A look back: Our photo shoots

My brother was an outstanding photographer. He was practically born with a camera in his hands. One day he approached me about doing a photo series. I paid for it, but it was requested that I stay away. We did several of these, or he and the brats did. I wrote the checks.

This is Pixie and Chloe Elise in ‘Girl Fun’



                   This is from a photo set called ‘ Bedtime’ with Pixie and Juliet





Pixie & Juliet in Cheerleaders





To Rick, girls were ” Sugar and Spice and everything nice’.

 My opinion differs.





The above pics I took. A bit different I think.

            Next time I will show you some of Pixie’s work.

 Her self portraits are haunting.



And her PB funded pics with our brats are stunning.


If you want to see the full collection just click on the image below.

By the way I will be interviewed on Sirius XM’s ‘ Sex Radio next Tuesday. That’s 103 on the Sirius XM dial. Somehow the term dial doesn’t seem to fit when talking of satellite radio

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