1.  How to put this, I attempted to spank Britney but a few whacks and she would need a break.

This is after we spent two hours trying to shoot scene 1.  On the spot, Pixie Rick and I came up with a story called ”  Conflict resolution “. A schoolgirl story in which Pixie and Brittney, the two best students in the school had gotten into a fight and were sent to the principal’s office for spankings.






As always, Pixie lead the way.


cr2_edited cr3_edited


A few weeks ago when shooting a hard scene with Adriana I had the video cued up and both Adriana and Audrey remarked at how frightened Brittany looked. It was true, she looked on in horror as I gave Pixie a hard spanking. Audrey found this especially entertaining as they are friends.  Adriana was more interested in how I caned Pixie. She was there to be caned.



Then Brittany finally got her first spanking.




cr7_edited cr8_edited cr9_editedOf course I had to cane Pixie too.



We were now four hours in and had several Pixie scenes to shoot.  I went to Brittany and said ” Trust me and this will be over quickly’.  We shot a scene called “Truth and Consequences  ” in which the bad girl was spanked for damaging my car. I was very toppy in this scene and this helped get Brittney through a hand  spanking. Without a seconds notice, I made her walk across the room with her pants down at her ankles to get a hairbrush that I had placed there and gave her a hard spanking.




t1_edited t2_edited t3_edited t4_edited t5_edited


With that Brittany was paid and sent on her way.


We had several Pixie scenes to shoot.


So in addition to ” Lazy Afternoon”  we shot ” Cheers For Tears



In the scene above Pixie was given a long hand spanking and then I gave her 25 whacks with a paddle. It was supposed to be 20 but she broke the first paddle so she got five extra.


Then the poor child took and hard hairbrush  spanking and strapping. She cried  a lot. Merry Christmas Pixie .





That day Pixie took 12 strokes with the cane, 25 with two different paddles and the strap.


A couple of years go by and Brittney asked if she could shoot for us again. At first I didn’t respond not wanting to hurt her feelings, but  as she persisted I had to tell her we’d rather not. She responded ” Oh yeah, I’m going to tell Pixie, it’s her site anyway”.   Not the best thing to say at the time.

A couple more years go by and I get a call from Sarah Gregory. She tells me how amazing Britney was on her shoot and asked if I’d give her another chance. For Sarah, anything and damn if she wasn’t right. I spanked the hell out of her several times since and she was terrific.


b1 b2 b3 b4



We enough walking down memory lane.

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