A Love Rekindled part 1: The Dark Dance begins again beautifully






A Love Rekindled part 1



Bianca Rose , Joelle Barros and Audrey







It has been several months since Joelle sent Bianca packing during a snowstorm. She has regretted that ever since. She felt that her book and life were now incomplete. Against the advice of Audrey, her editor, Joelle departed New York for the secluded house in the woods. Upon encountering the lovely redhead in town one night, they resumed their passionate and combustible relationship. After spending the night together, Bianca asked if Joelle would spank her. She hoped that this would absolve her of the guilt she has carried since that snowy day several months ago and this would show that Joelle still loved her.



love1-2 love1-3 love1-4 love1-5 love1-6 love1-7


Now a few frames from the movie



lovevg1-1 lovevg1-2 lovevg1-3 lovevg1-4 lovevg1-5 lovevg1-6 lovevg1-7 lovevg1-8 lovevg1-9 lovevg1-10 lovevg1-11 lovevg1-12 lovevg1-13 lovevg1-14 lovevg1-15 lovevg1-16 lovevg1-17 lovevg1-18 lovevg1-19


You can check out the video preview by


clicking here

clicking here



I hope to have the DVD ready soon. My thanks to Joelle Barros, Bianca Rose and Audrey


If you want to follow the girl’s in their “Dark Dance” then join us at PBS – PunishedBratsSpanking


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