A quick preview of tomorrow night’s update





It’s nearly 3.00 am and I’m preparing for this weekend’s Boardwalk Badness Event. Pressing DVDS and coordinating with my friends who will be sitting at out table. Since we are going all out I wanted to find all of our convention gear. For the life of me, I could find our banner. ┬áToday, I found it hiding in plain site. It was in a box that hadn’t been opened since the 2008 Shadow Lane Party







This was our ” Brat Pack”. Amber Pixie Wells, Chloe Elise and Beverly Bacci






Spankings soon followed the above pic.



I had prepared something for tonight but a certain someone, you know who you are, did not send me the pics.



So tonight you get a preview of Tomorrow night’s update ‘ Discipline in the Modern Age’ with Penny Stone and Michael Valentine. ( Just a peek)



















Much more tomorrow.





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