A Favorite Video: Locker Room Pranks

I remember feel a bit trepidatious when I first approached Mischa about working for us. She had emailed me, so I checked out her work. Her photos are very highart. When I chatted with her on the phone I could believe that the young woman in the intense photos had the bubbly personality and high pitched voice. I had an idea for a video in which she would be spanked naked. I asked her if she found that acceptable. She relied ” I live to get nude” and then laughed. In the video Misha plays a little prankster who glued her classmates lockers shut. Fresh from the shower, Misha was taken over Miss Veronica’s lap and spanked. As she went over her teachers lap, her towel fell off. Imagine that.





This is the preview vid from that day. Misha is a ham.


Lots of Mischa to be found at www.punishedbrats.com Todd Gurley Authentic Jersey

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