A Controversy: A Daughter’s Discipline with Pi

Unlike any of our videos before, our Pi video has pleased or upset many of our fans. I was more than surprised as none have taken more severe punishments than our own Pixie.



The Brush you see is known as the Pixie brush. Few can tolerate it.

When I shot with Pi it was a last minute sort of thing. She was to have shot ‘ The College Girl and The Nanny’ with Veronica. I was to have but shot it.

V had been assaulted the night before and a call at 7am informed me that she would not be able to perform. I informed Pi of this and she was more than ok working with me. If you do not know Pi, then you are unaware of the fact that she is a intense fetish model. I am  discipline spanker, yet I always am sure to work with safewords,and I will call a ” cut” should I feel a girl to be in over her head. I can only spank in the manner in which I do. I have tried to ease up in the past, and it looks awful on camera. I spanked Tara to tears last weekend.

 I love to work with girls who are  major players. Ten for example.

None of these video have caused the sort of controversy that the recent Pi update did. Some loved it, others felt it excessive. I will tell you that Pi told me that she loved working with us, as I helped her place her wardrobe in her car. I loved working with her as well.

Let us know what you think.



Write me and let me know what you think/


If you’d like to see the video just click on the image below.

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7 Responses to “A Controversy: A Daughter’s Discipline with Pi”

  • Kelly:

    I think the girls know what they’re getting into when they apply for the opportunity to get spanked by you and the rest of the PB crew. Marks and bruises do seem to be one of those love/hate preferences with fellow spankos. I am totally in LOVE with receiving them myself and seeing them on others.

  • if Pi was ok with it, i see no problem. i of course love the over the knee scenes,and traditional discipline/punishment,but i also look for reaction to it as well. that is very important to me. i agree with kelly,the girls know what they are going to get, mutually agreed,and as long as it stays a spanking,and doesnt go beyond that,its all good.

  • tim:

    David young Pi received very big spanks and her botty was blushing pink at the finish of the vids i am sure you did not intend to harm her as we love all the girls who are spanked at P.B.as you do ,the lovelies act in the scenes so well,best from ,Tim.

  • Steve (UK):

    I didn’t think it was too severe, and I loved the banter between you and Pi.
    I think it’s good to have a scene like that on PB now and again, though I guess you have to be a bit careful with the bruises if the model has another shoot coming up.

  • We have a rule that a girl’s bottom is a no fly zone 4 days before a shoot. I interview every girl to be certain they understand. We give them the chance to offer feedack on the scenes as well.

  • Alexandrea:

    Personally I have loved watching the scenes with you and Pi. It is nice to see some marks on the girl, I know that some of the girls like Pixie don’t mark that easily and few like Pixie can take a really severe punishment. On other sites you either see them barely hitting the female or going overboard. The reason I have been a faithful member of PB since it first came about was because of how well it is done. I say bravo and keep up the great work!

  • I had a girl flake out on me recently at a shoot because she seemed scared of receiving marks and was concerned about her glamour shoots later in the week, after assuring I wouldn’t thrash the fuck out of her and respect her wishes (I had intended her to be in a girl/girl sexy naughty shoot so wasn’t concerned about severity) she still bailed out on me at the last minute with a lame excuse leaving me no time to find a replacement. David, you may remember her from the days when you and I met on an Xerotics shoot way back… she was called Ashleigh McK. I thought it would be good to bring her back – but seems the girl prefers not to get spanked – damn annoying – they see the dollar signs and to hell with the consequences, her no show really messed me around! Occupational hazard, isn’t it?

    BTW – loved the Pi film, she is easily one of my fave models you have on there alongside Lorraine and Mischa!