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Coming Attractions: sounds vaguely dirty huh?



So tomorrow night we will be bringing you Episodes 4-5 of ‘ The New Principal’  .

This was shot at ‘The Walking Fish Theater’ in front of an audience. This is part of our celebration of our tenth year as a member’s site. so tomorrow night you will get the episodes I mentions and the entire series.  ( On July 2, it will be eleven years since our first Punishedbrats shoot . That was the day PB was born. July 2, 2005) . If you want I have that shoot on DVD.


Here is a sample of Episodes 1-3 of ‘ The New Principle’


Cadence Lux, Veronica Bound and Audrey



This is the second series that we presented as a downloadable DVD or full movie. Just for our members as a way of thanking you for the support we’ve received over the past ten years.


Our first was ‘ The Pet


Penny Stone, Bianca Rose and Adriana Evans


Episodes 1-3


Episodes 2-6




In case you haven’t picked up on this our ‘Exquisite Torment’ ( joint production of Punishedbrats and Veronica Bound Productions)

The Torment Of Lady Bianca is something of a sequel to ‘The Pet’

Here is a sample from ‘ The Preparation


Bianca Rose and Veronica Bound.

( Audrey did an amazing job as my co-director)




One thing we are working on is presenting our material in VR.


Here is how to become a member of our family.


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Disrespecting The Neighbor part 1: this wasn’t Ami’s week



Disrespecting The Neighbor part 1



Ami Mercury and David Pierson




Ami was chastised by the elderly woman who lived next door. In response, Ami had a few choice words for the neighbor. Of course, word of this was communicated to Ami’s father. He stressed that she needed to be respectful of her elders at all times. As punishment Ami was strapped over the seat of her jeans, then her panties, and finally her bare bottom.


disrespect1-2 disrespect1-3 disrespect1-4 disrespect1-5 disrespect1-6 disrespect1-7


You can check out the video preview just below





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A Few Quick Previews of vids on Punishedbrats




Just You Wait


Hunter and David Pierson





Audrey: Caned In Malaysia



Adriana, Audrey and Ami Mercury



Daddy’s Home


Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae and Dominic King







Cutting School


Ami Mercury and David Pierson





A Love Rekindled


Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose



So what is new with the blog?


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Deficit Spending: painful lesson in GDP






The Consequences of Deficit Spending


Audrey and Veronica Bound





Audrey was summoned to see Veronica, the head of the family. She places all of her brother’s wives on a strict allowance. In certain egregious circumstances, consequences can be severe. Audrey had arrived in the expensive outfit she had purchased the day before. She was made to take off all of the clothing including her lingerie. When Audrey was reluctant to part with her panties, she found herself over her sister-in-laws lap for several hard whacks with Veronica’s hard hand. She then allowed Veronica to remove her panties. She had hoped that would end her humiliation, but soon found herself dancing to the beat of Veronica’s hand landing on her naked bottom.

Veronica spanked her naked sister in law until she promised to stay within her budget. As with some others, Veronica, has a way for further humiliating the offender; she will send them home in an hideous frock. In Audrey’s case, she was required to dress in a maid’s uniform and then take the bus home.



spending2-2 spending2-3spending2-5



Now a few stills from the movie


spendingvg2-1 spendingvg2-2 spendingvg2-3 spendingvg2-4 spendingvg2-5 spendingvg2-6 spendingvg2-7 spendingvg2-8 spendingvg2-9 spendingvg2-10 spendingvg2-11 spendingvg2-12



You can check out the video preview watching it






So if you love stores in which entitled trophy wives get the spankings they deserve then you need to join us at PBS-PunishedBratsSpanking



Beautiful Brats
Thousands of Photos
Thousands of Videos
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Updated 3 Times A Week


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I’m told that our DVD store is working too.


Good night all


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The Ava and Adriana Shoot or how I spent my Saturday

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of shooting with old friends and a new brat.  It was great fun, I have little idea how to tie this up as a story.


Our new brat was Ava Nicole or Ava Panda



She is a lovely and charming young woman. She reminds me of one of Andy Warhol’s ingenues from the early 70’s.



Also it was again my great honor of shooting with superstar Adriana Evans and Dominic King.


These are but random pix I liked.




panda2 panda3 panda4 panda5 panda6



I may have come up with a title for this shoot. ” Discipline and Diapers”?


Perhaps not.


My thanks to Audrey for her help in putting this together. We got started very late  (VERY LATE) and she kept me from reaching for the Klonopin.  So late in fact that we still have a scene to shoot.


Pixie would have killed us all.


I really enjoyed this shoot. I only wish that i knew what we shot.




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