A Change Is Going To Come




Things will be changing here over the next few months. On the positive side I am working with Michael Valentine Technologies to bring you more choice in how you can ( legally) view our films. Michael is a tech genius, whose help has been invaluable over the past couple of months. I’ve also been collaborating with Joelle Barros of Joelle Barros Enterprises   (JBE) and Pandora Jones aka Sexy Pandora. Audrey has been of great assistance as well.

Michael Valentine spanks Joelle Barros

Michael Valentine spanks Joelle Barros



Pandora Spanks Audrey

Pandora Spanks Audrey



Joelle Barros just looking amazing

Joelle Barros just looking amazing



What changes would you like made to our site? Write me.



On the negative side, it looks as if there may be a change in our line up. I’m not ready to talk about this, as I hope things could go another way.


Just let me say that sales this week have been awful. The fact that we have income coming in from various sources has helped, but we mainly live and die by what we bring in via memberships. Over the pat two years we’ve seen our income drop by over 50%.

Until recently, Pixie made her living by serving as our webmaster, photo and video editor. Until her health left her, she was the top star of her time. Now, to make ends meet, she is doing sessions and other things that is not the best thing for her to do with her health issues. With the decrease in our income, Pixie’s income has dropped as well.





Many people read her terrific blog and write her with question about life, love and spanking. I know that most of those doing so are not members of Punishedbrats.  I know that we have never increased our prices.


$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership

                         $22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring


I remember my father telling me that if you value something you need to support it or it will go away. That’s all that I’m going to say here.


Should we alter our product? We are often asked to be more severe while others tell us we are too harsh. What do you think. Should we start a new website? What would you like to see? My inclinations run towards the more disciplinary style.

I like trying things as well. Despite the cringe factor endured by my son and Pixie, I enjoyed the hell out of shooting this scene.














Aside from buying a membership, how can you support punishedbrats? Good question?

You can buy DVDS. We just lowered our prices to $30.00 We are exploring new ways of bring the DVDS to you.

You can find our videos on Clips4sale




I’ve been converting many of our videos to mp4 format there.


Currently I am writing the scripts for Saturday’s shoot. It’s a custom video. This is five scenes of spanking. Five different stories.

Adrianna Evans will star as the brat




and Audrey doing the spanking.




Write me at davidpierson@punishedbrats.com with you thoughts.

















2 Responses to “A Change Is Going To Come”

  • I quite like the more grown up scenes as well as the schoolgirl punishments i make myself… that film of you and Pandora looks awesome, david!

    I have also had the worst 2 months of sales since I started nearly three years ago… I think it’s a global thing.
    personally, I would up your prices to reflect the content you have, not much, even at 19.95 a month recurring that’s damn fair! I was loathe to up prices, but over here int he Uk we have no choice as the exchange rate and extra costs cripple us and to be honest, my sales went up! What have you to lose (apart from more members, lol) – if it doesn’t work, drop your prices again!

    Inflation and costs since 2006 have gone up yet your pricing is the same, there is no shame in upping them a little. I try to reward our members with their loyalty so have a great deal in place and I think that is helping and supports our cause this side of the Atlantic :)

    All the best! As always!

  • I agree. I making major changes which others are being placed on me. One of my major players is leaving their main job. I have been making our videos available in different ways. We did well with the DVD sale. That helped. My friend Michael is helping me look t new ways of presenting .I want pb productions to become pb media