A Saturday with Audrey and Pandora Jones



On Satuday , I had a great time shooting two fantastic and sexy women. Audrey is now a dear friend of Punishedbrats. Over the past two years only Joelle comes close in the number of shoots done for us.


 This feature was shot at my home. Lots of woods to hide dirty deeds. What I hadn’t counted on was the fact that one of my neighbors cut down some trees , putting my deck in eyesight of their house. We all said, screw it, lets give them a show. Quite a show it was. I think we shot our version of Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’.



                                Why were we concerned with the neighbors looking on?



                       Aud1 aud2 aud3 aud4 aud5 aud6 aud7 aud8


In this scene Audrey was spanked for nude sunbathing.


I got to shoot a scene with Miss Pandora Jones. She played my Ex-wife trying to play me for more money.

aud9 aud10 aud11

From the set, also known as my house I tweeted.


davidpierson @davidpierson 1d
@hotpandora i had such a great time. Loved spanking the aptly named sexy pandora who spanked the sexy Audrey


These pics are fesh from the camera. Not edited at all. I just wanted to give you but a taste of what is to come.



 Speaking of the future, Pixie released the Pixie’s Preview video of Ariel and Sydney. To see what is coming just click on the image below.






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