A quick report and answers to your questions

Ordinarily, I’d be rather upset at the tragically bad week we are having, sales wise. We need lots of sale before 0300 edt just to make this a bad week. Am I upset? A little, but my enthusiasm for PB Media remain high.

I asked this of you before, what would you like to see in a spanking site? Videos available on multiple devices? If we make our site able to do that, most of our old catalogue would have to go. We could make a Punishedbrats Classics site.

I am looking for your feedback.


That was what I meant when I talked about innovating in my post the other night.


A few of you wrote me as asked ” How did I make so many mistakes when last we shot?.  Most were kinder that the way I put it.


This is the shoot I was talking of.



busted1-1 busted1-2 busted1-3 busted1-4 busted1-5 busted1-6 



Mistakes are easy to make. We used to be three onset. Now it is me with my son shooting what I tell him. The thing that is driving me crazy, is that this scene started with a hand strappping. Did I take photos? No I didn’t.

We shoot with three cameras. I have a process that starts with a camera check be fore we start each scene. Camea 1..check, chamera 2..check etc.

I need to do that. I still make mistakes. Hell, Rick was a professional film maker and he made mistakes. We have only lost one entire scene in our history. ( Rick was shooting that one..don’t say anything)


I hope that answered some of your questions.

Do buy a membership is you can as only you can prevent this week from being castastropic and make it only horrible.


You can email me at Davidpierson@punishedbrats.com


10 Responses to “A quick report and answers to your questions”

  • Mo:

    I think that the scene you pictured is great. You discussed before the exchange of power that the bottom executes. Those first two pictures in your blog entry show that so well. This is a great scene for showing the bottom actively submitting to her spanking.

  • Thanks mo. I think I was so focused on that forgot the hand strapping

  • Mo:

    You could put a few frames from the video in with the photo set. I used to think that you did that on a regular basis until you or pixie explained that making the videos and the stills simultaneously was not feasible.

    I usually watch the video more than I look at the stills anyway, but I did like the beginning of the scene with the dialogue and the notebook with instructions, and the hands, etc.

    Best wishes,

  • Tim:

    Well ,David i would like P.B. to remain as it is if possible please ,best,Tim.

  • Tim:

    David if i speak to spano friends online i recommend P.B. as a lovely friendly site,best,tim.spanko.

  • Thanks Tim. I’m just looking to make it a better experience . Make alliances with other producers. We need to diversify our revenue stream. Tim, we appreciate you very much.

  • August is a traditionally poor month, i always put this month down to a loss… guess what… it’s a poor month (you gotta laugh!)

    I just did a shoot yesterday and when there is only yourself, one cam guy and the model, it gets a little difficult to focus on everything… I lost part of a scene becasue I hadn’t removed previous data from a can SD card and it filled up near the end of the film, it was also the most important cam so that pissed me off… we had to stop and check the static cam often to make sure the shot and angle looked good. So many things can and do go wrong (I remember the shoot i did when I briefly met you, me and 4 girls in the end at the Philly studio… it was such a shame that you had to go!!!) – 2 static cams, that was just horrible!!!

  • Tim:

    David thanks for your kind words .yes i understand you need to look at things ,best,Tim.

  • Yeah very easy to mess up. I did the same thing last month. Forgot to erase the card. Fortunately I caught it.