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One Hit Wonders ( many hits really but just one shoot)

This is a series of brats we would have loved to spank more, but we only had the pleasure of one shoot with them.


Part One: Second Chance School




Helen Lei was a gifted student who had been expelled from several prestigious institutions. At The Amber Wells School she was informed that her prior behavior would have been dealt with harshly here. Helen noted that she thought this school would be right for her. Once adorning the school uniform and returning to meet Miss Holly and reporting back she was taken over Miss Holly’s lap for a sound bare bottom spanking. After her spanking Helen was instructed that this was a school for gifted girls with behavioral problems. Perhaps this was the motivation she needed as she found her spanking to be a truly horrible experience


Part Two: Kicked Out Of Dorm




Amanda Rose has been kicked out of the college dorm and is less than thrilled with being forced to live back home with her mom, Veronica, again. Veronica is already unhappy with her daughter’s behavior and the snotty attitude is just what it takes to earn Amanda an unexpected trip over her lap.


Part Three: Playmates




Ava was sent to Audrey’s house for a play date with Chloe. When Mommy-Audrey went to call Ava’s mommy to let her know that she arrived, both girls talked and found that their stories were precisely the same. Both were very young wives caught by their mothers-in-law in the arms of another man and now forced to live as little girls and subject to many humiliations. After returning, Audrey noted that Ava needed her bath. She was taken upstairs, her clothing removed and placed in the tub. When Mommy-Audrey went to wash Ava’s most private places she pulled away. She was taken from the tub and marched into the bedroom and spanked on her wet bottom. Ava was spanked until Mommy Audrey was sure that little Ava had learned her lesson. Once the spanking was completed, the naked girl was placed on display in the corner, her bottom nearly as red as her hair.



Many of you asked me about these one and done brats. Helen Lei would probably have become a regular but shortly after this shoot we had to shut down productions for a time as my brother had a recurrence of his cancer.

Amanda Rose was a fashion model. She was just 21 years old at the time. She seemed to have had a great time. She was even scheduled to do a Pixie photoshoot in the woods one week later. However her mother did not approve and that was that.

Ava Little surprised me. A young kid with a child herself.  I learned that her baby was outside my house in the car with Daddy. I insisted that both come into the house. While we were shooting we had a warm space for them. Ava retired from shooting shortly after.


Just a few more next week.


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Things Must Change -Part 1












Things Must Change


Audrey and Adriana Evans







Audrey and her sister Adriana were always on the wild side of things. As younger girls, they knew this would earn them a spanking from their daddy, the head of family who controlled the family’s money.

As adults, they both had become queens of their respective scenes; Audrey was part of the fashion experience while her sister was a famous adventurer.

One day, after many warnings, the sisters were called to their father’s office. Both feared that they, as many of their cousins, would be spanked.

It seemed that Audrey was spending thousands of dollars beyond her monthly allowance, and Adriana, the world famous one with an inclination for adventure, had been driving her father’s car at speeds exceeding 100 mph.

It wasn’t as if these girls weren’t warned. Both had been contacted about their behavior. When called to see their daddy, both expected nothing more than a stern talking too.

Both were horrified when they learned that their behavior had earned them a bare bottom strapping together.

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Hope you all had a great thanksgiving or as they call it everywhere else, Thursday.


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Had a terrific shoot with a lovely young woman. Serenity Rayne  gave us a great performance on Friday. I can’t wait for it to be edited.



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DVDS a few new ones in time for the Holidays.


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Dark Dance Of The Heart IV: The Experienced and Inexperinced Girlfriend


Dark Dance IV




Delicious Hunter , Nadia White and David Pierson

First Blush





Nadia had been tracking the current writing sensation known as Delirious Hunter. After reading the books by Bianca Rose and Joelle Barros, she had desired a relationship with another woman of that temperament.
She tracked the Delirious Hunter to the Michener Museum located in the famous literary home of Dorothy Parker, Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose. Pursuing a hunter can be dangerous and Nadia was stunned when the Delirious Hunter turned and confronted her and inquired “are you stalking me?..should I be concerned?”
The literary sensation turned and noted that she had been aware of her persistent tracking. Delirious Hunter found the girl irresistible and brought the lovely child to the home she desired to visit. On their way up the stairs to the master bedroom, the Mistress of the house picked up a crop which sent chills through Nadia’s body.
She gradually had the girl remove her clothing. Nadia had found her prey however, she soon learned that her object of desire was a much more intense dominant than the romantic ones she had read about in Bianca’s or Joelle’s books. Nadia’s first impulse was to run.
When the Delirious Hunter noted that she found her immensely sexy, this overcame her desire to flee. To Nadia, this was the home of the romance between Bianca and Joelle but the Delirious Hunter was an aggressive woman who soon had her tracker naked and taking punishments she did had not expected. Once naked, Nadia took a hard spanking upon her naked ass with the Delirious Hunter’s crop and hand. Nadia did her best not to cry and comply with this intense Mistress’s desires. Soon upon the now tender flesh of her bottom she felt the pain of the punishment claws applied with great skill by the writer.
After several minutes of this, Delirious Hunter noted that is was time for bed. The Hunter undressed and had Nadia lie on her belly. She then informed her that she planned to use her bottom as a pillow.

