A Classic look..or so I think

 Over the Christmas weekend , Pixie posted this photo and caption

Seasons Spankings To All Of You From Punished Brats


 That was a picture of Joelle Barros being spanked by Beverly Bacci in our story called ” A Schoogirl’s Pennance’.

The photos of Pixie, I took, the rest were shot by Miss Wells herself. I am looking forward to seeing the video, currently in the hands of Pixie.

Joelle on the Corner: Photo by Pixie


Joelle's Photoshop error: Photo and art work by Pixie


Pixie spanked as Joelle watched: Photo taken by me


Pixie Spanked: Different Angle..photo by me


Joelle Spanked: A Pixie pic


The new studio accorrded us with greater space and cacpity to make a schoolroom look like a school room. Do let me know what you think.


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