A look back at the week in ‘Brats



This week featured the debut of Mei Mara in The Receptionist  series.

Episode 1 is entitled ‘ First Day’


First Day

with Mei Mara and Veronica Bound


Mei managed to get hired as a receptionist at Dr. Veronica’s office by overstating her qualifications. On her first day, her inexperience is showing right off the bat when she shows up in an outfit that is completely inappropriate for the office.

Dr. Veronica should have warned Mei that this might sting a little.


firstday2-1 firstday2-2 firstday2-3 firstday2-4 firstday2-5 firstday2-6


From the ‘Family Business Series’ we presented a story entitled ‘Financial Error’ with Joelle Barros, Pi and me.

Financial Error


Joelle Barros, David Pierson and Pi


David has heard about the misappropriation of company funds and is not pleased with how the girls handled the situation. Even though Pi assures David that she took care of everything, he punishes Joelle himself as Pi looks on.

Joelle is lucky that David was able to help keep her from getting in legal trouble stemming from the misappropriation of funds but she isn’t feeling so lucky as she’s draped over his knee.


                                      financial2-1 financial2-2 financial2-3 financial2-4 financial2-5 financial2-6


And, lastly we presente part 1 of SchoolGirl Striptese with Charlie Skye. Part of our life swap series.


Schoolgirl Striptease – part 1


Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound

Charlie wants to make sure her boyfriend back home doesn’t forget about her while she’s away so she gives him a very sexy private dance on Skype. Veronica walks in on the performance and decides to provide the boyfriend with an extra special show by allowing him to watch Charlie’s spanking.


                                                   schoolgirlstrip1-1 schoolgirlstrip1-2 schoolgirlstrip1-3 schoolgirlstrip1-4 schoolgirlstrip1-5 schoolgirlstrip1-6


So that was a look back. Look for a new video later tonight.

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