A Friend in need.


Earlier today, I was in the process of producing a custom series for next Saturday. The customer requested Adriana and Veronica. I had spoken with both ladies early this week. The 22nd was both her and Pixie’s birthdays. When I contacted her today, I learned that she was in a very serious accident. Her leg is fractured in a very bad way. She is looking at multiple surgeries and a long rehab.  We are just hoping for the best for our dear friend.


That being said, we are hoping that you can help us support our friend. V makes her living by being a sex educator and professional dome.  She will not be able to perform these services for some time. She has , over the years, a major help with our business. On set. she is like having another director.

I am hoping to raise some money for her. Send Get well cards too.

We ask that you send just what you can for this cause.


Send your cards , money etc to


PB Productions

PO Box 413

Doylestown, PA 18901






This weeks birthday girls

This weeks birthday girls


8 Responses to “A Friend in need.”

  • OMG! That sounds awful… I am assuming that V has insurance? I know our health service here is not the best, but it is essentially free (there is always the option to go private, of course) and is amazing if you have some serious accidents or conditions. Hope she gets better soon!

  • I don’t believe she does. It is possible that due to the severity of her injuries and the amount of care she will requires she could be eligible for medicaid . Trying to find out when her surgeries begin. She still isn’t is good enough shape to go through it .

  • Ms Ash:

    Oh my goodness, that’s terrible news! I will see what I can do in terms of $$$, but in the meantime I send her my best thoughts and I hope she stays strong. Please tell her that her fans are thinking of her.

  • Thank you Ash. Anything is good. I love Veronica to death. An amazing woman with a complicated story/

  • Bobbie Jo:

    This is just too much! V has has been there and been a great asset and with all that has happened to her the last couple of years she still has hung in there. I will do what I can.

  • Bobbie couldnt ask for more. I hope our fans that used her service will help out too

  • Tim:

    David i sent best wshes to Veronica on Pixies blog ,best,Tim.

  • Thank you all, she is working hard to get home