The morning after her first night with the Delirious Hunter, Nadia questioned if the night prior had been merely a dream. One look under the covers revealed it had not been. A bit afraid, the girl took a look around the room and her eyes set upon a manuscript that Delirious had been working on.
She couldn’t help but take a look and read that which she had not been given permission to read. So engrossed was she in reading the work of the great artist, that she failed to notice her presence in the room. The hunter was furious and promised her a lesson she would not soon forget.
She took the naked Nadia and bent her over the bed and gave her a hard hand spanking while verbally chastising her new object of desire. Then, she took a lather paddle to her already sore bottom.
Wanting to give Nadia a unique sensation of pain, the hunter took out her punishment claws and raked them over her red bottom. Suddenly, Nadia felt the cheeks of her bottom spread and the points on the claws touching her most sensitive parts.
Delirious Hunter then took a thick strap to the little one’s bottom, stopping only to strap Nadia’s feet. After the Delirious Hunter was satisfied, Nadia was sent to the corner with her bottom on display. The Delirious Hunter then lied upon the bed, pleasuring herself as she admired her handiwork.
Then, she called Nadia over wondering why she was pleasuring herself while there was such a pretty mouth available to serve that purpose.

Culture Clash:
The Delirious Hunter and Nadia had attended an exclusive art opening when the little blonde got into a heated and profane argument with a art critic who had disrespected her taste in art. Despite the fact that she and Nadia have been together for three months, the celebrated writer realized that Nadia is possessed of all of her own ferociousness but none of the control that makes her so successful.
After it was clear that discussing the matter with Nadia was going nowhere, the Hunter picked up her lover and placed her flat on the table and instructed that tonight her punishment would be one she would remember for a long time.
Nadia cried out as her lover’s hand rained down punishment upon her naked bottom.

After some time, the woman known as Delirious Hunter pulled her lover to the edge of the table and spanked her hard with a most unusual strap. She concluded her punishment with a hard flogging.
Once the punishment was over, Nadia tearfully apologized. Delirious had planned a night of kinky ecstasy for both she and Nadia but now struggled with the decision whether or not to withhold her attention from her lover and have her sleep in another room. For the Hunter, to do this was as much a punishment for her as it was for Nadia.
The Experienced and Inexperienced Girlfriend – I
In addition to being an acclaimed writer, the Delirious Hunter also worked for an out-call company known as ‘The Experienced Girlfriend.’
The money was great, and the experience often added material for her writing. That night, she and Audrey were to have performed a girl on girl show for a special client, but Audrey cancelled at the last minute. Not sure what to do, Nadia picked up on her lover’s stress and asked if she could come.
At first the Hunter noted it was out of the question, but when pushed she agreed to do the session with Nadia. As the two performed for their client, he enjoyed the show a bit too much and achieved peak arousal long before expected.
Once he handed over the money to the Delirious Hunter, she quickly became aware that he was over $1000.00 short. He explained that he had inadvertently taken out the incorrect amount of money from his account. Not satisfied with this answer, Nadia pulled out a knife from a place no one was sure of and threatened the client.
The Delirious Hunter quickly disarmed her lover knowing full well that there would be a price to pay for Nadia’s misbehavior. When they arrived home, Mr. Pierson was already present.
He instructed both girls to disrobe and bend over the bed. In this position, David went to work upon their naked bottoms with a crop provided by the Delirious Hunter. David cropped the girls upon their bottoms and legs.
Then, her spread their bottoms and cropped them upon the assholes. Then, David instructed them to turn around and accept the crop to their breasts and vaginas.
This ended the company’s punishment, but now came the spanking that the client would get to watch. The first intense spanking would be given to the Delirious Hunter .

The Experienced and Inexperienced Girlfriend – II
The woman known as Delirious Hunter felt her heart sink as she was informed that she was to be spanked by Mr. Pierson. While attempting to maintain a calm exterior, she knew that the next several minutes contained nothing but pain and humiliation for her, knowing full well that her spanking and humiliation was being watched by the client upon whom her lover pulled a knife from and orifice yet to be determined.
She knew that both she and Nadia were in big trouble once her passionate little lover pulled that knife. The Delirious Hunter was made to lean over the bottom post of the bed, her bottom thrust out asking to be punished.
She had hoped to take her punishment with as much dignity as possible, but once David landed the first full forced blow with a leather paddle used for more severe situations, it wasn’t long before even one such as her was screaming and pleading as she felt each mark of the paddle upon her bottom.
She had hoped for some mercy as David had punished both she and Nadia by a cropping of all of their most private parts but this was a serious matter for the company.
When informed that her punishment would end with twenty hard blows from the paddle, she turned as if to ask for mercy, but seeing this, David replied “Darling there was knife play.”
Each of the next twenty blows of the paddle felt as if she was receiving a thousand bee stings with each one.

