A Look at brat Joelle Barros

It was February of 2011 when we first shot with the lovely Miss Barros.   It was also the last shoot my brother was able to do a shoot  fully functional. We had scheduled a major production with Pixie, Kelly Lynn Sage , Miss Chris and Joelle.  It was 6am when Pixie called a let Rick and me know that she was too ill to come.

Rick and I picked up Joelle and off to the studio we went. Then Kelly Lynn didn’t show. ( Long story).

So it was up to Joelle to carry the day, being spanked by the formidable Miss Chris. Fan reaction was to Joelle was terrific.




The next time we shot was last January. We shot a series entitled ‘Five Day in Detention’. She was thrilled to have worked with Pixie and Beverly Bacci.







For those of you who don’t know Miss Barros, she is a young woman of style and grace. I wanted to use that in a series entitled ‘Nanny Drama’.

I based Joelle’s nanny on a character played by Jemima Kirke in Lenna Dunham’s show ‘Girls’.


Here are a few pics from that series.








Just loved shooting that one.


Only a few short week ago we shot a series entitled ‘ Family Busines’. This was suggested by several fans. I regard this as our homage to classic Chelsea Pfeiffer. In this one Joelle spanks Pi, and gets spanked too.

We debuted the series with a story called ‘ Good Impression’.




I’m sure we will be seeing much more of Joelle in 2013.

        To see Joelle’s videos just click on the image below.

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