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Sunday School Instruction – Spanking Mia




Sunday School Instruction- Mia’s Morning Spanking


Mia Mor, Lily Katz and Skyler Grey



After the tumult of the night before neither Mia or Lily could get up for church the next morning. When Aunt Skyler returned they both knew that they would likely regret this decision. After talking with her pastor it was agreed that she would follow the biblical teaching ‘Spare the rod and spoil the offspring’. Soon ,Mia  was over her Aunt’s lap, PJ bottoms lowered and crying from the sting of her Aunt’s powerful hand.


After having her bare bottom spanked by her Aunt’s hand and even, for a brief period, the bible. Mia was walked to the wooden bench and  made to sit upon it’s hard surface. When Mia’s well punished bottom touched the hard surface she let out a loud cry. Now Skyler’s attention turned to a very fearful Lily.






I really love this series. Mia, Lily and Skyler are terrific.

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