After her punishment, the naked and well punished Hunter was made to show her marked bottom to the camera and to the client to whom Nadia threatened with a knife. In her nakedness she was made to turn around and applogize to the client.
She was then instructed to send Nadia in for punishment to which Delirious Hunter replied “With Pleasure!”






The Experienced and Inexperienced Girlfriend – III
Knowing she faced a hard punishment, Nadia walked in with much trepidation as she had watched her friend’s severe punishment. She soon realized that her fears were well founded. As soon as David landed the first smack of the weighted leather paddled, Nadia felt like a lightning bolt had gone through her.

She was spanked even harder than her lover and was well marked from her thighs to her bottom. Both girls were then made to bed over the bed displaying their sore, marked bottoms.
After about a minute, Delirious Hunter reached around and touched her friend’s sore bottom. As the thrill seeker she is, the writer found the painful experience exciting in so many ways.
She and Nadia found the pain and fear they had suffered exhilarating. The Delirious Hunter embraced Nadia and took her to the floor were they had mad and passionate sex knowing full well that they were being observed.

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Schooldazed: A Perverse Tale Of Spanking










Part One: Kitty’s First Day





Kitty was not happy that she was being sent to school and one that required the wearing of a uniform. Of course Audrey was sending her little sister to a top preparatory school so that next year she can enter the University of her choice. Kitty attempted to get out of going to school by feigning illness but her big sister was ready for this. As she had lost her young adult privileges, Audrey took her temperature rectally. Kitty felt beyond humiliated and then worse as her temperature came back as normal and Audrey began to spank little sister’s bare bottom with the hairbrush.

As the hairbrush wielded by big sister Audrey fell time and again on her bare bottom, Kitty promised to go to school and behave. Once her punishment was over, the girl with the tear stained eyes and sore red bottom was sent to catch the bus.



Part Two: What Are You Doing In Bed?











Mia was tired and decided to sleep in rather than attend class. Mia was new to the school and truly did not believe in the tales of spanking that circulated. When Mia was found in bed by Headmaster Pierson she was lead to the large bedroom. A sense of dread came over her as she came to realize that she was about to be spanked. Soon she found herself over Dr. Pierson’s lap. She gasped as her bottom was bared and cried as she was spanked.

Mia was spanked on her bare bottom, an experience totally new to her, until she cried and proclaimed that she was sorry for sleeping in. After her spanking, she was led to the corner to stand with her red bottom on display.



Part Three: Miss Audrey Needs To See You











Kim was called to Miss Audrey’s office after having a confrontation with Dr. Beardsley in Physics class. While the brilliant student was correct in her assertion that the aging professor’s equation was incorrect, it was her disrespectful way of going about it that landed Kim in trouble. Kim protested when she learned that her punishment was a bare bottom spanking over Miss Audrey’s lap, but soon found herself with her panties down and Miss Audrey’s hand descending over and over upon her bottom.




Part Four: Gianna Gets the Meter Stick











As prefect of her esteemed house, Gianna was aware that corporal punishment given to one such as she would be rather severe. As with Mia, Gianna was instructed to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk. Once the first blow fell, she knew that she was unprepared to take such a severe discipline. Dr Pierson was unrelenting in his attack upon Gianna’s naked bottom. Once the 30th stoke had landed, he called for Mia to bend over the desk and await the arrival of the student counsel who would document their spankings.



Part Five: Trouble At School






Kitty was summoned to Headmaster Pierson’s residence after being disrespectful to one of her instructors. She was shocked to learn that her punishment was to be a bare bottom birching. As she was being positioned, she protested this treatment but as soon as she felt the sting of the birch, those protests turned to sobs and promises to be good.

Kitty cried uncontrollably as she was disciplined with the birch. Once her spanking was over, Kitty was walked to the window with her red bottom on display. She was quite visible to the girls walking by.



We here at Punishedbrats wish all of you in the USA a Happy Thankinggiving  to all of you others have a great Thursday,



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Big Sister Takes Charge



Big Sister Takes


Adriana Evans and Audrey




Audrey had finally had it with little sister Adriana, after the brat had stolen her credit card and used it at a men’s strip club. Adriana was shocked when her big sister pulled out what their father referred to as ‘the sticks.’

Adriana was made to kneel on the couch, as Audrey planned to teach the brat a lesson. As the implement landed upon the bottom of her pants, Adriana could but scream out.

Adriana finally let out a few disrespectful words to her sister, and this required the lowering of her pants so that the punishment was felt without the interference of clothing. After another rude comment, Audrey lowered her little sister’s panties and spanked her bare bottom.


Audrey spanked her bratty thrift-saving kid sister until she understood how wrong it was of her to use her credit card that night.

After her spanking, Adriana came up with an idea to save money for her sister and defraud the bank.

Audrey was very interested, and it seems that their Daddy will be spanking both of their bare bottoms soon.



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This was such a fun shoot you can never go wrong with talents such as Audrey and Adriana .


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Audrey looks shocked. Spanking of Audrey remember that she and Skyler Grey are shooting customs at Destiny’s Chambers on Wednesday .









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